LoL Wild Rift Jungle Tier List (Patch 5.0)

Become a better jungler and pick out the best jungle champion for Patch 5.0 using our Wild Rift Jungle tier list (2024 updated).

Wild Rift jungle Tier List

Who are the Best Jungle Champions for Patch 5.0?

As you can see in our Wild Rift Jungle Tier List, there have been some changes with this new patch 5.0. We are going to see in detail the best jungler champions of the meta.

Similar to Ahri, Shyvanna also received changes on her kit. Taking down champions allows her to gain a stack of her passive, Draconic Bloodline from eliminating large and epic monsters and champions takedowns. Upon reaching 100 stacks of it, one of Shyvanna’s abilities will evolve starting from the first to the last even without taking the dragon. This is quite similar to Kai’sa and Kha’zix, however it triggers autonomously.

Best jungle wild rift

Shyvanna can obtain these upgrades by both farming and securing objectives, and by team fight participation. With the new dragon buff and changes in her abilities, Shyvanna has turned into an unstoppable monster that completely dominates the game with the additional tankiness, damage and movement speed from it.

Other champions that shine best as a jungler in Wild Rift are Wukong and Lee Sin. Wukong in this patch, received a buff that enabled him to dash over walls using his Warrior Trickster. Providing new opportunities and ways of optimizing his whole kit. Wukong can be tanky when equipped with defense items and has a good initiating and crowd control abilities that is beneficial for winning each and every teamfights. Meanwhile, Lee Sin remains to be stronger as usual due to his high mobility and early game snowball. Lee Sin can be a nuisance as he can gank as early as level 2 or 3.

Become a better jungler with this Tier List

Jungling offers a unique way of playing the game. Unlike laners who take gold and experience from minions, Junglers take advantage of neutral and epic monsters found on their side of the map as to not deprive their allies with assets. If you’re a great risk-taker and want to get the upper hand, you may even initiate an invasion with or without the company of your ally by taking the enemy jungler’s resources or with the right opportunity, you may even seize the Red Brambleback or the Blue Sentinel. The junglers’ role however does not end with that.

While making sure that they are not behind on gold and experience, the jungler must also seek opportunities where he can gank enemies when they are most vulnerable to secure kills, or perhaps a counter-gank to avoid casualties. It is also part of their duty to keep an eye on important objectives; the Dragon, Rift Herald and the Baron Nashor as it highly contributes to the winning probability of your team.

With that being said, Junglers greatly impacts and can dictate the outcome of the game. In line with this, choosing the best champion for this role is vital. There are a myriad of options to choose from starting from traditional junglers to unorthodox ones. If done right, anyone can be used for this role but their kit must be taken into consideration. Ideally, you would want to pick champions who may have high mobility for roaming, tankiness for teamfights, good crowd control or any champion that can carry. If you’re still undecided on which champion to try first, take a look at our Wild Rift jungle tier list to see which champion is currently at the top.

Wild Rift Jungle Tier List Criteria

This Wild Rift Jungle Tier List is categorized based on the current meta and their performance against other champions of the same class.

  • Tier S+: Currently the best champions in this Wild Rift Tier List. Also known as God or OP Tier champions. These are very difficult to counter and with the right strategies, perform very well on any game. These champions are usually banned or picked in higher tiers.
  • Tier S:  Strong Champions. These Champions can be as impactful as the S+ champions but are not as banned or picked as them.
  • Tier A+: Viable Champions. These champions are one buff away from being S or S+ tier champions. They can be used in almost all drafts and can be safely picked in most cases.
  • Tier A: Good Champions. These Champions are powerful with the right strategies, they excel at what they do in their lanes and perform well in most games.
  • Tier B: Average Champions. With the right team composition, they can perform well, but their impact is often lower than tier A.
  • Tier C: For Fun Tier: Champions in this tier are usually subpar in their average performance. Yes, you can win with all champions but you will be fighting an uphill battle when using champions in this tier.