LoL Wild Rift Draven Build - Items, Runes , Counter Guide



A Tier

Class: Marksman

Recommended Lane: Dragon Lane

Recommended Builds

Starting Item
Core Items
Complete Build Infinity Edge Bloodthirster Gluttonous Greaves Rapid Firecannon Guardian Angel Mortal Reminder
Starting Item
Core Items
Complete Build Manamune Bloodthirster Gluttonous Greaves Rapid Firecannon Guardian Angel Mortal Reminder

Recommended Runes

Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth

Draven has a flair for the dramatic, and his unparalleled skill with his spinning axes. Draven is an aggressive early game marksman who snowballs his game through aggressive plays and by styling on his opponents. Draven is not for the faint hearted farming type players because he needs to be aggressive and win his lane to win the game.


Infernal Chains

Killing a unit or catching a Spinning Axe grants a stack of Adoration.

Killing champions grant 50 bonus gold, plus 4 per stack of Adoration.

when Draven dies, half of Adoration stacks are lost.

Infernal Chains

Gains a Spinning Axe, causing his next attack within 6 seconds to deal an additional 55 physical damage (55 + 100% bonus AD).

The Spinning Axe bounces off the target, allowing Draven to catch and regain it.

Draven can hold two Spinning Axes at once.

Infernal Chains

Gains 20% Attack Speed for 3 seconds and 40% decaying Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Catching a Spinning Axe refreshes Blood rush’s cooldown.

Infernal Chains

Throws his axes, dealing 75 physical damage (75 + 50% bonus AD) and knock enemies aside, slowing them by 25% for 2 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Hurls two massive axes, dealing 200 physical damage (200 + 110% bonus AD). The axes return to Draven when they reach the edge of the map, hit a champion or upon reactivation.

Deals less damage as it damages targets, minimum 40%. Upon reversal, the reduction is reset to full damage.

Abilities Analysis

Innate: League of Draven

Draven gains a stacks of Adoration every time he kills a unit or catches a Spinning Axe. The stacks of Adoration are consumed when Draven kills a champion and it grants him bonus gold. When Draven dies, he loses half of his stack of Adoration.

This passive is part of what makes Draven snowball hard. Along with his natural early game strength, once he gets one kill, it becomes easier to get another kill because of the bonus gold. The gold bonus from a first blood in Wild Rift is massive, so strive to get it in your games. But of course, don’t die trying too hard to do so. Convince your support to pick an aggressive champion as well. Blitzcrank, Alistar, or Braum are currently the best champions to play aggressively with.

Q / Ability 1: Spinning Axe 

Spinning Axe is the trademark to Draven’s play style. It allows him to infinitely juggle up to two axes at the same time. These axes grants massive bonus damage to Draven’s attacks but it has a catch that you have to catch the axe as it goes back or else you’ll lose the bonus.

The most important thing to learn about Spinning Axes is that the axe will fall towards or near the direction Draven is facing at the moment the axe hits the enemy. This is important for three main reasons:

  1. Last hitting and poking in the laning phase: You don’t want to stray too far towards the enemy just to pick up axes. If the axe will land in a dangerous spot, just let the skill go into cooldown. It’s never worth to put yourself into danger just to pick up an axe. So, the best method to keep your juggling up in the laning phase is to face backwards before the axe hits your target. This will minimize your risks and keep your Spinning Axes active for longer amounts of time.
  2. Dueling with the enemy: When you are dueling with an enemy, you’ll become a little bit more predictable because the enemy has an idea where you are going to go next. Minimize this disadvantage by facing left or right before the axe lands. This makes you a little more unpredictable. Do this at the start of trades and not if you are going for the kill, the most optimized or fastest way to kill the enemy will always be the best choice.
  3. When chasing the enemy: You don’t want to have an axe going towards the opposite direction when chasing the enemy because you’ll lose damage or lose the enemy itself. One trick you can use to increase your chances of a perfect juggle while chasing is to let go of the left joystick once you are in the spot where your axe will land. This might seem counter-intuitive but it is the same concept as doing the move-stop in LoL PC. This is important to do because if you try to move back to catch an axe while attacking a moving enemy, there will be a high chance of an axe landing further back. The move-stop technique prevents that from happening.

There is a two axe limit but if you have a high enough attack speed, you can actually juggle more than two at the same time.

W / Ability 2: Blood Rush

Blood Rush grants additional attack speed and movement speed for a short duration. Its cooldown is reset when you catch your axes which makes it possible to make it an nonstop buff for Draven.

Activate Blood Rush then catch an axe, then activate it again. It doesn’t consume that much mana. You’ll mostly need to buy an item even before needing to go back because of a drained mana pool.

Spam it before they nerf it and make it cost more mana or make Draven’s mana regen lower like what they did to Ezreal.

E / Ability 3: Stand Aside

Stand Aside is Draven’s soft crowd control. It damages and knocks enemies hit to the side and it also slows them briefly afterwards.

Do an Auto attack – E – Auto attack combo to finish off your opponents. The airborne effect will prevent them from fighting back or escaping your finishing blows.

Avoid using Stand Aside by targeting the enemy dead center. This method will make your opponent’s positioning unpredictable. A better strategy is to target the enemy slightly towards the side you want them to be. If you want the enemy to get knocked back towards the right side, cast Stand Aside a little to its left.

Always be mindful of how you will cast Stand Aside or talk to your support on how you want to do your combos because if you and your support casts at the same time, one of you is definitely going to miss and it might lead to your support tilting and flaming you. A good rule of thumb is that if your support is out of range, you’ll cast first and when your support is in range, let your support be the one to initiate.

If you want to use Stand Aside to ensure that the second portion of Whirling Death hit your target, you’ll succeed more often by hitting the far side or opposite side of your target.

R / Ultimate: Whirling Death

Whirling Death is a global range nuke which damages enemies twice, once going to and another on its way back.

Do not hesitate to use on enemies near you to burst them them do death. You can do a Flash buffer and make Whirling Death cast faster by doing an R + Flash combo. You can also use Flash to position yourself next to another enemy champion before your ultimate returns to you but only do this if you are confident that you will kill that champion because you’ll lose your escape tool by doing that.

You will also have a higher chance of hitting both instances of Whirling Death’s damage by re-casting it before it hits the enemy.


Draven Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommedations that works on Draven

The Glorious Executioner

Infinity Edge Bloodthirster Gluttonous Greaves Rapid Firecannon Guardian Angel Mortal Reminder

This is the standard build for Draven which grants high amounts of DPS through your critical damage and it also grants a good amount of sustain from the physical vamps.

  •  Infinity Edge – Rush this item if you are ahead and you should ALWAYS be ahead when playing Draven. If you are not ahead in the early game, you are playing him wrong. This item grants a huge power spike to you because Draven has a naturally high attack speed and damage early on which you want to abuse as early as possible.
  •  Bloodthirster – Grants a huge amount of damage and sustain. The Overheal passive grants you a shield before the enemy can fight back against you, which they would second guess because of high your damage is at the point in time at the game when you complete this item.
  •  Gluttonous Greaves – The combined physical vamp from this item and from Bloodthirster is just absurd and makes you impossible to kill without Grievous Wounds and burst damage, combined. Upgrade with the Stasis Enchant when facing burst damage assassins like Zed or Fizz or upgrade with the Quicksilver Enchant for general outplays against crowd control users.
  •  Rapid Firecannon – Increase your attack range once in a while, thanks to its passive which also grants intermittent bonus magic damage. Since you are always on the move and attacking at the same time, you’ll easily utilize this item’s full potential.
  •  Guardian Angel – This is the go to item for all AD carries because burst damage champions are in the meta. The resurrect passive from this item will prevent you from being shut down and losing your League of Draven stacks.
  •  Mortal Reminder – Increase your damage output against tanks with this item’s armor penetration which is the highest in the game so far. It also applies Grievous Wounds to your target. Always buy its component  Executioner’s Calling when facing high sustain champions like Dr. Mundo or Sona and Soraka. 

The Lethal Executioner

Manamune Bloodthirster Gluttonous Greaves Rapid Firecannon Guardian Angel Mortal Reminder

This is a build that will eventually gain traction because I believe that there will be a nerf to Draven’s mana pool or regen in the near future. It deals about the same damage as with the crit build and Manamune deals as much damage as the Infinity Edge when it upgrades into  Muramana and in Wild Rift, it doesn’t take long to upgrade it especially with Draven’s spammy nature. The plus side is that you’ll never have to worry about mana if you are going with this build.


  • Conqueror – Grants bonus damage that revs up the more instances of damage you do and it gives a flat 10% on max stacks which is a pretty big deal. Getting the max stacks is easy on Draven because of his superior kiting ability.
  • Brutal – this rune is better compared to Gathering Storm because it grants a flat bonus AD and penetration compared to the scaling bonus. Having a bigger bonus in the early game fits Draven’s style of oppressing his lane and winning it early.
  • Loyalty – The bonus dual resistance for you and your support allows the both of you to play more aggressively.
  • Sweet Tooth – The additional healing and gold bonus on eating Honeyfruits fit Draven’s style of playing fast and hard perfectly.


Heal allows you to play aggressively with your support as it provides sustain and a short movement speed boost for both you and your support. It is a great outplay tool all gain long and its movement speed boost can be used proactively to secure kills.

Flash is the most versatile summoner spell that grants a lot of offensive options to Draven, most notably the E + Flash and R + Flash and it allows Draven to escape dangerous situations because he lacks a disengage tool.

Skill Progression

Q, Spinning Axes, is maxed first because it is Draven’s main source of damage. E, Stand Aside, is obtained at level 2 because most supports has a level 2 has a power spike you can abuse for an early kill but you’ll max it last because it doesn’t have a better scaling than your two other basic abilities. W, Blood Rush, is maxed second so you can maximize your DPS in the mid game. You should always get a point in your Ultimate, Whirling Death, whenever possible.


Alistar is an amazing initiator who can play aggressively in the early game because of how strong his level 2 and level 3 combos are. With his crowd controls and passive sustain, it is easy to play as a bully lane in the early game. He can also provide all the peeling needs of Draven throughout the game.

Blitzcrank remains as one of the top aggressive supports in the game and when combined with Draven’s strong early game, he becomes even more dangerous. This duo can snowball disgustingly hard if given one or two kills in the early game and they can easily turn those single digits kills into double digits deaths for the enemy team.

Counter Champion

Jhin can deal as much damage as Draven at all stages of the game but he has the range advantage over Draven. His traps are spammable that it can be placed all over the lane to restrict Draven’s juggling capability.

Braum can heavily restrict Draven’s snowballing because he is an amazing peeler who can protect his ADC and other teammates from Draven’s early aggressiveness.

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Draven in Wild Rift.


  • Draven has one of the, if not the highest damage damage output among marksmen in the early game. He can dominate the laning phase and snowball disgustingly hard because of it. Snowballing hard means that your early game wins usually translate into winning the game.
  • His play style is one of the most proactive and fun way to play in the Dragon lane. Draven has a “no sitting back to farm, just fight to the death” policy during the laning phase.
  • Draven has a consistently strong DPS and kiting at (almost) all stages of the game which makes him a solid choice as a carry for most games.


  • Draven is strong at “almost” all stages of the game because he falls in the late game compared to most marksmen. His late game damage output just doesn’t cut it when faced against late game hyper carries like Jinx or Vayne. Even if Draven wins the early to mid game, the more the enemy’s ADC gets to farm their item and reaches the late game, the lower the chance for Draven to win the game.
  • Because of Draven’s win condition to win his lane in the early game, he is punished more for an early game death which makes him a good target for early game ganks especially when againsts aggressive early game gankers like Lee Sin or Xin Zhao. 
  • Draven’s juggling mechanic can be overwhelming for beginners. A player should spend some time in the practice tool and PVP matches before using Draven in ranked games.

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