LoL Wild Rift Tier List 2.4

This Wild Rift tier list is created based on Champions primarily for Ranked play. Champions are placed based on their overall performance across all ranks. However, their effectiveness in higher Ranks( Emerald+ ) are considered more.


    Jarvan IV
    Lee Sin


    Miss Fortune
    Aurelion Sol
    Twisted Fate


    Xin Zhao
    Dr. Mundo


    Master Yi


    NOTE: This Tier list are currently tentative as the Game is in still in Beta Phase.

    This tier list is created based on Champions primarily for Ranked play. Champions are placed based on their overall performance across all ranks. However, their effectiveness in higher Ranks(Emerald+) are considered more.

    Tier List Criteria

    Tier S: Currently Best in Wild Rift Also Known as God Tier Champions. These are very difficult to counter and with the right strategies, perform very well on any game.

    Tier A: Strong Champions. These Champions are powerful With the right strategies, they excel at what they do in their lanes and perform well on any game.

    Tier B: Viable Champions. With the right Team Composition, they can perform well, but their impact is often lower than tier A.

    Tier C: Champions with average performance are considered here. These can be serve as a specific counter or niche within a team Composition. Their impact in the game is often lower than those in higher tiers if not used with good team composition.

    Tier D: Champions with low benefit that does’t perform well in the current meta. Champions here can be viable in certain situations/as counter picks but there are often better Champions to pick From Higher tier.


    Here you will find some introductory information about the champions of Wild Rift. If you want to know more about a champion, you can access our guides by simply pressing the portrait of the champion you want to learn about.

    Baron/Herald Lane

    Camille (Tier S) – A versatile mobile bruiser who excels in split pushing and duels. She is a high skill ceiling champion that can be played in many roles and fit most team compositions. She is a mix between a Bruiser and a Duelist. She is not as tanky as most bruisers but she has superior mobility and she excels at split pushing and diving low HP champions under turrets. She wins trades and has a short burst of tankiness thanks to her passive Adaptive Defense which grants her a shield based on the damage her target mostly makes. She also does a reliable amount of burst damage thanks to the true damage from her Q, Precision Protocol, HP based damage from her W, Tactical Sweep, and bonus attack speed from her E, Hookshot. Her ultimate displaces enemies around her target and locks her target in a hexagonal area.

    Darius (Tier S) – A Baron lane bruiser who excels in bullying his lane and snowballing through his incredible damage output and infinite execution potential. His passive, Hemorrhage, causes his attacks and abilities to inflict bleeding to his enemies, making them receive damage over time. Hemorrhage can stack up to five times and when the max stack is reached, Darius gains Noxian Might which grants her bonus AD and the ability to inflict five stacks of Hemorrhage in an instant instead of one. His Q, Decimate, swings Darius’s axe in a circular area around him and deal damage, more on the outside of the circle, and heal Darius if the enemy is hit by the edge of the ability. His W, Crippling Strike, is an auto attack reset which deals damage and slows down the enemy. His E, Apprehend, passively grants him armor penetration and grants him the active ability to pull all enemies in his target area. His ultimate, Noxian Guillotine, allows him to execute enemies, dealing true damage which increases in damage the more stacks of Hemorrhage the target has, and if the target is executed using his ultimate ability, its cooldown is reset allowing it to immediately be used again.

    Fiora (Tier S) – A top lane bully and one of the strongest 1v1 duelist at all stages of the game. Her passive, Duelist’s Dance, reveals the Vitals of an enemy which Fiora can strike to deal additional true damage and heal herself and increase her movement speed at the same time. Her Q, Lunge, is a dash which she will use to proc Vitals. Her W, Riposte, is her main outplay tool which turns her invulnerable and crowd control immune for a short duration and then damage and slow the enemy afterwards, if she catches a crowd control ability while channeling Riposte, the slow turns into a stun instead. Her E, Bladework, is a auto attack reset which buffs her next two attacks and increases her attack speed. The first attack slows down the enemy and the second attack will always deal critical damage. Her ultimate is Grand Challenge which reveals 4 Vitals on the target enemy champion and when the 4 Vitals are struck or when the enemy champion dies after striking at least 1 Vital, it summons a healing field.

    Garen (Tier S) – He is a tank fighter which excels on winning trades with his opponents and executing those who dare oppose his might. Garen regenerates a percentage of his max health when out of combat. His Q or Ability 1, Decisive Strike is an auto reset which silences the enemy. His W or Ability 2, Courage grants damage reduction and tenacity which makes him a great natural tank. His E or Ability 3, Judgement deals a good amount of AoE DPS. And finally, his R or Ultimate is Demacian Justice, a single target execute that deals massive damage to enemy champions with low health which is always a satisfying way to take down an enemy champion.

    Jax (Tier B) – A scaling bruiser and duelist who excels in split pushing, winning late game 1v1s and peeling for his team. His passive, Relentless Assault, grants him more attack speed the he attacks consecutively. His Q, Leap Strike, allows him to jump to a unit, friend or foe, but it deals bonus damage when the target is an enemy. His W, Empower, is an auto attack reset which increases the damage of his next attack or Leap Strike. His E, Counter Strike, Counter Strike, is his outplay tool which he relies to win his duels because it makes Jax dodge all auto attacks he receive and then stun the enemy at the end of its duration or when re-casted. Jax can still auto attack during this time. His ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might passively grants him bonus damage every third attack and when it is casted, grants Jax a substantial amount of armor and magic resistance.

    Malphite (Tier A) – A tank champion with one of the strongest initiation ultimate in Unstoppable Force. He is a popular pick because of his strong team fighting and his unshakable defenses against physical damage. He can also be built as a Mage who can deal amazing amounts of burst damage. His passive, Granite Shield, intermittently grants him a shield based on his max HP. His Q, Seismic Force, is a single target damaging spell which slows down the movement speed of the enemy while hastening yours. His W, Thunderclap, passively increases Malphite’s armor and it is an auto reset which strengthens the next few attacks of Malphite and adds an AoE effect. His E, Ground Slam, deals AoE damage and slows down the attack speed of affected enemies. His ultimate is Unstoppable Force which is one of the strongest initiation tool with its near instant animation and long knock up duration.

    Nasus (Tier B) – A scaling monster which only gets stronger as the game goes by thanks to the unlimited stacking potential with his Q, Siphoning Strike. He can easily run down carries and towers if left unchecked. His W, Wither, is a strong counter against AD carries and can 1v1 most late game carries thanks to the movement speed and attack speed slow. His E, Spirit Fire, is an AoE damage and debuff spell which deals magic DPS and reduces the armor of those inside its range and his ultimate, Fury of the Sands turns him into an imposing god-like being with bonus health, dual resistance, and reduced Siphoning Strike cooldown. Nasus goes on an unstoppable rampage while he is in Fury of the Sands mode.

    Tryndamere (Tier C) – A Duelist, but more of a melee ADC. He tends to build only offensive items (typically 2 crit items first due to his passive) because his ult enables it, and look to split-push most game. He can, however, look to flank in a team fight after key abilities have been used to clean up the backline.


    Amumu (Tier A) – A tank Jungler which excels on team fights. Contrary to his lore of being forever alone, Amumu is excellent at setting plays for his team and increasing their magic damage output at the same time. Whenever Amumu damages enemies with his attacks or abilities, his passive, Cursed Touch, applies a debuff which converts a portion of magic damage taken by enemies into true damage. This debuff effectively increases his team’s magic damage output all through out the game. His Q, Bandage Toss, is one of the strongest gap closers as it applies a stun on the champion it hits then pulls Amumu towards it afterwards. His W, Despair, deals %HP based AoE magic damage and constantly applies his passive and item effects. His E, Tantrum, makes him receive reduced physical damage and can be activated to deal AoE physical damage around him and slow down enemies. The active component of Tantrum’s cooldown is reduced everytime Amumu is attacked which makes it a very spammable ability. His ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, is one of the strongest AoE crowd control in League of Legends Wild Rift as it has a large AoE and a long stun. Landing it to multiple enemies is game winning and very satisfying when pulled off, especially when combo’d together with your ally’s AoE abilities.

    Dr. Mundo (Tier B) – A tank which deals incredible amount of DPS while being able to regenerate his own health fast. He is great at all lanes and as a Jungler, he has an oppressive early game which can rival meta Junglers like Lee Sin and Xin Zhao. His passive Adrenaline Rush regenerates a portion of his missing health every second which allows him to stay healthy all through out the game and will make him likely to recall back to base only to buy items. His Q, Infected Cleaver, is a skill shot which deals % of current HP damage and sit lows the the affected enemy. His W, Burning Agony, deals magic DPS around himself and reduces the duration of crowd controls that affects him. His E, Masochism, increases his magic resist whenever he receives magic damage, including the health costs he pays for his abilities and when activated, Masochism increases his auto attack damage based on his missing HP. His ultimate, Sadism, increases his HP regeneration by a tremendous amount and it also increases his movement speed allowing Dr. Mundo to mindlessly run down his opponents even under towers.

    Evelynn (Tier S) – An assassin jungler which takes advantage of her invisibility from her passive, Demon Shade, to surprise then burst down her prey. Her Q, Hate Spike deals DPS in a small area. She can charm her prey using her W, Allure, which destroys the opponent’s magic resist along with the charming effect. Her E, Whiplash brings Evelynn closer to her opponent when casted while in Demon Shade and her ultimate, Last Caress is a high damage execution ability which affects a large area and teleports Evelynn to a safe location at the same time.

    Gragas (Tier S) – A versatile Mage Tank who can be played in every lane as a Baron lane tank, a mid lane nuker, a support, or a jungle. Gragas when built full AP provides massive amounts of AoE burst damage and when he is built as a Tank he can provide so much space and utility. His passive, Happy Hour, heals him every time he casts a spell, which allows him to have a high amount of HP all through out the game. His Q, Barrel Roll, is a nuke and slow which increases its damage when it is “fermented” or left in the ground for a while before it explodes. His W, Drunken Rage, is a channeling ability which grants him damage reduction while he channels and afterwards, it grants him a strong on-hit effect which deals magic damage plus a % of the enemies max HP. His E, Body Slam, makes Gragas charge into an enemy which knocks the enemy and stuns them which is perfect for setting up his combo, especially when paired with Flash. And finally, his ultimate, Explosive Cask, is a large AoE burst damage ability which displaces enemies. Explosive Cask is perfect for securing kills or disrupting the enemy’s formation.

    Graves (Tier A) – A Marksman/Fighter mix which is played mostly in the Jungle and he has a unique auto attack mechanic which makes him a very fresh take on the game. His passive, New Destiny, is what makes his play style unique because his auto attack is a two shot short range AoE shotgun. He has to reload between those two attacks but in return, he deals more damage the closer he is to his opponents. His Q, End of the Line, is a burst damage ability which deals damage twice, one going to and secondly when the projectile returns. The return damage is much stronger and it is recommended to fire it towards a wall because it makes the return faster and more likely to hit the target. His W, Smoke Screen, is a unique soft crowd control which makes enemies “nearsighted”. Nearsighted enemies can only see inside the smoke screen and will disorient them. His E, Quickdraw, is a short dash which grants Graves an additional ammo and Grit, which increases Graves armor. Lastly, his ultimate is Collateral Damage, which is a long range nuke which deals a large damage to a single target and a fair amount of splash damage after the initial damage as well. Collateral Damage can be used up close to deal burst damage or it can be used to snipe enemies from a distance as well.

    Lee Sin (Tier S) – A jungler who excels in early game duels. He is extremely strong during the early stages of the game and he uses that to snowball his team into victory. His passive grants her bonus attack speed and his attacks restore energy after casting an ability. His Q, Resonating Strike, makes Lee Sin strike a wave which marks the target and it allows him to dash to the target and deal more damage the lower the enemy’s HP is upon re-cast. His W, Safeguard, is a dash which also grants him a shield if there are enemies near his area of arrival and it grants him a re-cast called Iron Will which is an auto attack reset that grants him bonus magic damage and omni vamp. His E, Tempest, is an AoE magic damage which reveals enemies and slows down upon re-casting it. His ultimate is Dragon’s Rage which knocks back an enemy to a target location which makes the famous move, Insec, possible. Insec is a move named after its creator which is basically knocking an enemy towards your team using Dragon’s Rage.

    Master Yi (Tier C) – A beginner friendly Assassin / Fighter which can deal insane amounts of DPS. His passive makes Master Yi, like its name, strike twice every couple attacks. His Q or Alpha Strike is Master Yi’s nuke, wave clear, and gap closer. Master Yi will blink to the target and strike nearby enemies. His W or Meditate is a flexible utility ability used to heal, reduce damage, or reset his auto attack and His E Wuju Strike is a DPS steroid that provides extra true damage to his attacks when activated. His ultimate, Highlander increases Master Yi’s DPS and movement speed by a significant amount which makes him a scary late game team fight and duel monster. His ultimate also has a passive effect which reduces his cooldowns by 70% for every takedown he make, making multiple kills a regular feat for Master Yi.

    Olaf (Tier A) – A jungle fighter who excels in fighting fast and hard. He takes jungle monsters and objectives swiftly and has a great advantage in the early game making him a hard snowballer. With Olaf, you’re going to look for early game dominance and look to end the game fast before other champions start to outscale him. His Q, Undertow is a spammable poke with a slow. His W, Vicious Strike is a steroid skill which grants him additional attack speed, physical vamp, and increased healing which scales with his health. His E, Reckless Swing is a dash ability which damages both the target enemy and Olaf himself. His ultimate is Ragnarok which sacrifices his durability in exchange with being Unstoppable and having bonus attack damage.

    Shyvana (Tier A) – An AP type jungler which excels in dealing mixed damage and taking down drakes for her team. She can also be played as an AD bruiser which can deal and receive and create space for her team. She is extremely versatile and can be also be played as a top laner or a mid laner. Her Q, Twin Bite, is a strong auto attack reset ability which applies on-hit effects twice in quick succession, thrice if you count the auto attack before resetting. Her W, Burnout, makes her deal AoE DPS around her while increasing her movement speed. Her E, Flame Breath, is a burst damage skill shot which applies the Scorched effect which grants an on-hit effect that deals %HP damage. Flame Breath deals an absurd amount of burst damage when in Dragon Form and Shyvana is built AP items. Her ultimate is Dragon’s Descent which deals magic AoE damage and knocks enemies towards the direction she transforms. She is extremely powerful while in Dragon Form and in fact, she is only half the champion while not in that form so timing her transformation is crucial to winning games.

    Vi (Tier S) – A mobile jungler which can be played as an assassin or bruiser. She has amazing diving and killing potential thanks to her kit.Her passive, Denting Blows, grants Vi bonus damage based on the target’s HP, reduces the armor of the target and increases Vi’s attack speed. Her Q, Vault Breaker, is a charged dash which increases in damage and distance the longer it is charged. Enemies hit are also knocked up and Denting Blows are applied to them. Her W, Blast Shield, grants her armor and if its stacks are maxed, it also speeds Vi up. Her E, Excessive Force, is an auto attack which grants her bonus damage and grants her next attack a conal AoE. Her ultimate is Assault and Battery which is an unstoppable single target crowd control which damages and knocks up her target.

    Xin Zhao (Tier B) – An early game jungler which takes advantages of his strong early game to bully the enemy team into snowballing the game to win it fast and early. His passive, Determination, grants him bonus damage every third attack. His Q, grants bonus damage to his attacks and a knock up on the third attack. His W, Wind Becomes Lightning, deals burst damage and slows enemies. His E, Audacious charge, is a targeted dash which also increases his attack speed. His ultimate is Crescent Guard which knocks backs enemies except for the last target attacked by Xin Zhao. It deals damage based on the enemy’s maximum HP and it blocks all damage coming from outside its area of effect.

    Mid Lane

    Ahri (Tier A) – Ahri is a mid mage/assassin hybrid who enjoys charming and toying with her prey before killing them. Her passive, Essence Theft, grants her healing on the fourth ability casted. Her Q, Orb of Deception, launches an orb which deals magical damage its way forward and it deals true damage on its way back. It can deal both instances of its damage on its maximum range. Her W, Fox-Fire, summons three small orbs of fire which deals damage to the last enemy charmed or hit by Ahri and if there is none, it seeks out the nearest enemy. Her E, Charm, is a strong single target crowd control which is the longest charming effect in the game so far. Her ultimate, Spirit Rush, grants her amazing mobility through its dash which also damages three targets and it can casted thrice before going into cooldown.

    Annie (Tier C) -A short range nuker which can one shot a lot of champions. She is also capable of spamming her skills to poke enemy champions and support her team. Her passive, Pyromania grants any of her damaging spell a stun effect based on a counter. She can burst down enemies by using her abilities together. Her Q, Disintegrate is a low cooldown skill shot ability. Her W, Incinerate is a cone shaped burst damage ability. Her E, Molten Shield, is a support type ability which can shield her, Tibbers, or an allied champion. The shield also damages those who tries to attack the one who wields it. Her ultimate, Summon:Tibbers deals burst damage in an AoE and summons her favorite bear, Tibbers which deals constant magic DPS.

    Aurelion Sol (Tier A) – A roaming mid laner who can quickly clear his lane then effectively roam and gank other lanes and create extreme map pressure for his team.His passive, Center of the Universe, grants Aurelion Sol stars that orbit around him. These stars are central to his play style. His Q, Starsurge, summons a new born star which explodes when it reaches the Outer Limit which is the circumference where Aurelion Sol’s stars revolve around when he casts his W, Celestial Expansion. Starsurge can be combined with his E, Comet of Legend, to create an extremely large star because of the bonus movement speed and ignore pathing that his E ability provides. His ultimate is Voice of Light, which is a long range nuke that slows enemies and knocks back enemies who are too close to the Outer Limit.

    Fizz (Tier A) – A very mobile mid lane assassin who excels in moving across the Rift battlefield safely and bursting down his enemies. His Q or Ability 1, Urchin Strike is a gap closer that things significant amount of damage and apply on-hit effects. His W or Ability 2, Rending Wave is an auto-reset which buffs your auto attack. His E or Ability 3, Playful/Trickster is his all in one, outplay, disengage/engage/dodging tool. And his R or Ultimate. Chum of the Waters is a strong nuke that can easily eat more than half the HP of a champion and turn the tide of battle.

    Lux (Tier A) – She is a mage champion which excels on nuking her enemies from afar. She can be played in the middle as a burst mage and the Dragon lane as an poke type enchanter. Some of her damage is tied up to her passive ability which deals bonus damage to targets recently hit by her ability. She has crowd controls through your Q, Light Binding, which roots her enemies and E, Lucent Singularity, which reveals and slows enemies in its area. Her W, Prismatic Barrier is a defensive ability which shields allies twice. Her ultimate, Final Spark, is a map wide ability which deals large amount of damage in a fairly wide area which is perfect for sniping low HP enemies.

    Orianna (Tier A) – A mage that manipulates the battlefield by using the ball to damage, shield and speed up allies, slow enemies, and even launch them up for an amazing 5 man control. Orianna’s passive is Clockwork Windup. Her abilities revolve around the ball she carries and her auto attacks becomes more stronger as she continuously attack the same target. She can direct where her ball goes with her Q, Command: Attack which deals damage as well at the same time. Her W, Command: Dissonance creates a field around the ball which damages enemies and slows them down while speeding up allies. Her E, Command: Protect makes the ball attach to an ally and shield them. It also grants a passive which increases the dual resistance of whoever the ball is with, Orianna or her allies. Finally, her ultimate is Command: Shockwave, which knocks up enemies around the ball around after a short delay. Command: Shockwave can be casted while the ball is attached with an ally and it can be used to make awesome wombo combos with her allies with strong initiation abilities.

    Seraphine (Tier A) – A long range mage/enchanter hybrid who brings an amazing amount of damage and utility to team fights. Her passive is Echo and Harmony. Echo doubles her every 3rd basic ability. Harmony grants notes to her allies which increases her next basic attack’s range and damage. Her Q, High Note, is a long range poke which deals more damage the lower the enemy’s HP becomes. Her W, Surround Sound, is a shield and movement speed boost which adds a healing effect if Seraphine is already shielded. Her E, Beat Drop, is a slow which turns into a root if the enemy is already slowed and if the enemy is already rooted, the enemy is stunned instead. Her ultimate is Encore which is a long range crowd control that extends for each ally and enemy hit by it. Enemies hit by Encore are damaged and becomes charmed.

    Twisted Fate (Tier A) – A Mage/DPS hybrid which can be built to deal burst AP damage or a mix of AD and AP DPS. Twisted Fate can “see” the whole map in demand and teleport instantly to almost anywhere in a massive range. His passive Loaded Dice grants him bonus gold when he kills an enemy unit and when he attacks champions while his E, stacked deck, is active. His Q, Wild Cards, is a long range poke, His W, Pick A Card, allows him to choose a card depending on the situation. His Golden card is a stun which is feared as a reliable stun. His E, stacked deck, passively grants additional damage to his auto attacks every fourth attack and it can be activated to gain additional attack speed plus the Loaded Dice effect on attacking enemy champions. His ultimate, Destiny, allows him to see enemy champions across the map and grants him a secondary cast that enables him to teleport across any point of his choosing over an extremely wide area which makes highly effective ganks, possible.

    Yasuo (Tier A) – A popular champion in Wild Rift because of his cool character design and abilities. He has great solo hypercarry potential who can win games all by himself, at the cost of a lot of hours of practice, of course. His passive, Way of the Wanderer, is a two part passive. The first part is Resolve which grants him a shield when he is attacked by a champion or monsters when he has a full stack of Flow. The next part of his passive is Intent which doubles his crit chance in exchange for lowering his critical damage output. His Q, Steel Tempest, is a charged skill shot gains a knock up effect on its third charge. It is important to abuse it against melee matchups. And it changes from a straight line damage ability in a circular one if used during his E, Sweeping Blade,. His W, Windwall, summons a wall of wind which absorbs or block most projectiles. His E, Sweeping Blade, is a targeted dash which can only be used once per target enemy. And his ultimate, Last Breathe, allows him to extend the airborne status of an enemy and damage them at the same time. It is an ultimate which pairs perfectly with champions with strong knock up abilities like Malphite’s Unstoppable Force or Lee Sin’s Dragon’s Rage.

    Zed (Tier A) – A mid lane assassin who specializes in bursting down the enemy without being touched himself. He can kill the enemy carry and swiftly move throughout the battlefield which make him a dangerously strong snowball champion. His passive, Contempt for the Weak, grants him bonus magic damage when attacking an enemy below 50% HP. His Q, Razor Shuriken, makes Zed and his Shadows launch a Shuriken in the target direction. His W, Living shadow, summons a shadow which replicates his other basic abilities and grants Zed the ability to exchange with the shadow’s location. His E, Shadow Slash, makes Zed and his shadows slash in the circular area around them, enemies hit are slowed for a short duration. His ultimate, Death Mark, leaves a shadow as Zed dashes to the target while untargetable and after a short while, deal damage based on all the damage Zed dealt after casting Death Mark.

    Ziggs (Tier S) – An artillery mage whose specialty is to damage enemies from afar and demolish turrets in no time. His passive, Short fuse, grants bonus damage to his auto attack which deals double damage to turrets. His Q, Bouncing Bomb, is a long range poke which can bounce three times before exploding when it reaches an enemy or its maximum distance. His W, Satchel Charge, damages opponents and knocks them up and Ziggs. He can use this ability to move around. It also damages turrets and it can demolish turrets below 25% HP. His E, Hexplosive Minefield, deploys small bombs in a hexagonal pattern and those who walks over it are damaged and slowed. His ultimate, Mega Inferno Bomb, is a extremely long range nuke which deals exceptional damage especially at its dead center.

    Dragon Lane – Marksman

    Ashe – Your go to marksman for lol Wild Rift beginners because of her easy to understand kit and long range which translates into a great late game. Even if most of Ashe’s strength blooms in the late game, she also provides great map wide utility through all stages of the game. Her passive is Frost Shot which makes all her attacks slow down enemy and it also changes how critical strike works for her. Critical strikes doesn’t add bonus damage but increases her slow instead but she has increased damage against enemies slowed by her Frost Shot. Her Q, Ranger’s Focus, increases her damage and attack rate. This ability is what makes her a late game monster. Her W, Volley, is a wide range poke which also deals the critical slow of Frost Shot which makes it a good engage or follow up tool all through out the game. Her E, Hawkshot, is a map wide scouting tool which reveals an area upon re-cast. And her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a huge arrow which can travel the whole map and deal AoE magic damage and stun upon impact. The longer the arrow travels, the longer the stun will be.

    Draven – An aggressive early game marksman who snowballs his game through aggressive plays and by styling on his opponents. Draven is not for the faint hearted farming type players because he needs to be aggressive and win his lane to win the game. His passive is League of Draven, which grants him stacks of Adoration every time he kills an enemy or catches his axe. Once he kills a champion, the stacks of Adoration are consumed to grant him bonus gold. His Q, Spinning Axe, grants him bonus damage and every time he attacks, he can catch the axe he has thrown. If he catches the axe, Draven is granted the bonus from Spinning Axe again, potentially allowing him to juggle the axe to maintain an infinite amount of bonus damage. He can potentially juggle three axes at a time. His W, Blood rush, grants him a short burst of attack speed and movement speed. Blood rush’s cooldown resets when he catches an axe. His E, Stand Aside, is a crowd control ability which damages and knocks enemies hit aside. His ultimate is Whirling Death, a global range ability which throws his axe and damages enemies hit by it. Once it hits a champion or hit the edge of the map, the axes returns to deal damage again.

    Ezreal – One of the most mobile AD Carry In Wild Rift. He relies on skill shots to rain in damage to his enemies, near and far. His passive, Rising Spell Force, grants her attack speed whenever he lands his abilities. A good Ezreal users can maintain the maximum bonus throughout a team fight. His Q, Mystic Shot, is a long range poke which applies on-hit effects and reduces all his other ability’s cooldown when it hits. His W, Essence Flux, marks an enemy which deals bonus magic damage and refunds Ezreal’s mana when it is activated by an attack or ability of his. His E, Arcane Shift, is a just like Flash but with an addition of an attack to a nearby enemy, prioritizing the marked with Essence Flux. Ezreal’s ultimate is Trueshot Barrage which is a map wide AoE burst damage ability. It can be used to snipe down enemies or deal massive damage to the enemy team even before the fight breaks out.

    Jhin – A long range AD carry caster which lays traps and kills enemies from afar. His passive, Whisper, gives his auto attack a unique mechanic where he fires four shots in a fixed rate and his fourth shot always crits. Attack speed items does not affect his attack rate but increases his attack damage instead. Because of this, he is more of a burst damage ADC instead of a DPS type. His Q, Dancing Grenade, jumps from one enemy to another and if an affected enemy dies, the damage from this ability increases. His W, Deadly Flourish, is one of the longest ranged basic ability which damages an enemy and roots them if they are damaged by Jhin or his allies before Deadly Flourish hits them. His E, Captive Audience, are traps which slows down enemies and deal AoE magic damage after a short delay. Killing enemies also activated Captive Audience and immediately explodes it. His ultimate is Curtain Call, a long range snipe barrage which deals more damage the lower the health of the target is.

    Jinx – A hyper carry which has one of the highest possible late game DPS thanks to her passive, Get Excited! and first ability Switcheroo! which grants massive attack speed boost. She is also a marksman which has is capable of doing massive AoE DPS thanks to her Fishbones, The Rocket Launcher form. She can switch forms using her Q, Switcheroo! to use her minigun, Pow-Pow which is excellent at dealing single target DPS because of its increasing attack speed mechanic. She can use W, Zap! to slow down enemies from afar. Use E, Flaming Chompers! to root enemies getting too close for comfort then execute enemies anywhere in the map using her ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket!

    Miss Fortune – An AD Carry which excels in kiting and team fights. Her ultimate, Bullet Time is a famous recipe for deadly wombo combos. Her passive is Love Tap which deals bonus damage to new targets. She has to switch targets to utilize her passive well. Her Q, Double Up, is a bouncing shot which hits two enemies. The target and another behind it. The second target hit receives more damage and both targets are affected by Miss Fortune’s on-hit effects which includes her passive ability. Her W, Strut, grants her bonus movement speed if she is not damaged for a while and it can be activated to grant her bonus attack speed and movement speed on demand. Her E, Make It Rain, deals AoE magic DPS and slows down enemies and her ultimate, Bullet Time, is a damage over time ultimate ability which deals a great deal of physical damage over a set triangular area. Miss Fortune channels the spell and cannot move, attack, or cast other abilities while channeling the ability. This ability requires superior positioning and works well when casted together with AoE crowd controls. It may have many conditions but one good cast of her ultimate can win her the fight, and the game.

    Varus – An ADC caster who excels in killing enemies from afar, rooting the enemy team or dispersing them, and dealing both DPS and burst damage. Varus’s passive is Living Vengeance which grants him bonus attack speed whenever he kills an enemy. His Q, Piercing Arrow, is a long range poke which can deal extreme amounts of damage especially when combined with his W, Blighted Quiver, which grants his attacks a mark that can be activated by his other basic abilities plus it strengthens Piercing Arrow’s damage. His E, Hail of Arrows, damages enemies and slows them and applies Grievous Wounds as well. His ultimate is a single target root which spreads to nearby enemies and will continue to spread as long as there are champions that are not yet affected by it.

    Vayne – She is a mobile AD Carry that can hunt down even the toughest champions.Her passive, Night Hunter, grants her bonus movement speed when moving towards an enemy champion. Her Q, Tumble, makes her dash forward and deal bonus damage on her next attack. This ability can be used to reset her auto attack. Her W, Silver Bolts, deals a percent of the enemies maximum HP as true damage. This is the ability which makes her an exceptional tank killer. Silver Bolts can be activated to grant her bonus attack speed and make a portion of the bonus true damage heal her. Her E, Condemn, is her self peeling and crowd control ability which pushes away an enemy champion and if the champion is pinned against a wall, they receive extra damage and become stunned. Her ultimate, Final Hour, grants Vayne bonus damage and increases the bonus movement speed from Night Hunter and make her Tumble grant a short invisibility on cast.

    Kai’Sa – An unconventional Marksman who evolves depending on the items she buys. She is a backline champion who can suddenly appear behind enemies who are left alone and suddenly be devoured by the Void who is Kai’Sa. Her Q, Icathian Rain is a AoE burst damage ability which is more potent the less enemies there are around as the damage spreads evenly to affected targets. Her W, Void Seeker is a long range ability which marks her opponent for a Killer Instinct setup but it can also be used in between attacks to increase her DPS. Supercharge is her E ability which increases her attack speed and makes her invisible while charging. And her ultimate ability is Killer Instinct which teleports her towards a marked enemy and it gives her a shield at the same time.

    Dragon Lane – Supports

    Alistar – A tank support champion which excels in initiation, zoning, and peeling for his team. His passive, Triumphant Roar, passively activated a healing roar which heals Alistar and allied champions if they are they are below a certain health percentage. His Q, Pulverize, knocks up nearby enemy champions and his W, Headbutt, makes Alistar charge the target enemy and knock them away. These two abilities can be combo’d so that the knock back of Headbutt be countered by the knock up of Pulverize. His E, Trample, damages nearby enemies are each time enemy champions are damaged, grants Alistar a stack and when he gains five stacks, his next auto attack can stun an enemy. His ultimate, Unbreakable Will, removes crowd controls on cast and grants him substantial damage reduction for a short duration.

    Blitzcrank –  He is a proactive support which can have a high impact in the game on all stages of the game. Blitzcrank is for the aggressive support player that loves to kill and roam in Wild Rift. His Q, Rocket Grab is a hooking skill that pulls the first enemy hit towards him. Its one of the most annoying skill in the laning phase for the enemy’s ADC and jungler as you can use it to interrupt his jungling by pulling his target monster. His W or Overdrive makes Blitzcrank exceptional at roaming as it grants him movement speed and attack speed boost for a few seconds. His E or Power Fist enhances Blitzcrank’s next attack to deal critical damage and knock up the affected target.And his R, Blitzcrank’s ultimate, Static Field is a short cooldown magic damage burst Aoe silence.

    Braum – A support tank that excels in defending his team while being an excellent crowd controller and initiator as well. Braum’s Passive is Concussive Blows which applies a mark fills up using Braum and his allies’ attacks. Once the mark is filled up, the enemy is stunned. Braum can mark multiple enemies at the same time which makes him a potent crowd controller. His Q, Winter’s Bite, is a damaging ang slowing skill shot which slows down the enemy as well. His W, Stand Behind Me, is a mobility tool which allows Braum to jump towards a friendly champion and granting both you and your ally a resistance buff. His E, Unbreakable, is a shield which nullifies the first projectile that hits it and lowers the damage of all succeeding projectile. And his ultimate, Glacial Fissure, is an amazing engage and disengage tool that knocks up then slows all enemies in a line.

    Janna -Sn enchanter support which excels in poking opponents, dealing damage and different forms of crowd control, as well as shielding, healing, and buffing her allies. Her passive, Tailwind, grants bonus movement speed to Janna which also applies to her allies if they are moving towards her. Her Q, Howling Gale, is a tornado which is charged for a duration and damages and knocks up enemies hit after it is released. The damage and knock up duration scales with the duration it is charged. Her W, Zephyr, passively grants bonus movement speed and bonus attack damage base on her bonus movement speed. Her E, Eye of the Storm, grants the target ally a shield which also grants bonus attack damage. Her ultimate, Monsoon, knocks bock enemies on cast and is channeled by Janna to heal enemies in its area for its duration.

    Nami – An Enchanter champion who uses her abilities to control the flow of battle. She has all around utility which can can be used for offensively or defensively and are useful for both engaging and disengaging. Nami’s passive, Surging Tides, makes Nami’s ability grant bonus movement speed to her allied champions when they are touched by them. Her Q, Aqua Prison, fires a bubble which stuns enemies hit. Her W, Ebb and Flow, conjures a wave which bounces from an enemy to an ally or vise versa which heals allies and damages enemies. Her E, Tidecaller’s Blessing, buffs an allies auto attack to deal bonus magic damage and slow down the attacked enemy. Her ultimate, Tidal Wave, summons a slow moving wave which grants double the movement speed bonus from Surging Tides to allies hit by hit and it knocks up, damage, then slow enemies hit by it.

    Soraka – A basic Enchanter mage with great sustain and poke and the ultimate ability to instantly heal her allies across the map. Her passive, Salvation, grants Soraka an absurd amount of bonus movement speed when she is walking towards an ally with low health. Her Q, Starcall, drops a star in the target area which slows down the enemy. If an enemy is hit by Starcall, Soraka is granted Rejuvenation which heals over time. The Rejuvenation effect can be transferred using her W, Astral Infusion. Aside from transferring the Rejuvenation effect, Astral Infusion also heals a target ally by itself, but it cost a percentage of Soraka’s health as its cost. Her E. Equinox, silences enemies in its area and after the silence ends, those still inside its area are rooted. Her ultimate, Wish, heals all allies in the map and those with low HP are healed for a greater amount.

    Champion List List ( In Table )

    # Champion Class Lane Tier In-Depth Guide
    1 Akshan Fighter Baron Lane A
    2 Senna Support Dragon Lane A
    3 Lucian Marksman Dragon Lane S
    4 Riven Fighter Baron Lane A
    5 Irelia Fighter Baron Lane A
    6 Renekton Fighter Baron Lane S
    7 Rengar Fighter Baron Lane S
    8 Kha'Zix Assassin Jungle Lane S
    9 Rammus Tank Jungle Lane A
    10 Galio Tank Mid Lane S
    11 Diana Fighter Mid Lane S
    12 Leona Support Dragon Lane S
    13 Pantheon Fighter Baron Lane A
    14 Katarina Assassin Mid Lane S
    15 Rakan Support Dragon Lane A
    16 Xayah Marksman Dragon Lane S
    17 Teemo Marksman Baron Lane B
    18 Corki Marksman Dragon Lane S
    19 Tristana Marksman Dragon Lane A
    20 Kennen Mage Baron Lane A
    21 Lulu Support Dragon Lane A
    22 Wukong Fighter Baron Lane S
    23 Malphite Tank Baron Lane A
    24 Draven Marksman Dragon Lane A
    25 Kai'sa Marksman Dragon Lane S
    26 Seraphine Mage Mid Lane A
    27 Darius Fighter Baron Lane S
    28 Gragas Tank Jungle Lane S
    29 Zed Assassin Mid Lane A
    30 Xin Zhao Fighter Jungle Lane B
    31 Vi Fighter Jungle Lane S
    32 Singed Tank Baron Lane C
    33 Ziggs Mage Mid Lane S
    34 Tryndamere Fighter Baron Lane C
    35 Shyvana Fighter Jungle Lane A
    36 Olaf Fighter Jungle Lane A
    37 Jax Fighter Baron Lane B
    38 Jarvan IV Fighter Jungle Lane S
    39 Nami Support Dragon Lane A
    40 Soraka Support Dragon Lane C
    41 Orianna Mage Mid Lane A
    42 Sona Support Dragon Lane A
    43 Janna Support Dragon Lane S
    44 Lux Support Dragon Lane A
    45 Yasuo Fighter Baron Lane A
    46 Master Yi Assassin Jungle Lane C
    47 Lee Sin Fighter Jungle Lane S
    48 Evelynn Assassin Jungle Lane S
    49 Akali Assassin Mid Lane S
    50 Vayne Marksman Dragon Lane B
    51 Jhin Marksman Dragon Lane A
    52 Miss Fortune Marksman Dragon Lane A
    53 Varus Marksman Dragon Lane A
    54 Aurelion Sol Mage Mid Lane A
    55 Annie Mage Mid Lane C
    56 Ahri Mage Mid Lane A
    57 Fizz Mage Mid Lane A
    58 Nasus Fighter Baron Lane B
    59 Ezreal Marksman Baron Lane S
    60 Twisted Fate Mage Baron Lane A
    61 Jinx Marksman Dragon Lane A
    62 Ashe Marksman Baron Lane B
    63 Braum Tank Dragon Lane S
    64 Blitzcrank Support Dragon Lane B
    65 Alistar Tank Dragon Lane S
    66 Graves Fighter Baron Lane A
    67 Garen Fighter Baron Lane S
    68 Fiora Fighter Baron Lane S
    69 Dr. Mundo Fighter Baron Lane B
    70 Camille Fighter Baron Lane S
    71 Amumu Tank Baron Lane A