Pyke Wild Rift Build & Guide

Pyke Wild Rift

S Tier

Class: Assassin

Best Pyke Wild Rift build guide for Season 11 Patch 5.0 of WR. With our Pyke guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Pyke, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Relic Shield
Boots Boots of Speed Ionian Boots of Lucidity Protobelt Enchant
Core Items Youmuu’s Ghostblade Duskblade of Draktharr Umbral Glaive [This item has been removed from WR]
Complete Build Bulwark of the Mountain Youmuu’s Ghostblade Protobelt Enchant Duskblade of Draktharr Umbral Glaive [This item has been removed from WR] Edge of Night
Hunter – Titan
Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Boots of Speed Ionian Boots of Lucidity Protobelt Enchant
Core Items Youmuu’s Ghostblade Duskblade of Draktharr Dead Man’s Plate
Complete Build Youmuu’s Ghostblade Stasis Enchant Duskblade of Draktharr Dead Man’s Plate Death’s Dance Guardian Angel
Second Wind
Hunter – Genius

Behind the infamous “Bloodharbor Ripper” hides a harpooner who yearns for retribution. Roaming around his former hometown, bringing demise to those who feather on other’s nest. Pyke is a support-assassin who excels at granting fears to his foes before bringing a swift end on their lives.

Pyke Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Pyke Wild Rift in this patch.

Pyke, the Ripper

Bulwark of the Mountain Youmuu’s Ghostblade Protobelt Enchant Duskblade of Draktharr Umbral Glaive [This item has been removed from WR] Edge of Night

This Pyke Wild Rift build route is ideal for players who are naturally aggressive and these items offer attack damage, armor penetration and lethality that increases his damage and the execute threshold for his ultimate.

youmuus ghostblade league of legends wild rift Youmuu’s Ghostblade: grants attack damage, armor penetration and a boost in his movement speed upon gaining 100 stacks. It is a must-buy item for assassins like Pyke not just because of the attack damage and lethality, but also for the movement speed that it gives. Assassins are known for their high movement speed and mobility as it enables them to roam around for kills or to reposition.

ionian boots of lucidity league of legends wild rift Ionian Boots of Lucidity: does not just grant movement speed but it also reduces the cooldown of all abilities. Protobelt Enchant on the other hand is useful primarily to surprise enemies before casting your hook or in between several abilities. The range of Phantom Undertow can be optimized by using Protobelt Enchant. That way, more enemies will be stunned.

duskblade of draktharr league of legends wild rift Duskblade of Draktharr: This item blends well with Pyke as it deals 20-125 physical damage and inflict slow to an enemy after being unseen for one second. Take note that Pyke has a stealth ability which is the Ghostwater Dive allowing him to be hidden from enemies outside a certain range.

umbral glaive league of legends wild rift Umbral Glaive: Umbral Glaive provides attack damage and ability haste which is exactly what Pyke needed. Aside form that, traps and wards eventually reveal themselves after spotting someone who has Umbral Glaive. This will come in handy for Pyke in order to remove both objects as soon as he can especially in situations where there is a need for him to regenerate health.

edge of night league of legends wild rift Edge of Night: Edge of Night provides attack damage and health. What’s more special about this item is that it grants a spell shield that blocks the next hostile ability and regenerates after leaving combat. Pyke along with other assassins are known to be squishy, hence they would need an item such as Edge of Night. The amount of health provided on the other hand will be converted to attack damage.

guardian angel league of legends wild rift Guardian Angel: This enables Pyke to resurrect and come back after dying. Apart from that, it gives armor and attack damage too.


Roaming Phantom

Youmuu’s Ghostblade Stasis Enchant Duskblade of Draktharr Dead Man’s Plate Death’s Dance Guardian Angel

This is rather a safe route as this Pyke Wild Rift build includes items that provide armor. Pyke cannot take Health items as a way to improve his sustainability. Armor on the other hand can save him from dying easily in several teamfights.

dead mans plate league of legends wild rift Dead Man’s Plate can replace some lethality items especially when facing fed opponents as it grants armor, max health and movement speed. Again, movement speed makes him a more viable roamer.

deaths dance league of legends wild rift Death’s Dance also grants armor, and at the same time provides attack damage and physical vamp.

Runes for Pyke in Wild Rift

Electrocute: Electrocute deals adaptive damage upon hitting three separate attacks on a champion within 3 seconds. Landing all your abilities can become more rewarding with the addition of Electrocute’s passive, as it will be of service in the attempt to lower down their health to make way for your ultimate. 

Aftershock: Aside from Electrocute, this could be the optimal keystone for Pyke. Upon immobilizing your enemy, Aftershock grants damage resistance and damage around the area you’re in. Pyke can be given bonus defense, as he is considered to be a squishy champion due to the passive. 

Weakness: Pyke possesses two crowd controls in his kit; Bone skewer and. Hence, weakness is the best for the domination rune. Enemies take 5% more damage for the next 5 seconds after getting immobilized, enabling Pyke to deal more damage.

Titan: For the resolve rune, Pyke benefits the most by using Titan. Titan provides both maximum health and tenacity for each unique champion takedown. In exchange for higher damage output, bonus health will not be utilized by Pyke. Instead, a portion of it will be converted to attack damage. This makes him very squishy and vulnerable. With Titan however, he can last longer in teamfights and can immediately get out from snares or crowd control abilities due to tenacity. 

Pathfinder: Pyke belongs to the group of supports that excels at roaming. Hence, he’ll benefit greatly from this rune. Pathfinder provides a 9% bonus movement speed essential for a roamer like Pyke.


In our Pyke Wild Rift Guide, here are the best champion spells that you can equip on him.

flash league of legends wild rift

Despite having a quick dash that allows him to pass through walls, flash remains to be significant as a means of escape and to catch up on his prey.

ignite league of legends wild riftIgnite applies true damage that gradually decreases enemy’s health over time and grievous wounds. Grievous wounds is crucial when fighting against champions that can heal or self-heal such as Soraka, Yuumi and Nami.

Other spells include Exhaust and Heal:

Heal is also a great option for Pyke. Among all of his abilities, none of it provide protection to your carries aside from hook and stun. In spite of being an assassin, assisting your ally should remain to be a support’s primary role. 

Exhaust on the other hand, decreases the movement speed of the target and a portion of the damage they are dealing. No need to worry about a prey making an attempt to escape out of Pyke’s sight with exhaust by your side. 

Skill Order


Every Pyke player is suggested to prioritize the ultimate, Death from Below and upgrade it as soon as possible. Not only will it reduce the cooldown, but will also increase the base execute threshold allowing Pyke to kill opponents more quickly. Being a support assassin, it is advisable for him to upgrade 1st ability, Bone Skewer and 3rd ability Phantom Undertow as it is his source of crowd control and damage, before maxing his 2nd ability, Ghostwater Drive. 


Infernal Chains

Stores 10% of damage taken from champions, increased to 45% if there are two or more visible enemy champions nearby. Damage stored cannot exceed 80 (lower value between 65% health and 160 + 800% bonus physical damage).

When Pyke is not visible to enemies, he heals for the amount of damage stored.

Pyke cannot increase his max Health and converts 14 bonus Health to 1 Attack Damage.


Infernal Chains

Charge: Slows himself by 20% for up to 3s, increasing cast range over the first 0.8s.

Release: Hurls his spear, dealing 392 physical damage (315+60% bonus attack damage), slowing the target by 90% for 1s and pulling it in. Releasing the ability immediately will cause Pyke to thrust his spear instead, dealing the same damage.

Deals 50% damage to non-champions.

If Bone Skewer is overcharged, it refunds a portion of its cooldown and 50% of its mana cost.

Infernal Chains

Becomes camouflaged for 5 seconds and gains 40% Movement Speed that decays over the duration.

Infernal Chains

Dashes forward, leaving behind a phantom. After 1 second, the phantom returns to Pyke, dealing 110-260 physical damage (110+100% bonus attack damage) and stunning for 1.25 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Marks target an area with an X, executing enemy champions below 250-550 health. Non-champions and champions above the threshold take 50% of this amount as physical damage.

If an enemy champion is struck, Pyke blinks to the location. If he was executed, Pyke can recast Death from Below within 15s.

Each execution grants gold to Pyke and the last assisting ally, and an enemy champion killed inside the cross by an ally grants Pyke gold.

Abilities Analysis

Innate Passive | Gift of the Drowned Ones

Pyke stores 10% of the the damage received from enemies, and makes it 35% if he’s around at least two enemy champions. It however cannot exceed 80. This will be stored in a form of gray health that you might be able to notice next to your health bar. Once out of sight, Pyke will recover the stored health over time.

gift of the drowned ones passivepyke league of legends wild rift

There are several tricks that you can do with his passive. Pyke can only heal himself through his passive once he’s out of sight. To ensure your healing, place yourself inside the bush where no enemies can see you.

With the same effect, you may be able to detect hidden wards. If you’re already out of sight but you are not healing, that could only mean that the area is warded.

Another, Pyke’s max health cannot be increased. Instead, 14 of his bonus health will be converted to Attack Damage.


Q | Bone Skewer

Charging Bone Skewer will increase the range of his hook but it will inflict 20% of slow to Pyke. Otherwise, Pyke will instantly throw his spear and deal damage.

Bone skewer will only deal half of its damage to non-champions.

first q bone skewer pyke league of legends wild rift

If overcharged, a portion of its cooldown will be refunded along with the mana cost.

Make sure you are in a safe position while using your Bone skewer in such a way that no enemies can cast their crowd control ability against you. Pyke’s first ability can be cancelled by several crowd controls like  stun, knock up, knock back and silence. To extend the range of your hook, you may use flash while charging it and it will not be cancelled.


W | Ghostwater Drive

Pyke gains stealth and decaying movement speed. While Ghostwater drive is activated, Pyke will be hidden from the enemies unless they are within the range.

w ghostwater dive pyke league of legends wild rift

Ghostwater drive allows Pyke to become great at roaming, as it can easily take him to other locations in the rift in a rapid manner. His camouflage also prevents enemies from determining his position and ganking may become a lot easier. Luckily, Ghostwater Drive can be used in disengaging. If you are at a disadvantage, it is recommended to retreat for a while using his second ability, gain some health from his Passive and come back again.

Lastly, as a Support Assassin, Ghostwater Drive gives him a repositioning skill allowing him to flank on enemies and execute them, particularly the low health ones.


E | Phantom Undertow

Pyke dashes forward and leaves a phantom behind. After a few delay, the phantom rushes towards Pyke location, stunning everything in its path. To further optimize his skill, use your Flash.

e phantom undertow pyke league of legends wild rift

Aside from the crowd control, Phantom Undertow offers more. If you’re aiming to roam or to tranverse to the other side of the map, pair your third with your second ability to reach your destination as fast as you can. Not to mention, Phantom Undertow permits Pyke to dash through walls.


R | Death from Below

Pyke marks an X on the ground and teleports to an area if it hits an enemy. If it is above the threshold, enemies receive reduced damage. Opponents with low health on the other hand get executed. Once executed, Pyke and the last assisting ally will obtain gold. In addition to this, he will acquire an additional charge of his ultimate that can only be recast again within the next 15 seconds.

ult r death from below pyke league of legends wild rift

With that being said, it is optimal to cast Death from Below if they are within the the execute threshold for a sure kill and a free charge of your ultimate. Ensure that the targets are on the center of your X so as not to waste your ultimate. Restrict their movement using your crowd control ability or your teammate’s to lower the chance of dodging it.

While Death from Below enables him to cross a small distance between two points, it cannot be employed as an escape tool unless it hits an enemy.

Pyke Early Game Guide

Similar to the rest of the supports, Pyke should remain on the dragon lane during the laning phase. He takes power from lethality and attack damage items which can become slightly more expensive than traditional support items. This however does not give him a reason to steal resources from his carry. Instead, seize a good opportunity to poke and engage. Play aggressively as Pyke as assassins tend to be a bit stronger in the early game, giving you an advantage that you may utilize to win a 2v2 along with your carry. Avoid taking unnecessary deaths and eventually lose the lane. You must not forget that Pyke does not have the ability to shield, heal or tank damage for the carries. It is then your responsibility to delay the power spike of your opponents by either killing them or zoning them out as they may become unstoppable in the late game. For his Bone Skewer, take note of your opponents’ movement to make it easier to land your hook. 

Place wards along the river to avoid gank and at the same time try to destroy enemy wards to deprive them of vision. This will also enable your opponents to gank your lane without worrying about getting seen. 

Once you have your boots and some items with you, you may start roaming to help your jungler or midlaner. Beforehand, make sure that your carry is aware of your decision and is in a safe position while you are helping the rest of your team. 

Lastly, try not to take kills from your carry as not to delay their power spike unless it’s from your ultimate.

Pyke Late Game Guide

As usual, assassins tend to fall off in the late game. Same goes with Pyke. Try not to make unnecessary engages as Pyke remains to be squishy even at this point. His maximum health does not increase and only gets converted to attack damage. Instead, try to peel for your adc and make sure no one lays a finger on them or attempt to pick off squishy opponents without compromising your team’s safety. Lastly, capitalize your high mobility by providing vision for your team. 


Consider yourself lucky if your ADC decides to pick these champions. Generally, Pyke Wild Rift works better with champions that have crowd control abilities, dashes, and those who are stronger early in the game.

xayah league of legends wild rift

Xayah is a better pick for Pyke. Asserting domination with these two can be a piece of cake. Xayah can spread feathers around the lane, limiting the space for your opponents in fear of getting snared. At the same time, Pyke can zone out enemies by his Bone Skewer. If ever Pyke did manage to land a hook, Xayah can immediately follow up with her third ability, Bladecaller, to root enemies again. 

lucian league of legends wild rift

Lucian is undeniably strong in the early phase of the game and is considered to be a lane bully. Lucian and Pyke can take control of the game easily and might even push them out of the lane. At the same time, Lucian can immediately catch up to Pyke using third ability, Relentless Pursuit upon engaging.

All Pyke Wild Rift Counter Champions

Think twice before picking Pyke in a Wild Rift game as these are the champions that can heavily counter him. Like most of the assassins, Pyke is not effective against tanks and bruisers. Likewise, a well-timed snare can also put him down.

morgana league of legends wild rift

Morgana heavily counters Pyke because of her Black Shield. The shield may not be able to prevent taking damage from Pyke, but it certainly can block Bone Skewer and Phantom Undertow, when used at the right moment. Morgana is also equipped with a crowd control ability that roots enemies to the ground, preventing them from moving for a certain period. 

alistar league of legends wild rift

Assassins have nothing against tanks, unless they are fed enough to execute them within seconds. This is one good reason why you shouldn’t pick Pyke if you are about to lane against. Aside from his tankiness, Alistar can push him away from the carry or towards their turret using Headbutt or knock him up with Pulverize.

Pros & Cons About Pyke

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Pyke in Wild Rift.


  • Pyke is a good support equipped with several crowd control abilities that can either be used to take down opponents or to peel for your carry.
  • Due to his Ghostwater Dive and Phantom undertow, Pyke can rapidly roam around the map , sometimes without being seen. 
  • Using his Ghostwater Dive, he can escape out of combat and heal through his passive. 
  • Death from Below is an ultimate ability that finishes off enemies and what’s great about having this ability is that it will also grant gold to the last assisting ally. 
  • Pyke’s Bone Skewer can separate one enemy from his team with just one hook.


  • Pyke has no capability to increase his maximum health, making him squishy. 
  • Unlike traditional supports, Pyke does not have a shield or heal, nor can he tank damages for his carry. Hence, it will take more skill for him to become effective as a support.
  • Less effective against tanks and some bruisers.

FAQ's About Pyke in Wild Rift

What role / lane should I play with Pyke in Wild Rift?

Despite being an Assassin, Pyke is designed to become a support that can hook enemies and dash towards them leaving a phantom that can eventually stun them. His ultimate, Death from Below also grants gold upon getting executed by it. But due to his high mobility, he can also be deployed in the middle lane.

What abilities do I level up with Pyke?

It is optimal to upgrade your ultimate as soon as it’s available, and at level 9 and 13 to lower its cooldown and, increase its damage and the execute threshold. 1st ability, Bone Skewer should be enhanced next as it deals the most damage among all his abilities aside from the ultimate. 3rd ability, Phantom Undertow should then be prioritized before his 2nd, Ghostwater Drive as it lowers the cooldown of your stun and the damage is almost quite similar with Bone Skewer.

What is the best runes and build for Pyke in Wild Rift?

Either Electrocute or Aftershock can be used when playing Pyke. Electrocute offers more damage which adds to Pyke’s ability to assassinate opponents. Aftershock on the other hand grants damage resistance and a slight damage around an area after immobilizing opponents. In summary, pick Electrocute if you’re mainly focusing on dealing damage or pick Aftershock if you’re prioritizing sustainability as Pyke is known to be a squishy champion.

As for the build, we recommend players to build Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Duskblade of Draktharr, Umbral Glaive, Edge of Night and Guardian Angel to maximize his chance. You may also opt to use Dead man’s plate, Death’s Dance and other situational items such as Mortal Reminder or Thornmail.

How good is Pyke in Wild Rift?

Pyke is currently at S tier. This is highly influenced by his high damage on the early game, high mobility that promotes roaming and a chain of crowd control that can restrain and take down enemies at ease. Furthermore, Pyke can be a good addition to the rosters of great champions to use in the midlane. His second ability and third ability allows him to quickly gank sidelanes and provide aid to his allies.

Should I take kills as Pyke in Wild Rift?

Pyke is a support and an assassin, but there is nothing in his kit that allows him to protect his ally aside from his crowd control abilities that peel for the carry. This leads some players to hate his existence especially for taking or stealing kills. In fact, it is okay to take kills as Pyke if you are using your ultimate ability. Pyke can execute opponents through his ultimate, Death from Below but the reward isn’t only for himself. If you managed to land your ultimate, your last assisting ally will obtain the same amount of gold as well making it a desirable option.