Syndra Wild Rift Build & Guide

Syndra Wild Rift

S+ Tier

Class: Mage

Best Syndra Wild Rift build guide for Season 11 Patch 5.0 of WR. With our Syndra guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Syndra, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Amplifying Tome
Boots Boots of Mana Stasis Enchant
Core Items Luden’s Echo Crown of the Shattered Queen Infinity Orb
Complete Build Luden’s Echo Crown of the Shattered Queen Stasis Enchant Infinity Orb Rabadon’s Deathcap Awakened Soulstealer
First Strike
Mark of the Weak
Eyeball Collector
Sweet Tooth
Starting Item Amplifying Tome
Boots Boots of Mana Stasis Enchant
Core Items Liandry’s Torment Rabadon’s Deathcap Infinity Orb
Complete Build Liandry’s Torment Rabadon’s Deathcap Stasis Enchant Infinity Orb Rylai’s Crystal Scepter Archangel’s Staff
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collector
Sweet Tooth

Syndra Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Syndra Wild Rift in this patch.

Unleashed Syndra

Luden’s Echo Crown of the Shattered Queen Stasis Enchant Infinity Orb Rabadon’s Deathcap Awakened Soulstealer

This is the main Syndra Wild Rift Build which focuses on increasing her burst damage, mana regeneration, and poking capabilities. One of the things that’s worth noting is the addition of Mejai’s Soulstealer in this build. This item helps to snowball Syndra more as she stacks it through kills. She can deal loads of damage given that she’s being played correctly. Crown of the Shattered Queen is here to provide survivability when opposed to another burst-type or champions with high crowd control.

The Dark Sovereign

Liandry’s Torment Rabadon’s Deathcap Stasis Enchant Infinity Orb Rylai’s Crystal Scepter Archangel’s Staff

This alternate Syndra Wild Rift Build focuses on having AP penetration and a bit of survivability with the Archangel’s Staff’s shield. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter is also useful to land and chain abilities, thanks to its slowness whenever an ability hits an opponent. Rabadon’s Deathcap for more firepower, especially in the early game, as it can help you snowball faster.

Runes for Syndra in Wild Rift

Electrocute helps Syndra execute enemies with the lightning bolt after three enemy hits. On the other hand, First Strike does not only help Syndra deal bonus true damage, she can also gain bonus gold when it hits. Scorch will make enemies aflame and take damage over time. Mark of the Weak can help deal additional damage to marked enemies. Additionally, Cheap Shot can be beneficial as long as you stun and slow the enemies with Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Lastly, Sweet Tooth provides survivability to keep up in the lane.


These two are the best spells you can equip for Syndra Wild Rift.

Syndra is best at executing enemies in a burst-type fashion. However, if enemies were still alive with a little health, Ignite would help her execute and finish evading enemies.

As a champion with low mobility, Syndra benefits from Flash as an escape choice when things don’t go as planned.

Skill Order


Syndra in Wild Rift can start by taking Dark Sphere first. This is the most spammable ability to poke enemies down, even in the game’s early stages. This way, she can snowball into the late game by constantly pressuring enemies in the lane phase. Then, take her Scatter the Weak as a second ability to enable her potent stun combo, Q, and E right after. Having this combo at an early stage gives a great advantage. Then, take her Force of Will to add more firepower to her kit. This ability can also help with stealing jungle camps or landing guaranteed stuns. Lastly, level up her ultimate ability, Unleashed Power, as much as possible, to increase the damage as the game progresses. This ability can eliminate key targets, especially in team fights, so it is essential to level it up ASAP.


Infernal Chains

Syndra collects Splinters of Wrath from gaining levels and damaging enemies, which upgrade her abilities.

Dark Sphere: Syndra can hold an additional charge.

Force of Will: Bonus true damage. Scatter the Weak: Increased width and slows all targets; Unleashed Power: Executes low-health targets.

Infernal Chains

Syndra conjures a Dark Sphere dealing magic damage. The sphere remains and can be manipulated by her other powers.

Infernal Chains

Syndra picks up and throws a Dark Sphere or enemy minion dealing magic damage and slowing the Move Speed of enemies.

Infernal Chains

Syndra knocks enemies and Dark Spheres back, dealing magic damage. Enemies hit by Dark Spheres become stunned.

Infernal Chains

Syndra bombards an enemy Champion with all of her Dark Spheres.

Abilities Analysis

Passive | Transcendent

Syndra must utilize this passive by poking enemies down as much as possible. As she gains stacks, Syndra should focus on upgrading her Dark Sphere first, as having a second charge will help her poke twice as much. Then, her Force of Will will be upgraded next for more bonus true damage. Lastly, upgrade Scatter the Weak to crowd-control enemies more effectively.

Syndra Passive Wild Rift

Q | Dark Sphere

Don’t sleep on this ability, and poke enemies down with it. This ability is Syndra’s bread and butter, from setting up plays to snowballing the game to victory. Once you upgrade this ability from her passive, you should abuse it more and pressure enemies with their resources. Never let them take up space easily.

Syndra Q Wild Rift

W | Force of Will

Syndra picks up and throws an enemy unit or her own Dark Sphere. Enemies hit by this ability will be damaged and will also receive bonus true damage if this ability has already been upgraded. She must also utilize this ability to poke enemies. Additionally, Syndra can reposition her Dark Sphere using this ability to get a guaranteed stun from her Scatter the Weak.

Syndra W Wild Rift

E | Scatter the Weak

Syndra knocks her Dark Spheres and enemy units, including champions. Scatter the Weak is a great crowd-controlling ability, especially in team fights. Poke enemies with her Dark Sphere first, then cast Scatter the Weak to get an almost guaranteed stun. Abuse this combo more often to never let enemies take space.

Syndra E Wild Rift

R | Unleashed Power

This ultimate ability can unleash devastating damage by casting it on an enemy. However, you must stack her Dark Sphere by casting it multiple times beforehand. This way, you have additional damage to Unleashed Power. You can cast this before Scatter the Weak to get a guaranteed stun, as you’ll have lots of Dark Spheres on the ground.

Syndra R Wild Rift

Syndra Early Game Guide

In the early game, you would want to get aggressive but with good positioning, as much as possible, leaving enemies with little space. This constant pressure will help Syndra get ahead of her opposing lane, thanks to her poking abilities, such as Dark Sphere. However, you must be wary of ganks and strategically ward off the bushes to get informed when an enemy gank is on the way. With this strategy, you can snowball into the late game beautifully.

Additionally, if you get behind in the early game, you would still pressure the enemies from time to time, but you should focus on farming more until you have the required build into the late game.

Syndra Late Game Guide

In the late game, Syndra is now being unleashed after acquiring the required build for her. She can decimate enemies at a distance, without taking risks and damage, especially in team fights. Additionally, focus on eliminating key targets, such as the marksman or the mage of the enemy using Unleashed Power, to clear out any enemy DPS. In this way, team fights and taking objectives would be much easier.


For our Syndra Wild Rift Guide, we highly recommend using her with the following champions as they synergize well with her.

Vi Wild Rift

Vi is one of the great junglers for Syndra, because of her mobility and ultimate ability, Cease and Desist. After casting her ultimate, Syndra can land and chain her abilities, leaving enemies with no room to escape.

Wild Rift Kayn

Kayn is a great jungle champion overall. His Shadow Step is beneficial to catch enemies off-guard when ganking them, especially when Syndra stuns them with her Scatter the Weak.

All Syndra Wild Rift Counter Champions

In this section, we’ll specifically show champions that can easily counter Syndra in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Fizz

Fizz is one of the champions that can hard counter Syndra due to his dash abilities that let him dodge Syndra’s attacks.

Wild Rift Ekko Icon

Ekko is the same as Fizz, having a dash ability and an ultimate that can replenish his health depending on his HP four seconds ago. This ability can nullify Syndra’s damage, while also being a threat with his crowd-control and damage.

Pros & Cons About Syndra

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Syndra in Wild Rift.


  • Long-ranged poke, which is great for the laning phase.
  • Massive Burst damage
  • Great wave clearing ability
  • Excellent area of effect stun


  • Needs great positioning
  • Easily punished
  • Squishy, low-health champion
  • She’s has a bit of a high skill ceiling

FAQ's About Syndra in Wild Rift

How good is Syndra in Wild Rift?

Syndra in Wild Rift is an S+ Tier champion. She’s versatile to use but needs a bit of skill to carry with her. Syndra also has high burst damage, making her a formidable opponent against squishy marksmen and opposing mages. She also requires good positioning to make her effective in lanes and team fights, so be wary of enemy locations and positions.

What role / lane should I play with Syndra in Wild Rift?

Wild Rift Syndra should be played in the mid-lane and as a Mage/AP carry for the team.

What are the best runes for Syndra in Wild Rift?

The best runes for Wild Rift Syndra are First Strike and Electrocute for the Keystone, as both runes help clear and eliminate enemies with burst damage. Scorch, Sweet Tooth, Mark of the Weak, and Cheap Shot are the other runes that enable her to be more effective and devastating for enemies.

What is the best build for Syndra in Wild Rift?

According to our Syndra Wild Rift guide, Luden’s Echo and Liandry’s Torment are her best and mandatory builds, because of their magic penetration and high ability power. Awakened Soulstealer, Infinity Orb, and Rabadon’s Deathcap provide Syndra with more bonus AP, especially when getting kills with the Soulstealer. Additionally, Crown of the Shattered Queen provides survivability against high burst damage.

When is the release date of Syndra in Wild Rift

Syndra is arriving in Wild Rift on January 18, 2024, along with Talon and Kindred.