Miss Fortune Wild Rift Build & Guide

Miss Fortune Wild Rift

A+ Tier

Class: Marksman

Best Miss Fortune Wild Rift build guide for Season 10 Patch 4.4 of WR. With our Miss Fortune guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Miss Fortune, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Boots of Furor Stasis Enchant
Core Items Youmuu’s Ghostblade Infinity Edge Mortal Reminder
Complete Build Youmuu’s Ghostblade Boots of Furor Infinity Edge Mortal Reminder Rapid Firecannon Guardian Angel
Fleet Footwork
Sweet Tooth
Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Gluttonous Greaves Quicksilver Enchant
Core Items Essence Reaver Solari Chargeblade Infinity Edge
Complete Build Essence Reaver Gluttonous Greaves Solari Chargeblade Infinity Edge Mortal Reminder Guardian Angel
Gathering storm
Sweet Tooth
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A Bilgewater captain famed for her looks but feared for her ruthlessness. Those who underestimate her will face a beguiling and unpredictable opponent… and, likely, a bullet or two in their guts. Miss Fortune is an AD Carry who excels in kiting and team fights. Her ultimate, Bullet Time is a famous recipe for deadly wombo combos.

Miss Fortune Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Miss Fortune Wild Rift in this patch.

The Bounty Hunter

Youmuu’s Ghostblade Boots of Furor Infinity Edge Mortal Reminder Rapid Firecannon Guardian Angel

This is the standard build for Miss Fortune which builds armor penetration for an early lead and then builds up on critical damage and armor penetration equally for all-around reliable damage.

  •  Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Grants bonus movement speed and attack speed on max Momentum Stacks. This bonus armor penetration from this item greatly increases all the damage output of Miss Fortune.
  •  Infinity Edge – Grants additional damage and increases critical damage output which includes the critical damage from Miss Fortune’s ultimate, Bullet Time.
  •  Boots of Swiftness – Miss Fortune relies on her movement speed to damage her opponents without being damaged herself through kiting so this boots item which grants the highest amount of movement speed bonus is a perfect fit for her. Upgrade with the Stasis Enchant to counter burst damage champions or upgrade with the Quicksilver Enchant to rid yourself of potential lethal crowd controls.
  •  Mortal Reminder – Increases the damage output against heavily armored enemy because it grants the highest amount of armor penetration. Plus, it grants all your physical damage the ability to apply Grievous Wounds to enemies which greatly impairs their sustain capabilities.
  •  Rapid Firecannon – This item grants additional attack range and bonus damage on maxed energized stacks which also affects the range and damage of Miss Fortune’s Q, Double Up.
  •  Guardian Angel – Grants the Resurrect passive which basically allows you to have a second life every once in a while.

Captain Critical

Essence Reaver Gluttonous Greaves Solari Chargeblade Infinity Edge Mortal Reminder Guardian Angel

This build grants a 100% critical chance and an amazing amount of auto-attack DPS as well as damage from your ultimate.

  •  Essence Reaver – Miss Fortune relies on her abilities to deal damage and she is mana-hungry so this item is perfect for her. Its Essence Flair passive grants bonus damage to her abilities based on her current critical rate.
  •  Solari Chargeblade – Grants bonus crit rate and true damage on critical attacks thanks to its Sunburst passive.

Runes for Miss Fortune in Wild Rift

  • Fleet Footwork – Grants additional movement speed and heals you on activation which grants a good amount of kiting and sustain at all stages of the game. Conqueror is the alternative if you want to focus more on your auto attack DPS.
  • Brutal – Grants a flat AD bonus and armor penetration which is great for an early advantage while Gathering Storm grants a scaling AD bonus which increases over time.
  • Loyalty – Increases the dual resistance of both you and a nearby ally.
  • Sweet Tooth – Provides bonus gold and increased regeneration when eating Honeyfruits.


Heal is the best summoner spell for ADCs because it is an on-demand sustain with a short burst of movement speed bonus for both you and a nearby ally.

Flash is a must for Miss Fortune because she is a squishy champion who is weak at short-range duels.

Skill Order


1st, Double Up, is maxed first because it is Miss Fortune’s main source of damage. 2nd, Strut, is maxed next because it is a good mix of utility for Miss Fortune and the bonus movement speed helps her survive and optimize her farm as well. 3rd, Make It Rain, is maxed last because it doesn’t bring much except for the slow and it costs too much mana. Invest a point in your ultimate whenever possible.


Infernal Chains

When attacking a new enemy deal 23 bonus physical damage (49% AD)

Infernal Chains

Fires a shot that ricochets behind the first enemy hit, dealing 88 physical damage (30 + 110% AD + 35% AP). The second hit will Critically Strike for 150% damage.

On-hits are applied to both targets.

Infernal Chains

Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking damage, gain 25 Movement Speed. After another 5 second, this bonus increases to 35.

Active: Fully activates Strut’s Movement Speed and grants 40% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Love Taps reduce the cooldown of Strut by 2 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Rains down bullets on an area for 2 seconds, dealing 10 magic damage (10 + 10% AP) every quarter second and slowing enemies by 30%.

Infernal Chains

Channels a 3 second barrage of bullets, with 12 waves that each deal 39 physical damage (75% AD + 20% AP). Each wave can Crit for 120% damage.

Re-activate: Cancel the barrage.

Abilities Analysis

Innate: Love Tap

Attacking an enemy deals bonus damage and marks the target. The marked target won’t receive the bonus damage until Miss Fortune attacks another enemy.

Love Tap switching attacking from one unit to another. This can be daunting for new players. You can cycle through units using the drag-lock attack function or through the portrait lock function. Both methods have their merits so simply practice to know what works better for you.

Q | 1st: Double Up

Double Up is a skill shot that bounces from one enemy and then to another enemy behind the first. The second instance of damage deals a lot more damage than the first.

Both instances of damage apply on-hit effects which include Love Tap.

Double Up deals an incredible amount of damage on the second instance at all stages of the game. The mechanics of this skill is the very first thing you have to learn and be comfortable using in order to become a deadly Miss Fortune user.

In the laning phase, Double Up is best used at the very moment the enemy’s ADC will go in for last hits.

Double Up is a skill shot and it will fire even if no one is in its effective range so don’t simply go trigger happy with it.

This ability is a great way to zone and kite the enemy’s ADC especially if they are behind their team’s tank or peelers.

Double Up is also an auto-attack reset but it takes great skill to land an auto-attack – Double Up Crit – auto attack combo with Miss Fortune.

W| 2nd: Strut

Strut passively grants Miss Fortune bonus movement speed which doubles the longer she doesn’t take damage. This is what makes Miss Fortune a superior kiting champion.

Strut can be activated to immediately grant the maximum amount of movement speed bonus and increase her attack speed as well for a short while. Every Love Tap landed reduces Strut’s cooldown.

E | 3rd: Make It Rain

Make It Rain deals magic damage every quarter of a second while slowing affected enemies.

Make It Rain reveals the target area so it’s a good ability to check bushes, Dragon, or Baron.

Be mindful when using Make It Rain because it consumes a lot of mana quickly.

R | Ult: Bullet Time

Bullet Time is a damage over time ultimate ability that deals a great deal of physical damage over a set triangular area. Miss Fortune channels the spell and cannot move, attack, or cast other abilities while channeling the ability.

Bullet Time is best used together with a strong AoE crowd control ability like Amumu’s Curse of the Sad Mummy or Malphite’s Unstoppable Force.

Refrain from using Bullet Time if you can auto-attack your enemies and they can move freely. Bullet Time has a significantly longer range than Miss Fortune’s basic attack and therefore it can be used to finish off enemies that are running away.

Enemies can only be damaged once per wave so there is no difference if the enemy is damaged near or far.

The damage from Bullet Time can crit and is affected by the critical damage bonus from Infinity Edge.

Immediately cancel Bullet Time if no one is being hit anymore so you can chase or flee right away.

Combo: 3rd + Auto Attack (AA) + 1st + AA + 2nd + AA + AA

Miss Fortune Early Game Guide

Miss Fortune is an early game bully who can pressure her lane and turn it into a snowballing victory.

Focus on harassing the enemy with 1st, Double Up while last hitting at the same time. Prevent the enemy ADC from getting their last hits by positioning yourself in the angle where they will do their last hit attempt. Once you do this, they will either miss their last hit or suffer the increased damage from the 1st, Double Up bounce.

You can easily dodge your enemy’s skill shots using your 2nd, Strut and if you are caught by your enemy, simply activate 2nd, Strut to get the max movement speed bonus from it.

Only use your E, Make it Rain when attempting an all-in to kill an enemy. Do not spam this ability because it costs a lot of mana and once you used up your mana, you’ll no longer be able to harass your enemy with your Q, Double Up. E, Make it Rain does not do that much damage anyway. You’ll be using it to slow enemies so you can land more attacks.

Look if you can commit to an all-in immediately once you reach level 5. If not, save it for the first dragon battle.

Miss Fortune Late Game Guide

In the middle and late game. Miss Fortune is all about superior positioning.

A well-timed Bullet Time can easily turn a fight around and Ace the enemy team.

Use your 1st, Double Up and 2nd, Strut to activate and utilize your passive, Love Tap to its full potential. Switch your target as much as possible and only focus on a target if you are sure that it is going to die.

Don’t forget to activate 3rd, Make it Rain to lock down an opponent if you and your team are going to kill them.


Braum is a good lane partner for Miss Fortune because he is capable both on offense and defense and his ultimate, Glacial Fissure is a good setup for Miss Fortune’s Bullet Rain.

Alistar has great crowd controls which can help Miss Fortune more bullets with her Bullet Time. Alistar is also a great peeler so Miss Fortune will be safe to attack enemies most of the game on his side.

With Rakan’s mobility and crowd controls, 5 man Bullet Time set-ups are an easy feat. Watch your opponents melt using this fancy wombo-combo.

All Miss Fortune Wild Rift Counter Champions

Jhin is extremely strong when it comes to kiting and he outranges and out burst Miss Fortune. It’s a skill matchup but Jhin definitely has the upper hand.

Kai’Sa will definitely lose the early game but if Miss Fortune does not secure a big lead, she will come back with a vengeance. She can easily deal with Miss Fortune in 1v1 situations and she can jump to her position if she is left alone.

Pros & Cons About Miss Fortune

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Miss Fortune in Wild Rift.


  • Miss Fortune is an ADC with an amazing kit that is strong at all stages of the game. She is an oppressive laner with her strong 1st, Double Up, pokes and her team fight damage is unparalleled among ADCs.
  • Miss Fortune has one of the best movement speed amount ADCs and she can outrun most champions. This allows her to farm and be untouched if positioned correctly.
  • Her ultimate, Bullet Time, is a game-changer. It is one of the best AoE damage spell and when positioned correctly or paired with a good CC, it can decimate an entire team.


  • Miss Fortune is a good kiting champion but she is terrible at duels. She will lose to most ADCs in 1v1 duels even if she has a slight gold advantage. Her kit relies on her being good at positioning and hit and runs but not on trading with the enemy toe to toe.
  • Even though Miss Fortune has high movement speed, he has no disengage tool like a dash or a knockback so she needs superior positioning and a good support. If she is lacking in these areas, she will die over and over again.

FAQ's About Miss Fortune in Wild Rift

How good is Miss Fortune in Wild Rift?

Miss Fortune is an (Tier A+) champion. She is currently one of the most oppressive ADC lane bully and that allows her to secure her early game lead which builds up a snowball to victory.

What role / lane should I play with Miss Fortune in Wild Rift?

Miss Fortune is played as an AD carry in the Dragon Lane. She excels in bullying her lane and doing game breaking wombo combos.

What abilities do I level up with Miss Fortune?

1st, Double Up, is maxed first because it is Miss Fortune’s main source of damage. 2nd, Strut, is maxed next because it is a good mix of utility for Miss Fortune and the bonus movement speed helps her survive and optimize her farm as well. 3rd, Make It Rain, is maxed last because it doesn’t bring much except for the slow and it costs too much mana.

What items should I build with Miss Fortune?

Youmuu’s Ghostblade synergizes with her high movement speed hit and run playstyle while Infinity Edge scales all her damage output greatly.

What Runes should I use when playing as Miss Fortune?

Fleet Footwork – Grants addtional movement speed and heals you on activation which grants a good amount of kiting and sustain at all stages of the game. Conqueror is the alternative if you want to focus more on your auto attack DPS. Her other runes are Brutal, Loyalty, and Sweet Tooth. 

Any tips so I can land more Q, Double Ups?

The easiest and most consistent way to land your 1st, Double Up in the laning phase is by waiting for the enemy ADC to last hit. Remember to angle yourself between minions as well.

Any tips for landing game breaking Bullet Times?

Miss Fortune’s ultimate, Bullet Time can wipe out the enemy team with the help of your ally’s crowd controls. Make sure to keep an eye when they use their AoE crowd controls so you can immediately follow up with your ultimate.