LoL Wild Rift Corki Build - Items, Runes , Counter Guide



S Tier

Class: Marksman

Recommended Lane: Dragon Lane

Recommended Builds

Starting Item
Core Items
Complete Build Trinity Force Gluttonous Greaves Infinity Edge Rapid Firecannon Phantom Dancer Guardian Angel
Starting Item
Core Items
Complete Build Trinity Force Gluttonous Greaves Manamune Liandry’s Torment Nashor’s Tooth Hextech Gunblade

Recommended Runes

Fleet Footwork
Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth

Corki is a yordle pilot who loves flying and his glorious moustache. Corki is always calm under fire and he never encountered a problem that a good missile barrage couldn’t solve. Corki is a ADC which converts attack damage into magic damage. He is a mobile marksman/mage hybrid who excels in dealing DPS damage near and far. He has a unique passive in his “The Package” which drops in his base once in a while which grants him bonus out of battle movement speed and a long range dash.


Infernal Chains

Hextech Shrapnel: Attacks deal 11 phyiscal damage (20% AD) plus 42 magic damage (80% AD).

The Package: After 4 minutes, The Package is delivered to Corki’s base. Corki can pick it up to gain the ability to cast Special Delivery. which grants him 35% Movement Speed out of combat for 60 seconds. A new Package arrives every 100 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Fires a bomb, dealing 75 magic damage (75 + 50% bonus AD + 50% AP) and granting vision of the area.

Infernal Chains

Dashes forward, leaving a flaming zone that deals 60 magic damage (60 + 40% AP) per second for 3 seconds.

Special Delivery: Enemies are knocked aside and the zone deals 26 magic damage (27 + 150% bonus AD + 20% AP) per second for 5 seconds and slows by 90%.

Infernal Chains

Fires his gatling gun, dealing 16 physical damage (16 + 20% bonus AD) plus 16 magic damage (16 + 20% bonus AD) per second for 4 seconds. Shreds up to 4 Armor and Magic Resist for 2 seconds.

Fires toward Corki’s current target.

Infernal Chains

Fires a missile, dealing 93 magic damage (80 + 25% AD + 20% AP)

Big One: Every third missile fired deals 186 magic damage (160 + 50% AD + 40% AP) and has increased range and blast radius.

Abilities Analysis

Innate Passive: Hextech Munitions

Corki’s auto attack damage is converted into 80% magic damage. Even if all his items are AD, his damage output is mostly magic damage.

Because of his passive, he is a good marksman pick when your team, especially your mid laner, is primarily physical damage.

Thanks to the conversation to magic damage, he is also a good mid laner that scales well into the late game.

After four minutes into the game, at the same time the first Drake appears, The Package will drop into Corki’s base. Upon picking in up, he will gain 35% Movement Speed out of combat bonus for 60 seconds and allows him to cast Special Delivery. 

The Package will be dropped every 100 seconds after he casts Special Delivery thereafter.

Q | Ability 1: Phosphorus Bomb

Phosphorus bomb is a mid range AoE poke ability. It is great for clearing lanes, harassing, and for additional damage in your auto attacks.

It reveals the area and units it hit so use it to scout bushes and counter champions with invisibility such as Wukong, Akali, and Teemo. 

W | Ability 2: Valkyrie

Valkyrie is your mobility tool. It allows you to jump and leave a zone which deals AoE DPS.

Valkyrie can and should be used to escape and kite around walls. Be careful though, because thicker walls cannot be passed through by this ability.

When you pick up The Package, Valkyrie turns into Special Delivery. 

Special Delivery is a longer version of Valkyrie which knocks enemies to the side and slows down and damages those who are inside its scorched area.

Special Delivery works extremely well on splitting the enemy team, knocking some enemies towards your team and knocking some away for a divide and conquer strategy.

Do not worry about using Special Delivery as an initiation tool because Valkyrie is available right away after using Special Delivery.

E | Ability 3: Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun is a Conal AoE DPS ability which deals damage and reduces the armor of enemies. It is a crucial item for Corki due to the fact that his mixed damage output makes him an inefficient wielder of  armor/magic penetration items.

You should always try to hit enemies with auto attacks and other abilities while enemies are being hit by Gatling Gun.

While Gatling Gun is active, Corki will always face his target even when running away. This will allow you to easily kite enemies while going into any direction you prefer.

Gatling Gun’s resistance shred works similarly with Black Cleaver’s Sunder Passive but it shreds a fixed number and it affects both armor and magic resistance.

R | Ultimate: Missile Barrage

Missile Barrage is a spammable AoE skill shot which deals damage to a small area.

Every third cast of this ability turns into the Big One which deals more damage and affects a bigger range.

Remember to spam this ability in between attacks in order to activate your Spellblade passive from Trinity Force to maximize your damage output.

Corki Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommedations that works on Corki

The Daring Bombardier

Trinity Force Gluttonous Greaves Infinity Edge Rapid Firecannon Phantom Dancer Guardian Angel

This is the standard build for Corki which focuses on increasing his DPS to make him a magic damage late game magic DPS monster.

  •  Trinity Force is Corki’s first core item because the Spellblade passive has immense synergy with his ultimate, Missile Barrage’s low cooldown.
  •  Gluttonous Grieves grants Corki some sustain so he’ll last longer in team fights. The boots enchantment that he’ll need will largely depend on the matchups he is going to face but the most common upgrades for him are  Stasis Enchant to counter burst damage champions and  Quicksilver Enchant to save yourself from hard CCs.
  •  Infinity Edge grants a huge boost in your AD and auto attack damage because of its Infinity passive which grants additional damage to critical strikes.
  •  Rapid Firecannon intermittently adds bonus damage and bonus range thanks to its Firecannon barrel passive.
  •  Phantom Dancer’s Lifeline passive helps deal with burst damage champions and adds to your attack speed and critical strike chance as well.
  •  Guardian Angel’s Resurrect passive grants you a second life which can be crucial on late game clashes.

Hybrid Bombardier

Trinity Force Gluttonous Greaves Manamune Liandry’s Torment Nashor’s Tooth Hextech Gunblade

This item build increases your ability damage in exchange of lowering your auto attack damage. This build is viable when you already have enough auto attack damage from your hyper carry teammates.

  •  Manamune will be built in this build because you’ll be spamming your abilities more often.
  •  Liandry’s Torment burns the enemy with % of their HP as magic damage and you’ll deal more damage the longer the fight goes on.
  •  Nashor’s Tooth grants more AP and adds your AP to your auto attacks as well.
  •  Hextech Gunblade provides sustain to your auto attacks and ability damage. Its Hextech Bolt passive damages and slows down enemies for an easier engage.


  • Fleet Footwork is the main Keystone Rune for Corki as it gives him enough sustain in the laning phase as well as in the mid and late game. It also grants bonus movement speed which is a big help when trying to kite down enemies. Conqueror can be a substitute rune because Corki loves to deal consistent DPS from afar.
  • Brutal grants bonus damage and penetration.
  • Regeneration helps manage your mana pool in the early game.
  • Sweet Tooth grants bonus healing to help in the laning phase and the bonus gold will help you reach your first item power spike in Trinity Force faster.


Barrier is the perfect Summoner Spell for Corki since he isn’t strong in the early game and he is susceptible to burst damage. Barrier will allow you to survive combos and enable you to deal damage more damage while receiving some as well.

Flash is a flexible Summoner Spell which can be used in a wide variety of offensive and defensive scenarios. It is simply too good not to get.

Skill Progression

Q, Phosphorus Bomb is maxed first as it is a good source of damage in the early game. E, Gatling Gun is maxed next to increase its resistance shred and in effect, increase your total damage in the mid game then W, Valkyrie is maxed last as it is used for its utility, not its damage. Get a point in your ultimate whenever possible.

Corki Early Game Guide

Corki needs his Trinity Force for his first power spike so keep your head down and farm before it happens.

Simply last hit and clear your lanes safely using your auto attacks and Q, Phosphorus Bomb.

You can harass the enemy laner using Q, Phosphorus Bomb by casting it at the same time the enemy attempts to last hit a minion.

The only time you should play aggressively is when the enemy overextends and uses their skills. When that happens, use your E, Gatling Gun, then follow up with your auto attacks and Q, Phosphorus Bomb.

Never use your W, Valkyrie to engage an enemy because you are vulnerable without it. Reserve your W, Valkyrie as a means to escape.

You have a mini power spike with your first The Package drop 4 minutes in.

Recall around 10 seconds before the first drake spawn so you’ll have your Special Delivery ready and try to surprise the enemy and pick off the enemy’s jungler using this ability.

Corki Late Game Guide

Once you have your Trinity Force and Infinity Edge, you’ll turn into a power house who can wreck anyone in your path.

Capitalize on your Package drop every 100 seconds by ganking side lanes. You have an extremely long range with Special Delivery so you’ll be able to swoop in on exotic angles using the wide walls in the side lanes.

Even if you are extremely strong in the mid game and late game, do not get overzealous and start fights if you don’t have your Special Delivery and focus on fighting from the back lines and supporting your team through your DPS whenever possible.

Just like in the early game, it is better to use your W, Valkyrie as a panic button for escaping unless you are sure that you are safe beside your teammates.


Corki is slow in building up his power and he has average lane pressure in the middle lane so an early game powerhouse like Lee Sin to supplement the team’s early game tempo.

Draven is an ADC who comes online early in the game. He is at his strongest in the early game into the mid game so he can provide the pressure on the enemy team while Corki farms up his items.

Counter Champion

Zed is a big threat to Corki all game long. Corki does not have enough lane pressure to bully Zed in the early game and once he has his ultimate up, Corki becomes an easy target to Zed.

Yasuo’s Windwall disables three out of four spells of Corki and his auto attacks. He can better farming and stronger power spike than Corki so if two equally skilled players using Corki and Yasuo face in the middle lane, Yasuo will more often than not, come out on top.

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Corki in Wild Rift.


  • Corki is a unique ADC which is played in the middle lane due to the fact that he needs the early gold and experience to reach his power spikes earlier. He is a good champion pick for ADCs who wants to try the mid lane.
  • Even though he is an ADC, because of his passive Hextech Shrapnel, he deals primarily magic damage. Because of this, he is a good supplementary champion to AD heavy teams so the enemy will be forced to split their defensive options into armor and magic resistance.
  • Corki has a different power spike which arises every few minutes thanks to The Package. Once in a while, he gains the powerful ability, Special Delivery, which enables him to do easy ganks and commanding team fights.
  • He is a safe pick in most games due to his strong mid game and late game and he can safely farm under the turret.


  • Corki’s power spike comes later than most mid laners. Most meta mid laners can gank and pressure the enemy team once they have their ultimates but for Corki, he must at least have his Trinity Force before he becomes a threat.
  • Corki has no reliable crowd control except for the knock back from Special Delivery that only comes every once in a while.
  • His mana pool can be troublesome in the early game but it can be easily solved by using Muramana but buying this item will slow down his power spike.

FAQ's About Corki

How good is Corki in Wild Rift?

Corki is an (Tier S) champion. He is a safe pick in most games. Do not expect to win most lanes but if you and your team played it safe in the early game. You’ll easily come back in the mid game using Corki.

What role / lane should I play with Corki in Wild Rift?

Corki can be played in the mid lane and in the Dragon lane but he is traditionally played more in the middle lane so he can reach his power spikes faster.

What abilities do I level up with Corki?

His Q, Phosphorus Bomb is the priority ability to level up so its damage will be increased for wave clearing, poking, and trades. E, Gatling Gun is maxed next to increase its damage and resistance shredding.

What items should I build with Corki?

Trinity Force and Infinity Edge is Corki’s two item power spikes. All of his games should have these two items unless you are using the hybrid build. Some players prefer to build Manamune for the infinite mana but it will slow down his power spike timings.

What Runes should I use when playing as Corki?

Fleet Footwork is the best Keystone Rune for Corki as it helps sustain Corki in the early game and it complements his kiting ability which is already strong with his E, Gatling Gun. Conqueror is a strong second if you are confident in your matchup.

How should I use my Special Delivery?

Special Delivery works amazing on ganks because of its extremely long range. It can also be used as an initiation tool because of its knock back and you can safely escape and initiation using your W, Valkyrie. 

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