Submit A Guide & Earn an Epic Skin!

Submit your LOL Wild Rift Guide and earn a Skin(Prized at 725 Wild Cores or Less) of any champion for every article posted.

Follow These Steps

Send me an Email at info[at] with The Following details.

  • Email Subject: Contributor Wild Rift
  • Your Name: Your real name, just for chatting easier :D.
  • Your In-game ID – This will help us to send a Reward.
  • Experience in Game.
  • Topic Ideas – Include the topic name which you want to write.

After that, once we approve the topic(title). you can start Writing on your guide in Word File and send to same email once done.

Things to consider

  • Ensure your articles were not posted anywhere else before.
  • If you are doing a guide make sure to cover everything related to your topic. Also, Search our website if that article with the same title already published before or not. we will not accept the same title article. you can discuss the topic before start writing with us at info[at]
  • Your article should have at least 1200 words. In-depth Articles have a higher chance of approval.
  • We will not accept poorly written articles like incomplete info, grammar mistakes, etc.
  • There is no article Limit, You can submit as many as you want to Earn Skins of your choice.
  • Mention your name, your email, In-game ID, and the Skin that you want to take at the end of the article.
  • Choose Skin that Prized at 725 Wild Cores or Less.


How long till I get paid?

it will take Approx. 5-7 Working Days after you submit Article.

Can I post my guide on another website?

No, You can’t Publish that Article on another website.

Can I submit multiple guides?

Yes! There is No Limit but Guide should be Unique.

Where can I submit my entry?

At info[at]

Can I get Real Money Instead of Skins?

Yes! If you don’t want the skin, we can Send equivalent amount of $$ into you account.