LoL Wild Rift ADC Tier List (Patch 5.0)



Take control of the bottom lane using the best ADC champions in our Wild Rift adc tier list for Patch 5.0. Patch 5.0 is filled to the brim with new additions and changes to the game. Changes in the game may result in a shift in the meta, and influence the overall potential of each champion. Now, you’re probably clueless about who to play. But don’t worry as the Wild Rift ADC tier list is now here at your disposal to help you determine which champions are currently overperforming in the patch 5.0.

Wild Rift ADC Tier List

How to become a better ADC with this Tier List

The role of an adc or a bottom lane carry may seem like a child’s play, but it is rather a challenging and a demanding task. A good ADC is expected to be acquainted on how to maximize their resources gain and optimize their build, and stay alive so as to not delay their power spikes. Not least of all, obtain great kiting and positioning skills as they are meant to be squishy.

Best ADC in Wild Rift

Traditionally, duo lane champions consist of marksmen, or ranged champions whose strength stems from basic or auto attacks. However, some players tend to unshackle the hidden creativity in them by picking unorthodox champions such as Yasuo, Ziggs and Veigar. Most AD carries are generally weak in the early phase of the game. Not to mention, their base health is relatively low. All things considered, assassins and some bruisers prey on them making them extremely dependent on their allies. Luckily, they are accompanied at the bottom lane by a Support with a key role of assisting their allies. Nonetheless, there is never a good reason to underestimate these AD carries. As the game progresses, they become more powerful.

To make the best out of your ADC journey, you may opt to pick champions who are relatively stronger in the current patches you are more likely to win. This is where our Wild Rift ADC tier list comes into play that grants you a glimpse onwhich champions are governing the rift for this lane.

Who are the best ADC champions for Patch 4.4?

According to our Wild Rift ADC Tier List, there is no doubt that Vayne, Caitlyn and Lucian are currently dominating the duo lane. From the addition of the Kraken Slayer, Lucian has become more compelling especially in the high elo. Lucian’s Piercing Light, Ardent Blaze and his passive, Lightslinger can be used to snowball his way into winning the game. Likewise, Lucian may opt to play aggressively through his Relentless Pursuit and get away from risky skirmishes. Caitlyn on the other hand, excels at poking enemies as well using her ranged abilities, the Headshot and most importantly her range. Laning against a Caitlyn can become burdensome as she can auto attack from a larger distance, and you might not be able to fight back. Caitlyn has the longest attack range in the game. If you’re using Champions with relatively shorter range like Vayne may have some difficulty with conquering the lane during the early.

Speaking of Vayne. She may have a shorter range than the rest of the duo lane champions, but Vayne still remains at the top of the list. Once she’s gained her momentum, stopping her may become impossible at that point. Known for being a late-game monster, Vayne deals massive damage upon reaching her power spike.

Wild Rift ADC Tier List Criteria

This Wild Rift ADC Tier List is categorized based on the current meta and their performance against other champions of the same class.

  • Tier S+: Currently the best champions in this Wild Rift Tier List. Also known as God or OP Tier champions. These are very difficult to counter and with the right strategies, perform very well on any game. These champions are usually banned or picked in higher tiers.
  • Tier S:  Strong Champions. These Champions can be as impactful as the S+ champions but are not as banned or picked as them.
  • Tier A+: Viable Champions. These champions are one buff away from being S or S+ tier champions. They can be used in almost all drafts and can be safely picked in most cases.
  • Tier A: Good Champions. These Champions are powerful with the right strategies, they excel at what they do in their lanes and perform well in most games.
  • Tier B: Average Champions. With the right team composition, they can perform well, but their impact is often lower than tier A.
  • Tier C: For Fun Tier: Champions in this tier are usually subpar in their average performance. Yes, you can win with all champions but you will be fighting an uphill battle when using champions in this tier.