Blitzcrank - Wild Rift Build & Guide


B Tier

Class: Support

Recommended Lane: Support

Best Blitzcrank build guide for Season 3 Patch 2.4c In Wild Rift. With our Blitzcrank guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, and how to use Blitzcrank abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Boots of Speed
Boots Boots of Swiftness Locket Enchant
Core Items Winter’s Approach Dead Man’s Plate Zeke’s Convergence
Complete Build Boots of Swiftness Winter’s Approach Dead Man’s Plate Zeke’s Convergence Abyssal Mask Randuin’s Omen
Adaptive Carapace
Starting Item Boots of Speed
Boots Ionian Boots of Lucidity Protobelt Enchant
Core Items Winter’s Approach Zeke’s Convergence Abyssal Mask
Complete Build Ionian Boots of Lucidity Winter’s Approach Zeke’s Convergence Abyssal Mask Iceborn Gauntlet Frozen Heart
Second Wind

Blitzcrank is a behemoth of burnished metal, steam, and crackling electricity. He is a proactive support who can have a high impact on all stages of the game. Blitzcrank is for the aggressive support player that loves to kill and roam in Wild Rift.


Infernal Chains

Gains a shield that absorbs 104 damage (30% Mana) for 10 seconds upon falling below 35% Health.

Infernal Chains

Fires his right hand to deal 60 magic damage (80 + 80% AP) and pull the target to Blitzcrank.

Infernal Chains

Gains 70% decaying Movement Speed and 30% Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

When Overdrive ends, Blitzcrank is slowed 30% for 1.5 second.

Infernal Chains

Empowers his next attack to critically strike for 105 physical damage (180% AD) and knock up the target.

Infernal Chains

Passive: While Static Field is off cooldown, attacks mark enemies to deal 40 magic damage (40 +15% AP) after 1 second.

Active: Deals 250 magic damage (250 + 80% AP) to nearby enemies and silences them for 1 second.

Abilities Analysis

Innate: Mana Barrier

Blitzcrank’s passive grants him a shield when his HP drops below a certain % based on his current mana. This effect goes on a fairly long cooldown after activation.

Try to fight and tank more aggressively when your passive is available as it lasts for 10 seconds which lasts longer than most team fights.

Q | 1st: Rocket Grab

Blitzcrank fires his right hand to pull the first enemy hit towards him. The affected enemy will receive magic damage and be stunned for a short while.

You can interrupt the enemy’s jungler by pulling the monster they are trying to take down. This is usually done at the start of the game by running towards their red buff and immediately putting wards on their red buff. It’s always a nasty surprise that will surely tilt your enemy. Be careful though, as you increase your rank, you will find more enemies who will be anticipating this annoying move.

Rocket Grab tips:

  • Use the brushes and fog of war to your advantage. Casting it while you are invisible to the enemy will surely catch them by surprise. Make it a habit to use your sweeping lenses on your lane and where you plan to fight so you’ll have the vision advantage.
  • Hooking enemies who are near walls are more likely to succeed because they have fewer options on where to go. Casting your hook diagonally also adds to this effect.
  • Cast your 2nd, Overdrive to catch up on your enemies before hooking them. In the mid game and the late game, sometimes it is better to just run up to your enemies with your Overdrive then use your 3rd, Power Fist on them.
  • If you have an ally with reliable initiation abilities like Vi or Jarvan IV, it might sometimes be a better choice to let them initiate and then use your abilities as follow-up to their initiation.
  • You can use Rocket Grab + Flash to surprise your enemies with long range hooks or to hook enemies from hard angles.

W | 2nd: Overdrive

Overdrive makes Blitzcrank exceptional at roaming as it grants him movement speed and attack speed boost for a few seconds. After the effect subsides, he is slowed for a short while.

Use this ability to catch up to your opponents to position yourself for a Rocket Grab or a Power Fist. You should also use this ability to quickly get back to your lane after recalling and to quickly respond to clashes and objective taking.

E | 3rd: Power Fist

Power Fist enhances Blitzcrank’s next attack to deal critical damage and knock up the affected target. This ability is used to either initiate on the opponent or keep the opponent in place after being pulled using Rocket Grab.

Power Fist is also an auto-reset which means Blitzcrank can deal a fair amount of trade using an auto-attack – 3rd – auto-attack combo.

R | Ultimate: Static Field

Blitzcrank’s ultimate is a short cooldown magic damage burst AoE silence. The casting is almost instant so use it to burst down enemies and prevent those who survive from escaping. This ability is amazing in both individual pickoffs and on team fights. It has a relatively short cooldown so use it at every opportunity available. In team fights, prioritize using it against your mobile opponents with blink or dash abilities.

When off cooldown, Static Field has a passive component that makes Blitzcrank’s attacks mark enemies. Those with a mark are electrocuted and dealt magic damage.

Ability Combos:

Early Game Harass/Pickoff: 2nd – 1st – 3rd – AA

Mid/Late Game Pickoff 1: 2nd – 1st – 3rd – Ult – AA

Mid/Late Game Pickoff 2: 2nd – 3rd – Ult – 1st – AA

Blitzcrank Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommedations that works on Blitzcrank

Support Steam Golem

Boots of Swiftness Winter’s Approach Dead Man’s Plate Zeke’s Convergence Abyssal Mask Randuin’s Omen

This is the standard item build for Blitzcrank which gives you and your team more survivability and utility.

  • Boots of Swiftness – Increases your roaming capabilities as it is the boots with the biggest bonus movement speed so far. Its Sleek passive which grants you 30% slow resistance is highly beneficial for Blitzcrank as it mitigates the slow penalty from overdrive, especially when combined with the Spirit Walker Rune. The Locket Enchant is recommended for active shielding. Glorious Enchant, Protobelt Enchant, and Shadows enchant are all viable options for a more aggressive playstyle.
  • Winter’s Approach – Constantly provides a shield when you cast your spells and consume mana. The shield scales with your mana spent.
  • Dead Man’s Plate – Synergizes well with Overdrive with its bonus movement speed from the Momentum Passive that converts into Crushing Blow that enhances your basic attack to have a slowing effect when it expends max Momentum.
  • Zeke’s Convergence – Provides armor, magic resistance, more mana and ability haste which are all stats that Blitzcrank needs. Its passive, Harbinger, synergizes with him well because it activates when you use your ultimate, which will be frequent due to Static Field’s relatively short cooldown. Harbinger releases a blizzard which buffs an ally champion’s attack to burn and slow enemies and successfully doing so will make those around Blitzcrank get burned and slowed as well.
  • Abyssal Mark – The Eternity passive from this item will convert the damage you receive into mana and the mana you expend into HP. It also has the Abyssal passive which makes enemy champion take increased magic damage.
  • Randuin’s Omen – Makes you able to tank and soak damage from the enemy’s AD Carries because of the Armored passive which will make you take reduced critical strike damage and Cold Steel passive which reduces the attack speed of those who will attack you.

Steam Golem Haste

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Winter’s Approach Zeke’s Convergence Abyssal Mask Iceborn Gauntlet Frozen Heart

This item build is for more aggressive Blitzcrank players which could work well if you already have a tank and if you feel that your team comp might lack magic damage.

  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Grants ability haste and reduces the cooldown of your summoner spells  so you can spam your kit on your enemies more often.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet – Grants the Spellblade passive which enhances your auto attack after using abilities. The enhanced attack deals extra damage and creates an icy field that slows enemies inside it.
  •  Frozen Heart – Decreases the attack speed of enemy champions near you so your team can survive the onslaught from late-game AD carries who rely on attack speed for a little bit longer.


  • Aftershock – Immobilizing enemy champions grants you extra defense and a burst of damage around you which scales with your armor. You have two crowd control effects so activating this rune consistently is no problem for you.
  • Weakness – Another rune that synergizes with your crowd control abilities. This rune makes those you control take 5% more damage from all source of damage.
  • Adaptive Caparace – Grants bonus max HP and adaptive resistance based on the most type of damage you have taken in the past minute. Second Wind is the alternative rune if you are playing with a duo with strong pokes like Miss Fortune and Seraphine.
  • Pathfinder – Allows you to roam the map more efficiently with its bonus movement speed when walking in the river, jungle, and brushes.


Ignite is an unusual summoner spell for a support but as you will play aggressively in the early game, you will be using this spell to secure kills. Make sure to cast it early on your combo as to counter the healing from the heal summoner spell by reducing it by 50%.

Flash can be used by Blitzcrank for creative Rocket Grab pickoffs and for escaping when you get too overzealous on chasing the enemy team.

Skill Progression


Level up 1st, Rocket Grab first so you can interrupt your enemy’s jungler and even grab a level 1 kill. Get 3rd, Power Fist second to have a followup for Rocket Grab then get a point on 2nd, Overdrive.

We will max Rocket Grab first to reduce its cooldown and increase its damage. Then we will invest in Overdrive to increase its movement speed bonus. Its better to invest in Overdrive over Power Fist because the knock-up duration does not scale.

Invest a point in Static Field whenever possible.

Blitzcrank Early Game Guide

Blitzcrank’s 1st, Rocket Grab works on jungle monsters so it’s a great way to delay the enemy jungler’s farm.

Put a ward in the enemy’s Buff monster near your lane and wait for the enemy jungler to start killing the buff monster. Immediately walk towards their jungle once that happens then hook the buff monster.

The jungler will usually pull the buff monster towards the brush near it so hook that spot if they suddenly disappear from the map while you are walking towards the buff.

Once you reach level 2, attempt a 1st, Rocket Grab and 3rd, Power Fist combo. A successful combo will shave of a good portion of your target’s HP and summoner spell. A second successful attempt will usually lead to a kill.

Do not spam your 1st, Rocket Grab as it will open up opportunities for the enemy to go aggressive on you. If the enemies are always staying behind their minions and playing it safe, you can surprise them by activating your 2nd, Overdrive then walking up to the enemy champion and using 3rd, Power First on them. Follow up the knock-up with your 1st, Rocket Grab to extend the control duration and damage the enemy.

If you are paired with an ADC with strong clear like Jhin or Xayah you can also opt to clear the minions fast then gank the enemy mid lane especially if your mid lane is having a hard time.

Blitzcrank Late Game Guide

In the mid and late game, Blitzcrank can create plays for his team by picking off enemies one by one using his 1st, Rocket Grab + 3rd, Power Fist combo. Make sure that you have a teammate nearby before doing your combo.

Since you are more of an offensive support, you can opt to leave your ADC while they farm and join your most fed teammate.

If you find a lone enemy, do not hesitate to use your 2nd, Overdrive then do a 3rd, Power Fist + 1st, Rocket Grab combo as you do in the early game.

If the enemy team initiates, use your ultimate, Static Field as a counter initiation to mess up their combos.

Blitzcrank Video Guide


Jinx is a good lane partner with Blitzcrank because her Flame Chompers! in combination with your Rocket Grab is almost always a sure kill. A Zap from Jinx will slow down the enemy enough to land an easy Rocket Grab as well. Her Rocket Launcher also compensates Blitzcrank’s weak wave clear.

Jhin has amazingly fast clear, a good amount of burst damage and a good follow up crowd control. Jhin and Blitzcrank can easily pick off and kill an enemy hooked by his 1st, Rocket Grab.

Xayah has great waveclear thanks to her passive Clean Cuts which makes her auto attacks deal damage in a line. Blitzcrank’s crowd control allows Xayah to set up her feathers for 3rd, Bladecaller to deal more damage and root her target.

Counter Champion

You don’t want Alistar as an enemy and as a lane counterpart because he can easily eat your abilities and would even love to be hooked. He is so large in size that he could easily protect his teammates from being hooked. And his ultimate makes him outclass you as a tank easily.

Braum is another tank champion who outclasses Blitzcrank in terms of tankiness and renders his hook useless. If Braum is hooked, he can simply disengage using his W, Stand Behind Me. And he can protect his ally using the same ability plus his E, Unbreakable which allows him to tank all incoming projectiles.

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Blitzcrank in Wild Rift.


  • Amazing pick off potential with Rocket Grab. You are one of the most dangerous champions on level 1, 2 , and 5 due to your skillsets. Blitzcrank is also one if the only support who can impede a Jungler’s farm like crazy in a tilting way.
  • Great roaming capabilities with Overdrive.
  • Excellent snowballing capability due to his strong early game potential.


  • Reliant on Rocket Grab. Blitzcrank is not for you if you are weak  or inexperienced on skill shots.
  • Sensitive to vision and ward battles. Blitzcrank’s effectiveness drops hard when the enemy team has control of the vision and wards on the map.
  • Blitzcrank is outclassed as a tank because he is reliant on his passive for his tankiness and that passive has a fairly long cooldown.

FAQ's About Blitzcrank

How good is Blitzcrank in Wild Rift?

Blitzcrank is currently a (Tier B) champion. He is countered easily but he can also serve as a hard counter to poke-type compositions when he is paired with a champi0n with strong all-ins.

What role / lane should I play with Blitzcrank in Wild Rift?

Blitzcrank is played in the Dragon lane as a support champion. He is great at pick offs and roaming to help mid and jungler.

What abilities do I level up with Blitzcrank?

His 1st, Rocket Grab is acquired first because it can pull the enemy jungler’s buff monster and it has good kill pressure. Next 3rd, Power Fist is leveled up as a follow-up to his first ability then 2nd, Overdrive is maxed first to increase his map presence.

What items should I build with Blitzcrank?

Upgrading the boots is top priority for Blitzcrank to increase his roaming capability then Dead Man’s Plate is acquired afterwards for the added HP and movement speed and damage bonus. Blitzcrank should be built tank support items afterwards.

What Runes should I use when playing as Blitzcrank?

Aftershock makes immobilizing enemy champions grants you extra defense and a burst of damage around you which scales with your armor. You have two crowd control effects so activating this rune consistently is no problem for you. His other runes are Weakness, Spirit Walker, and Packhunter. 

Any tips so I can aim my Rocket Grab better?

Do not cast your 1st, Rocket Grab until you are sure that it will hit the enemy. Cast from inside brushes or use 3rd, Power Fist first.

Patch Details

PATCH NOTES 1.0A (11-09-2020)

Blitz is supposed to rely heavily on his hook to make plays, but at this point, he can just run at you even without landing a hook and still solokill your squishies.


Health: 690 -> 650

Health Regen per level: 1.07 -> 0.81


Damage: 250/375/500 -> 200/325/450

Silence duration: 1s -> 0.5s

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