LoL Wild Rift Shyvana Build - Items, Runes , Counter Guide



A Tier

Class: Fighter

Recommended Lane: Jungle Lane



Recommended Builds

Nashor’s Tooth
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Infinity Orb
Rabadon’s Deathcap
Void Staff


Trinity Force
Sterak’s Gage
Mercury’s Treads
Dead Man’s Plate
Spirit Visage
Randuin’s Omen

Recommended Runes

Hunter – Titan


Hunter – Titan

Shyvana is a creature with the magic of a rune shard burning within her heart. She can take her true form as a fearsome dragon, incinerating her foes with fiery breath. Shyvana is an AP type jungler which excels in dealing mixed damage and taking down drakes for her team.


Infernal Chains

Deals 20% more damage to Elemental Drakes. Killing a Drake permanently empowers Shyvana’s abilities while in Dragon Form.

Infernal Chains

Empowers Shyvana’s next attack to strike twice, dealing 58 (100% AD) and 12 (20% AD) physical damage respectively. Attacks reduce the Cooldown of Twin Bite by 0.5 seconds.

Dragon Form: Strikes in a larger area and applies on-hits to all enemies.

Slaying Mountain Drake grants Weight of the Mountain, causing Twin Bite to slow enemies by 60% while in Dragon Form.

Infernal Chains

Deals 25 magic damage (25 + 25% bonus AD) per second to nearby enemies and hastes Shyvana by 30%, decaying over 3 seconds. Attacking extends the duration of Burnout by 4 second.

Dragon Form: Expands the flames, dealing damage in a larger area.

Slaying Cloud Drake grants Wings of the Cloud, causing Burnout to haste Shyvana by an additional 25% while in Dragon Form.

Infernal Chains

Launches a fireball that deals 70 magic damage (60 + 30% AD + 40% AP) to enemies hit and Scorches them for 5 seconds. Shyvana’s attacks on Scorched enemies deal bonus magic damage equal to 3.5% of their max Health.

Dragon Form: The fireball explodes on impact, dealing 175 magic damage (140 + 60% AD + 70% AP) in an area and leaving a fire for 4 seconds that deals 56 magic damage (50 + 10% AD + 20% AP) and Scorches enemies within it.

Slaying Infernal Drake grants Breath of the Infernal, converting the damage dealt to Scorched enemies to True Damage while in Dragon Form.

Infernal Chains

Passive: Generate 1 Fury per second and 2 Fury per attack. At 100 Fury Shyvana can cast Dragon’s Descent. Shyvana remains in Dragon Form until she has consumed all of her Fury.

Active: Transform into a Dragon, gaining 150 Health and flying to a target location. Enemies along Shyvana’s path take 150 magic damage (150 + 80% AP) and are knocked towards her landing point.

Slaying Ocean Drake grants Life of the Ocean, adding 150 more Health while in Dragon Form.

Abilities Analysis

Innate: Fury of the Dragonborn

Shyvana’s passive grants her bonus damage against Elemental Drakes. Together with the Mastermind Rune, she will deal 30% more damage against Drakes. This allows her to take down Drakes without the enemy team even realizing it.

Shyvana gains the following bonuses for taking down the Elemental Drakes:

    • Mountain Drake will give a slow to her Q, Twin Bite.

    • Cloud drake will give her W, Burnout, a movement speed boost.

    • Inferno Drakes gives bonus true damage to her E, Flame Breath.

    • Ocean Drake will boost the bonus Health from her R, Dragon’s Descent.

Q / Ability 1: Twin Bite

Twin Bite empowers Shyvana’s next attack to deal 2 attacks in quick succession. The second attack deals less damage but both attacks apply on-hit effects which makes Shyvana a great carrier of on-hit items like Nashor’s Tooth.

Twin Bite is an auto attack reset. So, if timed correctly, it’s like attacking the enemy thrice in an instant.

This ability’s cooldown is reduced every time Shyvana auto attacks.

This ability is great for stacking Fury fast.

In her dragon form, her empowered attack is dealt in an area in front of her. Killing the Mountain Drake grants this ability a slow and that slow applies to all enemies damaged in the area.

W / Ability 2: Burnout

Burnout is an Immolate-like ability which deals AoE DPS around Shyvana. This ability also increases the movement speed of Shyvana which makes it a great ability for chase downs especially if it is upgraded by slaying the Cloud Drake which makes the movement speed boost really overpowered.

Auto attacks extends the duration of this ability and when in Dragon form, the size of the ability scales with Shyvana’s larger size.

E / Ability 3: Flame Breath

Flame Breath is an AoE skill shot that deals magic damage and marks enemies hit with “Scorched” status. The Scorched enemies  are dealt bonus HP% based magic damage that procs as on-hit effects on her auto attacks. This make it synergize well with her Q, Twin Bite.

In her dragon form, Flame Breath explodes when it reaches an enemy champion or max distance. The explosion then deals magic DPS on enemies inside the explosion radius while Scorching them.

The upgraded version of Flame Breath turns the bonus damage on Scorched enemies into true damage.

Flame Breath passes by minions and small jungle monsters but explodes upon contact with champions, large jungle monsters, and Epic monsters.

R / Ultimate: Dragon’s Descent

Dragon’s Descent deals AoE magic damage, knocks enemies airborne towards her target location then transforms Shyvana into her Dragon form.

In her Dragon form, Shyvana becomes way stronger. She becomes larger, her basic abilities are enhanced, and she has more health. She can only activate Dragon’s Descent when she has max Fury which is obtained over time and by attacking. Using Twin Bite hastens this process. See to it that you have your ultimate ready before fights happen because you are mostly underwhelming without it.

Be aware of situations where it is possible to kill enemies without activating your ultimate like when picking off an overextending enemy with your team because prematurely activating your ultimate will just result in the enemy team backing off and waiting for your ultimate to be finished before playing aggressively once your dragon form is over.

When playing an even match, more so when playing a hard match, do not use Dragon Descent to initiate because there will be a large chance that it will only result to you being crowd controlled to death. Although, there will be situations where you can do a Flash + R combo to knock an enemy or two into your team.


Poke combo: E + W + AA (auto attack) + Q + AA + AA

All in combo: [Flash] + R + E + W + AA + Q + AA +AA + E + AA

Shyvana Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommedation that works on Shyvana

Dragonborne Mage

Nashor’s Tooth
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Infinity Orb
Rabadon’s Deathcap
Void Staff

This is the standard build for Shyvana which turns her into a mid to late game nuker. She has adequate DPS thanks to the synergy between Nashor’s Tooth and Twin Bite but this build has scary burst damage because of her Dragon form E, Flame Breath.

  •  Nashor’s Tooth – This item greatly synergizes with Twin Bite’s mechanic which applies on-hit effects twice and it scales with your AP which will deal amazing damage specially when combined with Flame Breath’s Scorch.
  •  Ionian Boots of Lucidty – The cooldown reduction from this boots lets you spam your abilities more often. Upgrade with the Stasis Enchant because you are susceptible to burst damage when playing with the mage build.
  •  Infinity Orb – Increases her burst damage especially against low HP targets.
  •  Rabadon’s Deathcap – Increase your AP by an absurd amount. This will make you able to kill enemies with just one combo.
  •  Morellonomicon – This item is a must against high sustain enemies. It is a staple item because the physical and magical vamp of enemies becomes noticeable as the game transitions into the later stages of the game.
  •  Void Staff – Counter the enemy’s magic resist with this item. If they haven’t done already, they will surely build magic resist against you and this item will make their investment a useless one.

Dragonborne Tank

Trinity Force
Sterak’s Gage
Mercury’s Treads
Dead Man’s Plate
Spirit Visage
Randuin’s Omen

This item build builds Shyvana as a bruiser which makes her tankier and still be able to do damage, although not as much as the mage build. This is the appropriate build to do if you have an AP type top laner who doesn’t have much peeling ability like Akali or Zed.

  •  Trinity Force – This is a great all around item for Bruisers which grants balanced stats for offense and defense. The Spellblade passive and increased attack speed brings a great deal of DPS for Shyvana.
  •  Sterak’s Gage – Grants a high amount of damage and HP. The linelife passive allows you to play more aggressively as well.
  •  Mercury Threads – This boots are a good counter to high AP and crowd control team compositions. If you are facing AD heavy compositions, use Ninja Tabi instead. Upgrade with the Glorious Enchant to run down opponents or upgrade with the Gargoyle Enchant if your team relies on you for initiation so you’ll have extremely high HP when diving the enemy lines.
  •  Dead Man’s Plate – Another item that is good for running down opponents. This item grants HP, armor, and passives that grants movement speed for Shyvana and slows the enemy on the first attack with max Momentum stacks.
  •  Spirit Visage – Increase your magic resist as well as all healing effects with the item. This is the standard item against AP users but Adaptive Helm is also viable against mages with repetitive abilities like Ahri or Singe.
  •  Randuin’s Omen – This item is the go to counter against AD carries because the Armored passive from this item reduces critical strike damage and the Cold Steel passive reduces the attacker’s attack speed at the same time.


  • Electrocute – This will be our rune in order to burst down squishy mages with just an E+Q combo. Although, the Conqueror rune is also a good choice on both the mage and bruiser build.
  • Brutal – Increases your AD or AP and armor/magic penetration as well.
  • Hunter – Titan – Grants a scaling HP and tenacity based on takedowns. Shyvana can have a total of 250 additional HP from Hunter – Titan and from slaying the Ocean Drake.
  • Mastermind – This rune has great synergy with Shyvana’s passive, Fury of the Dragonborn. With the combined 30% damage against Drakes, Shyvana takes them down really quick.


Smite allows you to Jungle with its Hunter License passive and once you takedown a few jungle monsters, you can upgrade it. Upgrading it into the Blue or Red Smite is your choice but as a rule of thumb, upgrade to the Blue Smite when ahead and upgrade into the Red Smite if facing against a tough early game jungler like Lee Sin or Olaf.

Flash grants you the flexibility to make insec like plays with your ultimate, Dragon’s Descent or to dive towers then escape safely with it.

Skill Progression

E, Flame Breath, is maxed first because it is Shyvana’s main source of damage. W, Burnout, is maxed next because it provides more damage and the movement speed bonus utility. The Q, Twin Bite, is maxed last because it is mainly used for its on-hit multiplier. Get a point in her ultimate whenever possible.


The initiation capabilities of Malphite is unparalleled. A single ultimate from him combined with Shyvana’s Dragon’s Descent and Flame Breath is an easy team wipe. His innate tankiness also allows Shyvana to focus on being a damage dealer instead of a space creator for her team.

Counter Champion

Lee Sin can make Shyvana’s life hard from the early game into the late game because he can out-pressure Shyvana in the early game and he can simply kick her to mess with her positioning.

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Shyvana in Wild Rift.


  • Shyvana is extremely strong at taking down Drakes. She is arguably one of the fastest Drake taker and the way she benefits from Drake take downs makes her snowball extremely well even if there is not much success in early game ganks.
  • High scaling damage against champions with her mix of physical, magic, and true damage. Twin Bite also makes her a strong turret taker.
  • Strong long range, reliable nuker with Flame Breath.


  • Shyvana is reliant on taking down the Drakes. The higher you go, the more people realize this and will group up on you and ward the Dragon lane heavily because of you. If you are denied of your upgrades, you will not reach your full potential.
  • Shyvana has little to no utility. The crowd control from her ultimate is unreliable for initiation.
  • She is reliant on her Dragon Form. Teams playing around her ultimate will feel frustrating.

Patch Details

Patch Notes 1.1 ( 8-12-2020 )

Nerfed Her 3rd Ability.

( Ability -3 ) FLAME BREATH

Dragon form damage: 75 + level*5 + 30% AD + 30% AP → 45 + level*5 + 20% AD + 30% AP

Dragon form Scorch damage: 45 + level*5 + 10% AD + 20% AP → 30 + level*4 + 10% AD + 20% AP

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