LoL Wild Rift Tier List 4.3

This Wild Rift tier list is created based on Champions primarily for Ranked play in the Patch 4.3 of WR. Champions are placed based on their overall performance across all ranks. However, their effectiveness in higher Ranks (Emerald+) are considered more.

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If you are aiming to reach your dream rank, you may want to check our new Lol Wild Rift tier list for Patch 4.3 in 2023.

Along with the thrilling arrival of the Elemental Rift, more gameplay changes have been implemented that may alter the course of the game like on the League of Legends pc version. These changes resulted in the rise and downfall of some champions. With a massive roster of champions to choose from, you might face difficulties in picking the right one that can allow you to take consecutive wins. If that’s the case, you must know which are the best champions in Wild Rift who are likely to bring high value to your games.

Stay updated on the current meta and take a good look at our LoL Wild Rift tier list, highlighting champions who are considered to be the strongest in the present for each lane or role. Picking these champions however does not guarantee your victory, as it will still rely on your playstyle, strategy and your team. But rest assured that under the right hands, they will surely dominate the game.

Information about this Wild Rift Tier List

This Wild Rift tier list is created based on individual champions’ performance, impact, and ease of use primarily for Ranked play. Champions are placed based on their overall performance across all ranks. However, their effectiveness in higher Ranks (Emerald+) is considered more.

The tier list shows both the primary role of the champion:

And its secondary role:

Patch 4.3 Commentary

The presented Lol Wild Rift Tier List above is highly influenced by the present changes in the Patch 4.3. Champions may be directly affected due to several buffs, nerf, and adjustments to their kit or by the changes on the items and runes. Learn more about the detailed changes through the recent Wild Rift Patch 4.3 Notes.

New Boot Items – Wild Rift 4.3 has added new boots for players to build. This change has impacted several champions in our Wild Rift Tier List, including assassins and magic damage champions, giving them a slight advantage over champions who don’t greatly benefit from it. One of the AP champions this has impacted is Lux, with the addition of the new Boot items, including the Boots of Mana item.

The Tank Meta Continues – Wild Rift’s previous patch is still in effect, continuing the tank meta. Due to this, many tank champions, such as Garen, have made their way into the S tier for being tanky beasts while also dealing decent damage to their enemies. This change has left non-tanky champions being out-sustained by them.

New Runes and Keystones – In Wild Rift 4.3 patch, new Runes, and Keystone have also been added, also resulting in a slight change in our Wild Rift Tier List. This change has also brought snowballing champions into the S tier due to the addition of First Strike, such as Kayn and Jhin. This Rune provides snowballing champions with extra gold and true damage, helping them to snowball easily.

Ornn – One of the highlights of this patch is Ornn. Ornn is a versatile champion in Baron Lane. With the continuation of the Tank Meta, Ornn becomes unstoppable with his beefy HP, Crowd Control, and overall damage, making him one of the most favorable champions in Baron Lane. His late game is also impeccable, initiating team fights easily with his ultimate ability and being a frontline that deals a lot of damage if left unchecked.

What is a Wild Rift Tier List?

If you are new to the gaming community, you have probably encountered these tier lists and ended up becoming clueless about it. But, what do they even do?

A Wild Rift Tier list is created by ranking each champion subjectively based on their viability from S+ to D tier in the current meta. Champions that are placed at the top are considered to be the strongest not just by their damage, but by their overall utility and performance. Tier lists are mainly reliant on players’ or analysts’ collective knowledge about the game and its elements, making it opinion-based.

Following the tier list may not guarantee your desired rank, but it can serve as a guide on which champions should be taken advantage of. Likewise, a tier list can be a good basis on which champions to avoid by banning them during the draft pick. However, if you would prefer to focus on one specific role or lane, don’t worry as we also got you covered. Click on the filters directly above of our Wild Rift tier list in order to see who might be the best for you in each role or visit the sub-tier lists for a detailed breakdown:

LoL WR Tier List Criteria

Tier S+: Currently the best champions in this Wild Rift Tier List. Also known as God or OP Tier champions. These are very difficult to counter and with the right strategies, perform very well on any game. These champions are usually banned or picked in higher tiers.

Tier S:  Strong Champions. These Champions can be as impactful as the S+ champions but are not as banned or picked as them.

Tier A+: Viable Champions. These champions are one buff away from being S or S+ tier champions. They can be used in almost all drafts and can be safely picked in most cases.

Tier A: Good Champions. These Champions are powerful with the right strategies, they excel at what they do in their lanes and perform well in most games.

Tier B: Average Champions. With the right team composition, they can perform well, but their impact is often lower than tier A.

Tier C: For Fun Tier: Champions in this tier are usually subpar in their average performance. Yes, you can win with all champions but you will be fighting an uphill battle when using champions in this tier.