Ekko Wild Rift Build & Guide

Ekko Wild Rift

S Tier

Class: Assassin

Best Ekko Wild Rift build guide for Season 11 Patch 5.0 of WR. With our Ekko guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Ekko, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Amplifying Tome
Boots Ionian Boots of Lucidity Stasis Enchant
Core Items Luden’s Echo Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap
Complete Build Luden’s Echo Stasis Enchant Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap Banshee’s Veil [This item has been removed from WR] Void Staff [This item has been removed from WR]
Hunter – Titan
Sweet Tooth
Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Ionian Boots of Lucidity Stasis Enchant
Core Items Blade of the Ruined King Stormrazor Death’s Dance
Complete Build Blade of the Ruined King Stasis Enchant Stormrazor Navori Quickblades Solari Chargeblade Death’s Dance
Lethal Tempo
Gathering storm
Ultimate Shield [This rune has been removed from WR]
Hunter – Genius

Ekko Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Ekko Wild Rift in this patch.

The Majestic Magician

Luden’s Echo Stasis Enchant Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap Banshee’s Veil [This item has been removed from WR] Void Staff [This item has been removed from WR]

This is the main Ekko Wild Rift build which focuses on maxing his cooldown reduction items first and then increasing his burst damage. The emphasis on cooldown reduction is important because it will allow Ekko to use his Ultimate, Chronobreak, as much as possible while allowing him to constantly spam his basic abilities.

  •  Luden’s Echo: When built, allows you to periodically deal AOE damage to enemy units and champions on every ability cast. This will allow you to constantly harass your opponents during the laning phase.
  • Stasis Enchant: Since Ekko is a go-getter and has to involve in team fights every now and then, it is his mandatory enchantment to allow him to stay alive in all the chaos he is going to cause.
  • Lich Bane: As Ekko is completely based on his abilities, it is crucial for him to increase his damage exponentially especially when he is building AP items. Lich Bane will increase the damage of his attacks upon ability casts and let him devour his enemies in no time without a sweat.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: High AP is good, but Higher AP is always better. This item will allow Ekko to deal massive amounts of damage to his enemies once he starts casting his abilities and also increases his second ability’s Shield allowing him to sustain even more. All the more reason to buy this item is that it will greatly increase the heal amount he gets after his Ultimate cast.
  • Banshee’s Veil: As mentioned earlier, Ekko has to constantly dive into the action and get himself dirty. This item will be of great help when it comes to countering Crowd Control and allow him to swiftly get back rather than getting stunned or rooted.
  • Void Staff: Even if the opponents go on and build a high and mighty Magic Resistant build, fret not. This item will allow you to shred any MR and help you to take down tanky champions in no time.

The Critical Time-Bomb

Blade of the Ruined King Stasis Enchant Stormrazor Navori Quickblades Solari Chargeblade Death’s Dance

This Ekko  Wild Rift build is made for a rather sustained fight. Will be a great deal against Baron Laners.

  • Blade of the Ruined King: B.O.R.K is going to provide you with physical vamp and AD, both crucial requirements for a good early game trade. Building this item will make Ekko an unexpected bruiser letting him kill his opponents with great attack speed.
  • Stormrazor: Since this build is revolving around attack speed, why not add some critical strikes to it? Stormrazor not only slows down his opponents for a quick catch-up but also deals a massive amount of damage when charged.
  • Navori Quickblades: Having long cooldowns will be a huge pain, hence comes in Navori Quickblades. As the name signifies, it will allow you to quickly cast your abilities once you start dealing crit damage through reduced cooldowns of basic abilities.
  • Solari Chargeblade: With the stacked damage and attack speed, this item is going to make you unstoppable, allowing you to quickly finish off hordes of enemies in no time.
  • Death’s Dance: If you are actually able to take down champs because of this build, then why not make you unkillable as well right? This item will not only delay the explosive damage you might be inflicted with, but also will heal you of your missing health based on the number of takedowns you offer in a team fight.

Runes for Ekko in Wild Rift

  • Electrocute – This rune will help Ekko to take down enemies in bursts of damage enabling his passive to strike even harder.
  • Lethal Tempo – This rune will grant Ekko additional Attack Speed enabling him to transform into a time accelerator, figuratively.
  • Triumph – On successful takedowns, Ekko will be able to restore a portion of his health.
  • Gathering Storm – If Ekko is going for a late-game fight, this rune will provide him with additional AP or AD based on the items built.
  • Hunter Titan – Nothing can help Ekko more than additional health and tenacity. Therefore having this rune will grant him both on completion of successful takedowns.
  • Ultimate Shield – As Ekko can utilize his Ultimate as a source of damage as well, having this rune will allow him to stay alive for a longer period of time.
  • Sweet Tooth – Grants additional health and Gold from fruits available on the map.
  • Hunter Genius – This rune will give additional ability haste to Ekko enabling him to spam his abilities even more.


In our Ekko Wild Rift Guide, here are the best champion spells that you can equip on him.

Ekko is an aggressive champion and Ignite will help you to finish off the escaping opponents with a slow tormenting death.

It is Flash that will help you evade impossible situations if used properly with the knowledge of terrains.

Skill Order


Since Ekko is a melee/hybrid ranged champion, you are better off maxing his Q first. This will allow you to trade vast amounts of damage against ranged champions.  As his W is completely based on timings and is useful only in team fights, it’s completely up to your playstyle whether you want to upgrade your second ability to its highest level or not. The suggested method would be to play as an assassin early game and simply pick off isolated champions. Hence go on maxing your E and then W to quickly deal damage or evade whenever possible, while simultaneously upgrading the R or Ultimate whenever possible.


Infernal Chains

Every third attack or damaging ability against the same target deals an additional 50 Magic Damage (30 + 70% AP). If the target was a champion, Ekko gainst 40% Move Speed for 2.5 seconds.

Deals 120% damage to monsters. Cannot affect the same target for 5 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Throws a temporal device, dealing 60 Magic Damage. On hitting a champion or the distance limit, it expands into a field that slows by 30%. The Device then turns to Ekko, dealing 40 Magic Damage.

Infernal Chains

Passive: Attacks against Low Health targets deal an additional 2% missing health magic damage (2%+ 1.5% Ability Damage).

Active: Launches a chronosphere that lasts 1.5 seconds, slowing by 40%. If Ekko enters the sphere it detonates, stunning for 2.25 seconds and granting Ekko a shield that absorbs 70 damage (70+ 150 Ability Damage) for 2 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Dashes in a target direction. Ekko’s next attack within 3 seconds gain 250 range and causes Ekko to blink to his target and deal an additional 60 magic damage (60 + 30% Ability Damage).

Infernal Chains

Becomes untargettable and returns to his position 3.5 seconds ago and heals for 100 (100 + 50% AP), increased by 3% per 1% of health lost within 3.5 seconds.

Upon arrival, Ekko deals 150 magic damage (150 + 150% AP) to nearby enemies.

Abilities Analysis

P| Z-Drive Resonance

The passive lets you deal additional damage with runes like Electrocute or true damage with the rune Kraken Slayer. Simply keep on engaging in small little fights during the laning phase continuously hitting the enemies thrice.

Q| Timewinder

This ability serves as the best way to farm in your lane while dealing minimal amounts of damage. But more importantly, it allows you to form stacks of 2 leaving only a third attack to be hit to activate or trigger Ekko’s passive.

Simply keep on using this ability to constantly utilize your passive and bully your opponents in the lane.

W| Parallel Convergence

This ability is a little tricky to understand but pretty easy to execute as a combo. Simply cast this ability before you initiate a fight. Note that the chronosphere will start to appear a bit later to the enemy as compared to you, so use it to your advantage and use your third ability to blink in the sphere to stun the opponents with you inside, letting you use this opportunity to inflict some havoc out of nowhere.

E| Phase Dive

This ability is a perfect way to travel distances in an instant as it allows you to blink through all the units and target whom you want to eliminate. Use the ability to blink and even disengage at your disposal.

This ability is a game-changer under the turrets as you can outsmart your opponents and render them dead with a blink of an eye.

R| Chronobreak

Ekko upon the cast of his Ultimate can dodge all the instantaneous attacks and get back to his residual holographic position healing a portion of his and dealing a burst of damage to nearby units.

Casting this ability is a crucial step as it can mean to be your victory based on how and when you cast it.


Early Game Combo: Q + AA (Disengage after triggering passive)

Mid Game Combo: W (predicting your next area of battle) + Q + E (Disengage)

Late Game Combo: W + E + Q + AA (disengage a bit back when the opponent is at 50% HP) + R (when the opponent is next to your hologram) + AA

Ekko Early Game Guide

During the early game, simply max your and keep harassing your opponents with angled casts and lower their health as much as possible while carefully farming so that you can level up as soon as possible.

Once you are around level 3 or 4, Land your W to the most possible venue of your fight and clash with them under that area DELIBERATELY to make sure you can simply blink to them there with your and stun them inside the chronosphere range allowing you to deal a huge amount of damage without taking any.

Simply keep repeating the same till the time you get your ultimate while keeping a check on the other lanes so that you don’t miss an opportunity to take an opponent down.

Ekko Late Game Guide

During the Mid or Late game, make sure you use your or Ultimate as much as possible as the cooldowns will be reduced pretty much. Remember you can turret dive as well given that you know when to disengage with your Ultimate safely.

Your damage will probably outscore everyone out there if you keep dominating the battlefield so make sure you keep on dealing burst damage to the enemies as much as you can.

Don’t again forget to use your Ultimate as a method to initiate a fight as it will help you to deal huge amounts of damage in a given area and also help you to heal if you are on the verge of death.


For our Ekko Wild Rift Guide, we highly recommend using him with the following champions as they synergize well with him.

Amumu can be a great follow-up champion against a 5-man squad once Ekko has managed to stun the opponents altogether. But once again Amumu can be the initiator too, allowing Ekko to be the backup.

Galio would literally be the ultimate supporter for Ekko as he can simply cast his Ultimate and boom! All the enemies will have to gulp the air above them allowing Ekko to deal a substantial amount of damage before either a clean wipe off or a disengage.

Miss Fortune’s Ultimate would be the worst-case scenario for the opponents as Ekko’s Stun and her R would ruthlessly wipe off the whole team in no time.

All Ekko Wild Rift Counter Champions

In this section, we’ll specifically show champions that can easily counter Ekko in Wild Rift.

Zed is the mirror image of Ekko, just slightly more lethal, literally. Zed’s shadows have always been a cruel reality but for Ekko, they are a nightmare. Not only he can disengage with his W but also catch up. Also, if Ekko plans to disengage with his Ultimate, Zed can simply get back to his initial position after casting his Ultimate enabling him to take on the opportunity to finish off Ekko without a hassle.

Ekko might be a great time-traveler but he still will feel cringy against the mighty Olaf as he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. His Ultimate will cancel all the possible Crowd Control and his true damage will take Ekko down in a mere instant.

Pros & Cons About Ekko

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Ekko in Wild Rift.


  • Ekko’s abilities provide a lot of CC and can deal great amounts of damage when trading off damage.
  • With his W Ekko can not only stun a whole team but also disengage properly without an uneasy breath.
  • Ekko’s Ultimate is literally an ultimate disengage which enables him to get out of the battle with just an easy tap.
  • Ekko has by far one of the best outplay potentials. This simply indicates that if one can master his moves they can simply carry the whole game by themselves with just a considerable amount of support.


  • Even though Ekko has a great disengage, it still is quite tough to keep a track of his previous pathways so sometimes instead of disengaging, you might rather get further deep into the fight.
  • It’s pretty tough to land his W during a team fight and you will have to predict the places where the fights may occur.
  • Ekko, if equipped with AP items may require some kills and snowballing to be unstoppable. Impulsive players might lose the early game and be unable to catch up later on in the game.

FAQ's About Ekko in Wild Rift

How good is Ekko in Wild Rift?

Ekko is currently an S+ Tier champion in the Mid Lane and an S Tier champion in the Jungle.

What role / lane should I play with Ekko in Wild Rift?

It is preferable to play Mid lane with AP items because of his burst damage. But you might even play Jungle assassin when done with the basics and gameplay sense practices.

What abilities do I level up with Ekko?

It would be a lot helpful if you first Max out Q and thenfollowing up with W at the end so that you have a great damage trade-off and a good disengage.

What items should I build with Ekko?

You might go with Luden’s Echo, Lichbane, Stasis, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Banshee’s Veil and Void Staff for a proper AP build with cooldown reduction and high damage potential.

What Runes should I use when playing as Ekko?

You might take on fights with Electrocute, Triumph, Hunter-Titan, and Sweet Tooth as your go-to rune selections.

Any tips to play great as Ekko?

Simply trade damage during the laning phase while ganking other lanes for unexpected takedowns. Snowball into the mid and/or late game and dominate the battle easily.