Wild Rift Patch 5.1 Preview – Kalista, Viego, and Maokai Release

Wild Rift Patch 5.1 Preview

The Wild Rift Patch 5.1 preview has just been revealed. The patch will bring a whole lot of exciting content, such as new champions, events, reworks, and, most of all, skins. So, buckle up and be ready, as the Black Mists of the Shadow Isles have arrived in the Summoner’s Rift.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Wild Rift Patch.

New Champions for Wild Rift Patch 5.1

The Latest Wild Rift Patch will bring three new exciting champions, including a rageful treant and the ruined king, perfect for the ones that main the jungle role.

Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance

“The blood of kith and kin stains their hands.”

the Spear of Vengeance in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

Viego, The Ruined King

“My heart was already broken.”

The Ruined King, in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

Maokai, the Twisted Treant

“Your reckoning will come either way.”

the Twisted Treant, in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

New Events and Gamemodes for Wild Rift Patch 5.1

Wild Rift Patch 5.1 has revealed that the Black mists of the shadow isles will come to the summoner’s rift. This shadowy fog will engulf the map, through the lanes and jungle camps, to both bases of each side. However, it is not just the ambiance because items will be categorized as Radiant and Shadow, having different effects on each one. That’s not all, as there is also a new wave-defense game mode that features pre-ruination Kalista.

Radiant and Shadow Items

Items in Wild Rift Patch 5.1 will introduce Radiant and Shadow items. Radiant items will focus on protection and utility, perfect for support or tank champions. On the other hand, Shadow items introduce a high-risk, high-reward system, such as the Infinity Edge. Additionally, both item categories will affect all game modes in Wild Rift, so keep that in mind.

Radiant and Shadow Items in in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

Final Stand, the New Gamemode in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

This Wild Rift Patch re-enacts pre-ruination of Kalista’s infamous battles, in wave-defense gameplay. Commander Kalista will embark on a mission where she has to face and survive endless waves of enemies, just like she did before the ruination.

Kalista wave-defense gameplay

Champion Reworks for Wild Rift Patch 5.1

The latest Wild Rift Patch has revealed a handful of champion reworks that aim to adjust them to fit the current meta. Miss Fortune, Riven, Jax, and Master Yi are the ones receiving them, so keep an eye on these champs if you want to use or encounter them in your upcoming games.

Miss Fortune

She will be getting a new passive in this Wild Rift Patch. This passive will help by making it easier to double-tap enemies. It will now pose stacks on her targets while she’s dealing damage to them. Additionally, this passive will deal bonus damage with her abilities and basic attacks as it stacks up.

Miss Fortune rework in Wild Rift Patch 5.1


Playing Riven pushes players into high-risk, high-reward scenarios, where they’ve got to be mechanically good to succeed in the baron lane. As a result, they’ve extended Riven’s ultimate upon killing an enemy in this Wild Rift Patch, to make every elimination worth it.

Riven rework in Wild Rift Patch 5.1


Another champion that receives a buff on their ultimate is Jax. His ultimate will now deal area of effect (AoE) damage at the cast. Additionally, Jax will gain armor and magic resistance based on the number of enemies hit, making him even more lethal.

Jax WR Rework

Master Yi

This Wild Rift Patch has brought changes to Master Yi as well. Players can now combine Yi’s second ability, Meditate with attacks. This change enables Master Yi to do a normal attack, meditate, and normal attack again with such great speed.

Master Yi WR Rework

New Gameplay Changes for Wild Rift Patch 5.1

This Wild Rift Patch introduces a new gameplay change, where players can now summon an ally on the magic circle located in the alcove called the Ixtal Mosstomper. This ally will help players in all of their endeavors, such as clearing minion waves. This new friend is also perfect for pushing turrets, as they deal extra damage to them.

Ixtal Mosstomper

New Ranked Season for Wild Rift Patch 5.1

The new Wild Rift Patch will introduce Ranked Season 13, which features a Glorious skin as a reward for players, which can be accessed in the Rank store. Glorious Braum will be the featured skin in season 13, so start grinding ranked games.

Glorious Braum in Ranked Season 13 of Wild Rift

New Upcoming Wild Pass Skins in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

New Skins from the Wild Pass will be coming in the new Patch. The first Wild Pass will sate your hunger for more Food Spirits, as Food Spirits Fizz will be the featured skin.

Food Spirits Fizz in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

The second exclusive skin is Infernal Shen, coming into Wild Rift Patch 5.1. This skin line originates in the PC version of the game and has made its way to the Wild Rift.

Infernal Shen in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

New Upcoming Skins in Wild Rift Patch 5.1

The new Wild Rift Patch will also bring tons of skins, such as the Chromacrash, Immortal Journey, Arcade, and much more. Additionally, the Soul Fighter skin line will also continue, having Thresh, Kalista, Samira, Jhin, and Gwen receiving the skin franchise.

Upcoming Skins in Wild Rift Patch 5.1
  • Storm Dragon Lee Sin
  • Dulaity Dragon Volibear
  • Obsidian Dragon Sett
  • Tranquility Dragon Karma
  • Steel Dragon Thresh
  • Soul Fighter Kalista
  • Soul Fighter Samira
  • Soul Fighter Jhin
  • Soul Fighter Gwen
  • Arcade Viego
  • Arcade Hecarim
  • Chromacrash Corki
  • Chromacrash Gragas
  • Chromacrash Zeri
  • Immortal Journey Kayle
  • Immortal Journey Zed
  • Immortal Journey Shyvana
  • Immortal Journey Talon
  • Meowkai

That’s everything you need to know about Wild Rift Patch 5.1. The League of Legends Ruination is just getting started. So, to keep you updated on the upcoming lore and rewards, you should visit our website. Players are also welcome to check our updated tier list to get you started on the Season 13 Rank.

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