LoL Wild Rift Top Tier List (Patch 4.4)


Ready to become the best Baron lane player for this Patch 4.4? Take a look at the new Wild Rift top tier list to know which champions are the best for the new Patch 4.4 in 2023.

Wild Rift Top Tier List

Opposed to its PC counterpart, the top lane can be placed at the top or the bottom of the map depending on which side you’re on. For that reason, it is now referred to as the Baron lane to prevent confusion. This implies that top laners are positioned on the lane located at the Baron Nashor side.

Side lanes in general are relatively longer than the middle lane. Hence they are more vulnerable to ganks as it will take more time for them to retreat due to the larger distance between the turret and the center of the lane. This is particularly the reason why bruisers and tanks are the most often picked champions for this lane. Most of them may be short-ranged but they have the capability to survive longer with the high chunks of hp and armor that they have.

In deciding which champions to pick and focus on, we’ve laid out a Wild Rift top tier list which ranks baron lane champions from S+ to C according to their viability in the 2022 Patch 3.5.

Who are the Best Top Lane Champions for Patch 4.4

In the recent patch, Grasp of the Undying received less attention and most often, only tanks would prefer to equip this keystone. To open more opportunities and options for Baron lane players, they decided to give it a buff. Upon reaching 4 stacks from your passive, your next basic attack will consume it and deal a percentage of your maximum health, attack damage and ability power which further increases your damage.

Best toplaner in Wild Rift

This eventually increased the viability and overall performance of some baron lane champions. Looking at you, Camille and Fiora. These two have a high skill ceiling that some players may have difficulty with. But once they have landed on the right hands, playing and using Camille and Fiora can be rewarding at this point particularly with the recent Grasp of Undying buff. It does not however stop at that as both champions excel at their role as duelists and split pushers. With that being said, if played well, it is more likely that you will win a 1v1 with them.

Another champion that deserves recognition is Riven. If used at her full potential, winning the game as Riven is a piece of cake. She may not have received a damage buff, but they decided to lower down the cooldown of Riven’s ultimate allowing her to use it more often than before. In addition to that, laning phase will become more bearable due to the increase in her base health and health regeneration.

Wild Rift Top Tier List Criteria

This Wild Rift Top Tier List is categorized based on the current meta and their performance against other champions of the same class.

  • Tier S+: Currently the best champions in this Wild Rift Tier List. Also known as God or OP Tier champions. These are very difficult to counter and with the right strategies, perform very well on any game. These champions are usually banned or picked in higher tiers.
  • Tier S:  Strong Champions. These Champions can be as impactful as the S+ champions but are not as banned or picked as them.
  • Tier A+: Viable Champions. These champions are one buff away from being S or S+ tier champions. They can be used in almost all drafts and can be safely picked in most cases.
  • Tier A: Good Champions. These Champions are powerful with the right strategies, they excel at what they do in their lanes and perform well in most games.
  • Tier B: Average Champions. With the right team composition, they can perform well, but their impact is often lower than tier A.
  • Tier C: For Fun Tier: Champions in this tier are usually subpar in their average performance. Yes, you can win with all champions but you will be fighting an uphill battle when using champions in this tier.