Sion Wild Rift Build & Guide

Sion Wild Rift

S+ Tier

Class: Fighter

Best Sion Wild Rift build guide for Season 11 Patch 5.0 of WR. With our Sion guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Sion, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Ruby Crystal
Boots Boots of Speed Plated Steelcaps Stoneplate Enchant
Core Items Sunfire Aegis Hullbreaker Dead Man’s Plate
Complete Build Sunfire Aegis Hullbreaker Stoneplate Enchant Dead Man’s Plate Thornmail Randuin’s Omen
Grasp of the Undying
Starting Item Ruby Crystal
Boots Boots of Speed Mercury’s Treads Stoneplate Enchant
Core Items Sunfire Aegis Hullbreaker Force Of Nature
Complete Build Sunfire Aegis Stoneplate Enchant Hullbreaker Force Of Nature Spirit Visage Warmog’s Armor
Grasp of the Undying
Hunter – Titan

A brutal warlord, Sion is a Noxian fighter whose strength relies on the swing of his mighty axe. The Undead Juggernaut excels at initiating team fights and landing crowd control effects while having the ability to survive in skirmishes for a longer duration.

Sion Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Sion Wild Rift in this patch.

Brawny Juggernaut

Sunfire Aegis Hullbreaker Stoneplate Enchant Dead Man’s Plate Thornmail Randuin’s Omen

This item build for Wild Rift Sion is suitable for enemy team composition consisting of AD champions. Items listed grant health, armor, ability haste, and other stats that enhance Sion’s viability.

  • Sunfire Aegis: Most tanks find comfort with the presence of Sunfire Aegis as it not only grants them max health, and ability haste, but it also imposes Immolate on the opponents. Immolate’s effect occurs if enemies are near Sion. At maximum stacks, Immolate will inflict burning effects on the opponents around the champion for a few seconds.
  • Hullbreaker: Being one of the best splitpushers in the game, Hullbreaker is considered to be Sion’s best friend. Have the best moment of your life as a splitpusher alone by purchasing Hullbreaker. Hullbreaker users obtain armor and magic resistance when there are no nearby allies. The best part is that, champions will also deal higher damage to turrets making it easy for them to tear it down.
  • Plated Steelcaps: Equip Plated Steelcaps against attack damage scaling champions as it increases both of your movement speed and armor.
  • Stoneplate Enchant: Stoneplate Enchant’s are tanks go-to enchantment as it bestows a decaying shield. Shield Strength depends on the number of opponents around. If there are three or more around Sion, shield strength will increase by a hundred percent.
  • Dead Man’s Plate: Dead Man’s Plate provide max health and armor. Simultaneously, Dead Man’s Plate increases one’s movement speed.
  • Thornmail: Apply Grievous Wounds’ to opponents just by receiving their damage with Thornmail. Thornmail reduces the incoming healing on your opponents, which is essential in fighting champions such as Soraka, Mundo, Darius and other champions.
  • Randuin’s Omen: If there is a fed Yasuo or ADC, consider taking Randuin’s Omen as it decreases their critical strike and attack speed by a small percentage.

The Tank

Sunfire Aegis Stoneplate Enchant Hullbreaker Force Of Nature Spirit Visage Warmog’s Armor

Alternatively, these items are necessary against AP-scaling champions for Wild Rift Sion as these items grant magic resistance and tenacity.

  • Mercury’s Tread: Mercury’s Tread grants movement speed, magic resistance and tenacity. Tenacity is important in dealing with strong and hard crowd control abilities as it lessens it effect duration.
  • Force of Nature: Force of Nature can allow Sion to stack magic resist and movement speed. Furthermore, it increases max health.
  • Spirit Visage: Spirit Visage on the other hand gives magic resistance, max health, health regen and ability haste. This is an important item for champions who focuses on health regeneration, allowing them to temporarily leave team fights and come back again after a short period.
  • Warmog’s Armor: Sion receives max health, health regen and ability haste as well with Warmog’s Armor.

Runes for Sion in Wild Rift

Ideally, Wild Rift Sion needs to opt for keystone and runes that further enhance his health and overall survivability over time especially in teamfights.

Grasp of the Undying: Sion has no mobility aside from his ultimate, hence it is best to equip Grasp of the Undying for keystone as it ensures and increases Sion’s sustain with heal and permanent health increase. Furthermore, Grasp of the Undying also inflates Sion’s chances of winning a duel or teamfight with the enhanced attack that scales off of Sion’s health, bonus attack damage, or ability power.

Triumph: Triumph prolongs Sion’s presence in skirmishes from champion takedowns using Triumph. Triumph restores a small portion of the champion’s health after killing an enemy or assisting with it. At the same time, Triumph aids Sion in killing off opponents below 35% health with the increased damage.

Conditioning: Conditioning plays a part in Sion’s scaling. Conditioning gradually increases a champion’s armor and magic resistance over time. This implies that the longer the game takes, the higher armor and magic resistance he’ll obtain.

Hunter-Titan: Hunter-Titan works best on Sion especially if the team is winning. Upon unique champion takedown, Sion gains a stack of Titan. With each stack, it rewards bonus health. Hunter-Titan also favors the situation where most of your opponents have strong crowd control abilities that are hard to dodge, as this rune provides tenacity as well, that reduces the duration of cc effects.

Demolish: Sion shines best at split-pushing, that even his ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught can impair turrets. In order to take down turrets quickly, Sion needs to have the Demolish rune. At maximum stacks, the champion’s next basic attack will inflict damage with the bonus adaptive damage.


Generally, these are the best spells that must be equipped for Sion in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Flash

Flash has become a necessity and a staple for most players, that having it on cooldown somehow and sometimes puts you at a disadvantage. Same thing can be applied to to the Undead Juggernaut. Flash offers mobility that comes into rescue for anyone who aims to get out of risky situations, secure kill or to accompany their favorite combo. Specifically for Sion, he does not have any mobility skill that may use to get out of combat and he can only then rely on Flash. Sion can also do the Flash Q combo to surprise some opponents.
Wild Rift IgniteIgnite gradually burns the target enemy inflicting continuous true damage. This complements to Sion’s chain of combo. There may be a chance for them to escape from Sion, but not Death with ignite on his kit. This also works well against champions with strong healing and lifesteal such as Dr. Mundo, Darius and Kayle. Other spells that he can take are Exhaust and Barrier. Exhaust reduces damage dealt of opponents and their movement speed. Apply exhaust before unleashing your combo to lessen the chance of getting out of the range of his abilities. If you are heavily countered, Barrier can save you from having several deaths by providing you a shield.


Skill Order


At the beginning of the game, you may pick between 1st ability, Decimating Smash and 2nd ability, Soul Furnace for Wild Rift Sion. Generally, it is better to start off with Soul Furnace. Not only does it grant shield, but after few seconds it detonates inflicting magic damage to nearby enemies, surrounding Sion which is crucial in early trading. If you are more of an aggressive player, equip Decimating Smash first so you can wait in a bush with or without your teammate to gain an early kill or to possibly burn their spell. For the skills, it is however recommended to max Decimating Smash first before Soul Furnace for damage amplification and to also lower its cooldown. Meanwhile, Sion’s ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught must be prioritized at all times by upgrading it as soon as it’s available (level 5, 9, 13)


Infernal Chains

Sion permanently gains 6 bonus health whenever he kills a unit, increased to 20 against large units and champion takedowns.

Upon taking fatal damage, Sion will reanimate himself fearing those around him for 1 second while slowing their Movement Speed by 90%. After reanimating, Sion can move and attack, but his health rapidly decays while he is reanimated. Sion reanimates with 100% health, attacks at 1.75 attacks per second, gains 100% Physical Vamp, his attacks deal an additional 8% max health, magic damage, capped at 75 bonus damage against monsters and deals 50% damage to structures.

All of Sion’s abilities are replaced within Death Surge, which grants him 67% Movement Speed decaying over 2.38 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Sion charges a heavy blow for up to 1.75 seconds.

Recast: Sion slams his axe down, briefly Slowing enemies hit by 50% for 0.25 seconds and dealing between 57 (25 + 45%) and 161 (65 + 135% attack damage) physical damage based on charge time. If Sion charged for at least 0.75 second, enemies are Knocked Up and Stunned for between 1.25 and 2.25 seconds based on charge time.

Minions take 60% damage, while Monsters take 150% damage.

Infernal Chains

Sion gains a shield that absorbs 140 (60 + 40% AP + 10% health) damage for 6 seconds. After 3 seconds if the shield still holds, Sion can recast to detonate the shield to deal 40 (40 + 40% AP) plus 10% of their max health to all nearby enemies.

Bonus damage is capped at 400 against monsters. The shield will automatically detonate after 6 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Sion fires a shockwave, dealing 65 (65 + 55%AP) magic damage. Slowing them by 40% for 2.5 seconds and removing 20% of armor for 4 seconds. Non-champions hit are knocked back. Enemies hit by a knocked back unit take the same damage and effects.

Infernal Chains

Sion charges Unstoppably in a direction, turning with player input. Sion stops when colliding with an enemy champion, structure, terrain or when recasting this ability.

When this happens, Sion will slam the ground with earth-shattering force, dealing between 150 and 400 physical damage while stunning and knocking up enemies for 0.75-1.75 seconds based on charge time.

Deals 50% damage to structures.

Movement speed is capped at 800.

Abilities Analysis

Innate | Glory in Death

Wild Rift Sion’s Passive consists of two components; glory in death and death surge. Glory in Death allows the Undead Juggernaut to crop up from beyond the grave after a few seconds to go into a frenzy. Sion restores 100% of his maximum health but it gradually decays. Wreaking havoc and fearing nearby enemy units, Sion gains lifesteal and b, while all of his abilities are replaced with Death Surge. At this point, Sion can only move and use his basic attacks and item actives. To counter the Inting Sion that was once a trend on its original counterpart, League of Legends PC, Sion’s damage to structures and turrets has been reduced to 40% under the effects of Glory in Death.

Death Surge, on the other hand grants movement speed that decays over time. Simultaneously, Sion will restore a small portion of his health upon taking down enemy units including champions, monsters and minions.

Q | Decimating Smash

Charging up Decimating’s Smash increases its range, knock-up and stun duration, and damage.

The first cast channels the swing of Sion’s axe and can be recast within the duration. Beware of crowd controls as they can interrupt channeling abilities. If it’s interrupted, Decimating Smash will be placed on a 2-second cooldown.

Wild Rift Sion Decimating Smash

Casting it again will allow Sion to flail his axe in the target direction, inflicting physical damage to enemies hit and immediately slows them by 50%. Its damage deals 150% more damage against monsters, and 60% against minions.  Channeling Decimating Smash for a longer duration enables Sion to slam his axe, knocking them up and stunning them instead which lasts depending on the channel time.

Upon charging Decimating Smash, it will leave a mark on the ground presenting its skill range. It will otherwise be hidden if Sion is out of vision, in a bush or over a wall for example which makes it an excellent tool in surprising enemies when they least expect it. Guarantee the knock-up from Decimating Smash by the use immobilizing abilities from his allies, or from Roar of Slayer or Unstoppable Onslaught.

W | Soul Furnace

Soul Furnace holds both passive and active effects. Upon activating Soul Furnace, Sion gains a shield that can last for several seconds. Cast it again after three seconds to deal area-of-effect magic damage around Sion. If the shield is depleted, Sion loses the ability to recast it again.

Wild Rift Sion Soul Furnace

At the same time, for each enemy unit (minions, small monsters) killed, Sion gains 4 bonus health, and increases to 15 after taking down larger enemies and enemy champions.

Soul Furnace can be used while the rest of his abilities are activated. For instance, Sion can gain a shield while charging into the enemy with his ultimate.

Sion’s second ability shows versatility, as it can be used as a standard poke tool in the early phase of the game. Activate the shield while walking towards your opponent and detonate it if they are within the range. The shield ensures your safety, while casually zoning enemies out of the lane.

E | Roar of the Slayer

Sion bawls and unleash a shockwave towards the target’s direction imposing magic damage to the first enemy hit, slowing them and reducing their armor by 20%. 

Wild Rift Sion Roar of the Slayer

If it strikes an enemy minion or non-epic monster, it will be stunned and knocked back applying Roar of the Slayer’s effects on the enemies caught in the path. Knocked back enemy units cannot pass through terrains and even thin walls. This technique offers better results as hitting a minion of the Roar of the Slayer technically increases its range. Hence, it is easier to poke and slow down opponents from longer distance. Roar of the Slayers also provide aid in order to hit your abilities with ease. Reduce their movement speed with his third ability and slam the ground to knock them up with ease. In their case, it will be tough to escape out of the vast range of his first ability with reduced movement speed.

R | Unstoppable Onslaught

In addition to his tankiness, Sion excels at initiating teamfights.

Unstoppable Onslaught ramps up his movement speed and turns him into a terrifying monster as he charges into the enemies’ direction, knocking them up into place upon impact. After activating his ultimate, Sion gains immunity from crowd control effects and becomes unstoppable, simply ignoring several attempts on stopping him and knocking minions to the side. The only thing that can put a stop on Unstoppable Onslaught is when he hits an enemy, a structure or a terrain or by recasting it.

Wild Rift Sion Unstoppable Onslaught

Sion storms into his enemies having the ability to steer at a slow turn rate. Be careful on using this ability. Make sure to hit your target enemy and try to prevent yourself from crashing into terrains.

Optimize and maximize the potential of your ultimate by allowing a large distance between you and your target. As the further Sion moves, the longer the knock-up. Unstoppable Onslaught has an incredibly long range so make sure to make the most out of it for longer cc.

Take note of these combos to easily run down your opponents:

E > W > Q > W

Sion’s most common and basic combo. Basically, Sion lives off of this quick combo as it strengthens his potential. Start by slowing down your opponents lowering the chance of them to dodge your other abilities, then shield yourself with Soul Furnace. Spice it up with a fully-charged Decimating Smash to knock them into air and provided that the shield is still up, detonate Soul Furnace to inflict magic damage.

R > W > Q > W > E

Of course, for initiating teamfights. Begin by positioning yourself from a far distance. Charge into clumped or important targets with Unstoppable Onslaught. Active Soul Furnace while doing so. Upon hitting your opponents, this provides an ample time for Sion to slam the ground with the Decimating Slash to lock them down. Lastly, pop your soul furnace.

Sion Early Game Guide

During the start of the game, it is recommended to begin with Soul Furnace to poke out enemies upon detonating it provided that your shield is still up. Or perhaps, aim for an early kill or advantage by hiding in a bush without your enemies’ knowledge.

For the laning phase or post-level 5, Wild Rift Sion has fewer champions that can counter him and he outshines other melee champs, thanks to his abilities that allows him to deal area-of-effect damages, and even lock them into an area with several slows, knock-ups and stuns.

In a good match-up, try to poke opponents with Soul Furnace or Roar of the Slayer. Decimating Smash will also do, regardless whether you fully charge it or not as it deals decent amount of damage anyway.

For bad matchups, and if you are laning against lane bullies and ranged baron laners, it is best to focus on farming and wait for the right moment to engage, especially with the help of your mid-laner or jungler.

In case of a gank from your allies, use your third ability on a minion across your target or on the target per se if they are close enough before knocking them up with Decimating Smash. Or you may opt to have your jungler or mid-laner to cast their crowd control abilities first to make sure that you will not miss your knock-up.

Also, it is important to take note that Sion does not have other mobility that can help him escape dangerous situations like ganks. So, do not forget to place a ward on the river, providing you vision and immediately inform you of possible threats. Likewise, it is also optimal to make sure that the minion wave is positioned close to your side so as to not become vulnerable to ganks.

Sion reaches his power spike at level 5, where he can finally upgrade his ultimate. Unstoppable Onslaught does not only help his own lane, but it can also put pressure on other lanes particularly on mid lane. With the massive movement speed that he’s getting from his ultimate, Sion can immediately reach the target lane to help his teammates, or achieve a successful gank.

Help team secure objectives, or split-push during the mid-game as Sion excels at tearing down enemy structures. Likewise, Sion has a strong dueling potential enabling him to win 1v1.

Sion Late Game Guide

Most of the champions at this point have scaled already. Hence, it is best for Wild Rift Sion to stick and group with your team especially if the Baron or Dragon is alive.  Exploit your tankiness and shield from Soul Furnace to tank and take damages for your team in the front line. Unstoppable Onslaught can be utilized even at short range, although the effects are reduced. This can come in handy in initiating teamfights or peeling for allies. Synergize with your allies by using your abilities with low cooldowns in running down your opponents.


It is best to pair Wild Rift Sion with champions that can highly benefit from his knock-ups and kit, or those who can help him in the lane.

Wild Rift Yasuo

Yasuo requires knock-up and airborne ability, not just from himself in order to cast his ultimate, Last Breath. This is particularly the reason why Sion needs Yasuo and same goes can be said for him. After landing Decimating Smash, Yasuo can immediately follow up with his ultimate prolonging their suffering as they get knocked-up again.

Wild Rift Vi

Perks of having a Vi on your team is that, she can easily perform ganks on your lane with no sweat with her Vault Breaker (Q) , charging her gauntlet and knocking back opponents with it. Sion benefits well from having a jungler who can land any form of crowd control effects, even a slow to easily land his Decimating Smash. Good gank and good crowd controls often results to gaining a score.

All Sion Wild Rift Counter Champions

Wild Rift Sion can easily get countered by lane bullies, and those who can abuse his melee range. His counters also consists of champions who deal true damage which slightly ignores his tank properties, or those with high mobility.

Wild Rift Fiora

With a good Fiora on the enemy team, she can easily turn Sion into a joke by nullifying his Decimating Smash and Unstoppable Onslaught with a single parry rendering it useless. With these, it may be difficult to win against a Fiora especially in the early game when it is impossible to land all of your crowd controls when her parry is not on cooldown. On top of that, Fiora deals true damage upon hitting vitals which can effortlessly shred Siona’s health bar, so be sure to protect your vitals from a lunging Fiora.

Even if he did manage to reanimate himself  after dying with his passive, Glory in Death, Fiora can simply avoid his melee attacks by dashing out of his range.

Wild Rift Vayne

Aside from champions who can directly block his crowd controls, Wild Rift Sion puts himself at a big disadvantage by fighting against ranged champions that can deal true damage with crowd controls and high mobility. We are basically talking about Vayne at this point. The Night Hunter can simply block most of his abilities especially the Decimating Smash with a single Tumble, allowing her to create a safe distance from him. Sion’s life may also be at risk despite being a tanky champion equipped with a shield with Vayne’s true damage from Silverbolts. Lastly, Decimating Smash is a channeling ability that can be interrupted with any cast-inhibiting abilities like Vayne’s Condemn which can push him back before his axe touches her.

Pros & Cons About Sion

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Sion in Wild Rift.


  • Good initiating ability that is followed by knock-up enabling his teammates to inflict damage to the opponents while they are under crowd control effects.
  • Tanky enough to take damages for his team.
  • Plenty of crowd control tools
  • Great poke with his Soul Furnace and Roar of the Slayer
  • Equipped with hard crowd control abilities
  • A versatile champion that’s tanky with health and shield buffs and possess decent damage allowing him to win duels as well.


  • Wild Rift Sion’s crowd control abilities are pretty obvious and takes time to land, hence it can be easily dodged.
  • Sion has no other mobility, aside from his ultimate making it difficult for him to immediately get out of deadly frays.
  • Vulnerable to ganks prior to level 6 due to lack of mobility.
  • All of his hard crowd controls are obvious and can be predictable. Both abilities have charging and channeling time, which makes it easier for other players to dodge it.

FAQ's About Sion in Wild Rift

How good is Sion in Wild Rift?

Sion is currently at S tier on both baron lane and jungle due to his tankiness, great set of crowd control abilities and damage. His abilities enable him to become one of the best initiators in the game as Sion can immediately charge towards his opponents. If they are clumped together, it will be unfortunate on their side as it will be easier for Sion and his team to land their abilities.

What role / lane should I play with Sion in Wild Rift?

Sion’s kit made him versatile which makes it easier for him to dominate both in Baron Lane and Jungle. Sion’s abilities consists of area-of-effect damage and crowd controls. Both of these are both beneficial in minion wave or camp clears, and for ganking. Some players may also use him as a support with the tankiness and peeling abilities that he has.

What is the best runes for Sion in Wild Rift?

Grasp of the Undying remains to be his best-in-slot keystone as it increases both his sustain and damage output. On the other hand, our recommended runes for Sion consist of those which enhance his survivability in team fights and skirmishes, and those which can be of service in his scaling; Triumph-Conditioning-Demolish.

What is the best build for Sion in Wild Rift?

According to our Wild Rift Sion guide, the build path as a tank should depend on the enemy composition. If they heavily rely on AD, consider picking items that grants armor, health and damage reduction such as Sunfire Aegis, Hullbreaker, Stoneplate Enchant, Dead Man’s Plate, Thornmail and Randuin’s Omen. If they are filled with champions that can burst down opponents with ability power and spells, take magic resistance and tenacity; Sunfire Aegis, Hullbreaker, Stoneplate Enchant, Force of Nature, Spirit Visage and Warmog’s Armor.

Which abilities should I max first on Sion in Wild Rift?

Level up Unstoppable Onslaught as soon as it is available. Then, focus on Decimating Smash to lower its cooldown and increase its damage, and slows. This will allow you to lock down enemies more often, by knocking them up. Next ability that you ought to prioritize is Soul Furnace as it strengthens the shield, enabling Sion to take more damage for the team.