LOL Wild Rift ADC Tier List




Miss Fortune


Twisted Fate

Tier List Criteria

This sub tier list are categorized based on the current meta and their performance against other champions of the same class.

S Tier: Overpowered champions who are difficult to counter and can fit any team composition. They dominate any matchup they face.

A Tier: Strong champions which are safe picks at almost every game.

B Tier: Average champions but can easily be countered and has a tough time facing S Tier champions.

ADC or Attack Damage Carry are the Marksmen of Wild Rift. They are called as such because they use their auto attack damage to carry their team. ADCs are very item dependent so they are required to focus on farming in the early game. They are also vulnerable to ganks and assassinations so they have to have a support by their side all through out the game.

ADCs are weak in the early game but once they gain a lead and their items, they become the strongest champions in the map and their strength is unmatched in the late game. They dish out large amounts of Damage Per Second through their ranged auto attacks and usually have above average mobility which helps them kite their opponents.

The best ADCs can clear their lane fast and therefore, farm fast. They come online and become strong fast which is perfect for Wild Rift’s fast game pacing. They have strong ultimates which can change the tide of battle. Finally, the top ADCs are self-sufficient which means that they are not as reliant on their support to survive and have their own defense mechanism to help them win and thrive in their lanes and in their duels.

The ADC should farm as much as they can and, once they have enough items, be present on all objective takings, clashes, and turret pushing because they are the main source of damage for their team.


Item dependent – A champion which is item dependent needs a lot of items in order to be strong, therefore, it needs a lot of farm.

Kite/Kiting – The act of attacking while moving which is done in order to prevent retaliation from the enemy or to avoid damage while being able to dish damage at the same time.

Clear – Killing minions

Come online – Reaching the power spikes or becoming strong enough to carry the game.

Self-sufficient – Requiring no or little help from allies.