Renekton Wild Rift Build & Guide

Renekton Wild Rift

S+ Tier

Class: Fighter

Best Renekton Wild Rift build guide for Season 11 Patch 5.0 of WR. With our Renekton guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Renekton, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Plated Steelcaps Teleport Enchant
Core Items Black Cleaver Death’s Dance Sterak’s Gage
Complete Build Black Cleaver Plated Steelcaps Death’s Dance Sterak’s Gage Guardian Angel Randuin’s Omen
Hunter – Titan
Sweet Tooth
Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Mercury’s Treads Teleport Enchant
Core Items Blade of the Ruined King Black Cleaver Guardian Angel
Complete Build Blade of the Ruined King Mercury’s Treads Black Cleaver Guardian Angel Sterak’s Gage Spirit Visage
Hunter – Titan
Hunter – Genius

Renekton is an ascended Shuriman just like his brother Nasus. Due to Xerath’s scheming, Nasus was forced to imprison Renekton and Xerath underneath Shurima. Trapped underground for thousands on years, Renekton turned insane. Now freed, consumed by fury, he has one desire, to find and kill his brother who he blames for his imprisonment. Once the strongest warrior of Shurima, Renekton is an early game bruiser who dominates the Baron lane with his aggressive playstyle. Once he built up enough fury, his abilities becomes even more stronger, slicing and dicing his way through the Wild Rift.

Renekton Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Renekton Wild Rift in this patch.

The Butcher of the Sands

Black Cleaver Plated Steelcaps Death’s Dance Sterak’s Gage Guardian Angel Randuin’s Omen

This  Renekton Wild Rift build is a traditional bruiser build that focuses on both damage and survivability.

  •  Black Cleaver is busted on Renekton. Thanks to his 2, Ruthless Predator, he can easily apply two to three stacks of the Sunder passive which is a stacking armor shred. The bonus health, ability haste, and movement speed are great additions to his kit as well.
  •  Plated Steelcaps or  Mercury’s Treads are Renekton’s boots option depending on if the enemy has high auto-attack damage or many crowd controls, respectively. Once you have two items or if you are significantly ahead, upgrade with the Teleport Enchant so you can have more map presence through split-pushing to push your lead even further.
  •  Death’s Dance increases your resistance to burst damage thanks to its Cauterize passive that converts damage the wielder receives into a three-second DPS.
  •  Sterak’s Gage grants huge amounts of HP and damage. Plus, its lifeline passive will allow you to keep on fighting even when low on health.
  •  Guardian Angel will make you frustrating to deal with. You are already hard to kill at this point but with this item, you’ll be hard to kill, twice.
  •  Randuin’s Omen is the best counter to high DPS hyper carries in the late game. If you want to dive the backline and face the enemy’s ADC head-on in the late game, you are going to need this item.

Walking Sandstorm

Blade of the Ruined King Mercury’s Treads Black Cleaver Guardian Angel Sterak’s Gage Spirit Visage

Alternatively, you can opt for another Renekton Wild Rift build.

  •  Blade of the Ruined King synergizes perfectly with 2, Ruthless Predator because each strike from this ability applies on-hit effects. With its empowered version, you can easily chip off over 20% of the enemy’s HP on top of the actual damage from the ability.
  •  Spirit Visage’s Blessed passive increases all healing effects the wielder receives by 30%. This will allow you to receive enough healing from Renekton’s 1, Cull the Meek and from your vamp sources even if the enemy wields grievous wound items.

Runes for Renekton in Wild Rift

  • Conqueror grants a stacking AD bonus for each unique instance of attack landed and 2, Ruthless Predator’s attacks count for two unique attacks, three if empowered. This makes stacking Conqueror so easy for Renekton, and once maxed, Renekton enjoys the bonus 10% adaptive damage, making him stronger than ever.
  • Brutal grants a flat AD and armor penetration bonus so you can enjoy it from the start of the game. Champion increases your total damage against champions by 10% but it is reduced by 5% each time you die. It’s a high-risk, high-return rune. Not recommendable for beginners.
  • Hunter – Titan increases your health and tenacity for each unique takedown. This will help you against being locked and burst down by crowd controls.
  • Sweet Tooth pushes your early lead by granting extra healing on eating honeyfruits and adding a 20 gold bonus for each fruit eaten. Hunter – Genius grants additional ability haste for each unique takedown and Renekton can make full use of this since he is an ability-dependent champion.


In our Renekton Wild Rift Guide, here are the best champion spells that you can equip on him.

Ignite is great for securing early game kills and Renekton is an early game bully that if allowed to have a kill or two in the early game, can easily carry the game. 

Flash is a must for its versatility. It can be used in a wide variety of offensive and defensive situations, especially in combination with 2, Ruthless Predator.

Skill Order


1, Cull the Meek is maxed first because it is Renekton’s main source of burst damage and sustain. 3, Slice and Dice is maxed next to lower its cooldown so you can make use of your mobility tool more often then, 2, Ruthless Predator is maxed last because it provides enough utility at its first level, the stun duration does not scale, and its damage scales with AD more than with its levels. Get a point in Renekton’s ultimate, Dominus whenever possible.


Infernal Chains

Casting abilities with 50 Fury or more consumes that Fury for enhanced effects. Enhanced abilities do not generate any Fury.

Attacks generate 5 Fury, Fury gains are increased by 50% when under 50% Health. Out of combat, 4 Fury dissipates every second.

Infernal Chains

Deal 70 physical damage (70 + 90% bonus AD) to nearby enemies, generating 5 Fury and healing 6 per enemy hit.

Reign of Anger: Damage increases to 105 physical damage (105 + 135% bonus AD) and healing is tripled.

Infernal Chains

Empowers the next attack to strike twice, stunning for 0.75 seconds and dealing 116 physical damage (20 + 150% AD).

Reign of Anger: Strikes three times, stunning for 1.5 seconds and dealing 174 physical damage (30 + 225% AD).

Infernal Chains

Dash in a direction, dealing 40 physical damage (40 + 90% bonus AD) and generating 5 Fury for each enemy passed through. Hitting an enemy grants a second dash to cast within 4 seconds.

Reign of Anger: The second dash now deals 70 physical damage (70 + 135% bonus AD) and shares armor by 25%  for 4 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Gain 20 Fury and 250 Health for 15 seconds. Every second after casting, gain 5 Fury and deal 40 magic damage (40 + 20% AP) to nearby enemies.

Abilities Analysis

Innate Passive: Reign of Anger

Fury is Renekton’s resource. It is filled up by hitting enemies with attacks and abilities. Once he has 50 Fury, Renekton’s arms and eyes glow red and the next ability he cast becomes empowered, granting increased damage and bonus effects.

Using Fury wisely through choosing what ability is best based on the current situation is key to mastering Renekton. We will discuss, in this guide, the scenarios that are best for each ability.

Q | Ability 1: Cull the Meek

Cull the Meek is Renekton’s AoE burst damage and sustain ability. Once cast, Renekton swings his weapon and deals damage in around him, simultaneously, he is healed and he gains Fury based on the number of enemies hit.

Cull the Meek is a near-instant cast and can animation cancel Renekton’s auto-attack so practice attacking the enemy first before casting this ability.

Reign of Anger: Cull the Meek’s damage is increased by around 40% and healing is tripled.

When to use empowered Cull the Meek:

  • When you are in the middle of a fight, empowered Cull the Meek is Renekton’s way to deal AoE burst damage.
  • When you are low in health, empowered Cull the Meek’s healing is tripled. But remember, the healing is only effective against multiple opponents so you are better off using 2, Ruthless Predator when fighting in a 1v1.

W | Ability 2: Ruthless Predator

Ruthless Predator is an empowered attack ability that makes Renekton’s next attack strike twice and applies a stunning effect to the target. Ruthless Predator can affect turrets.

Just like any other empowered attack abilities, Ruthless Predator can animation cancel auto-attacks so use an auto-attack before using this ability to maximize your damage output.

Each strike applies on-hit effects like Blade of the Ruined King’s Ruined Strike passive that deals damage based on the target’s current health.

Reign of Anger: Ruthless Strike deals twice the stun length and makes Renekton strike thrice instead.

When to use empowered Ruthless Strike:

  • To lock down single targets when they are being chased by you and your team.
  • To burst down a single target in 1v1s and make them unable to fight back.
  • To escape. You can actually use Flash while Ruthless Predator is in the middle of its animation. This makes your escape maneuver twice as effective.

E | Ability 3: Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice is Renekton’s mobility tool. Slice and Dice allow Renekton to dash through enemies, dealing damage to them and generating 5 Fury for each enemy hit. If an enemy is hit during the dash, this allows Renekton to recast the ability.

Slice and Dice can be used to move through walls and other obstacles and to have a more effective escape, you’d want to make Renekton Dash twice. In order to do so, dash through a wall that has a jungle camp behind it. If you hit one of the jungle monsters, you’ll have access to the second dash.

Reign of Anger: The second cast of Slice and Dice deals more damage and shreds the armor of those affected by it. Fury is only consumed on the second cast of Slice and Dice.

When to use empowered Slice and Dice:

  • When against high armor tanks like Malphite and Nasus while in his ultimate, Fury of the Sands.

R | Ultimate: Dominus

Dominus initially grants Renekton Fury and bonus health. Afterward, as long as Dominus is active, Renekton passively gains Fury and deal magic damage per second around him.

You have two main ways to use Dominus:

  • First, in 1v1s, Dominus is used in the middle of your combo so that you can hide your all-in intent. If you used Dominus before fighting a 1v1, a smart opponent will simply back down until your ultimate’s duration is over. You can cancel 2, Ruthless Strike’s animation by casting Dominus right after it so it’s the best time to activate it in between your combo.
  • Second, in all-in team fights, Dominus is used before entering fights so you can make full use of the bonus Fury and additional Fury stacking.

Renekton Combo Guide

Culling Rage – Teamfight combo: Ult – 3 – AA –  E1 – AA – E2 – 3

As the name suggests, this combo is your staple combo on team fights. This will allow you to deal massive burst damage with Renekton’s 1, Cull the Meek. 

Ruthless Fury – 1v1 combo: 3 – AA – E2 – Ult – AA – 1 – 3

Make it seem like you’re simply going for a short poke then use your ultimate mid-fight to surprise the enemy.

Slice and Cull – Level 2 poke: 3 – AA – 1 – 3

This is a fast and easy way to deal damage without giving much of a chance for the enemy to retaliate.

Dicing Predator – Level 3 poke: 3 – AA – 2 – AA – 1 – 3

This is the backbone of your combos, it is the 1v1 combo without your ultimate. This will give you a one-sided trade advantage in 90% of your matchups.

Devour D. Rocks – Tank shred: 3 – E3 – AA – 2 – AA – 1

This combo is for shredding high armored tanks.

Renekton Early Game Guide

Renekton is an early game bully but it doesn’t mean that you should go all out on him starting on level 1. It is still best to time your engages based on his power spikes and Fury timings.

Renekton has his first power spike on level 2 when he has both his 1, Cull the Meek and 3, Slice and Dice. These two abilities will allow you to go in, damage the enemy, then go out with minimal risks of retaliation. It’s a bonus if you can hit minions along with the enemy champion with the empowered 1, Cull the Meek so you’ll be healed for more HP.

After a successful level 2 trade, you’ll have a window of opportunity once you reach level three and acquire 2, Ruthless Predator. Most non-tank champions can be potentially killed with your all-in combo if they haven’t eaten the honeyfruits after the level 2 trade. Use your Ignite and Flash if necessary to get that sweet first kill.

If you bagged your first kill, the game is already in your hands. Just don’t make plays that are too risky and you’ll most likely win.

Do not join the first drake but instead, look to take the first turret if the enemy Baron laner joins the fight in the Dragon Pit. If you managed to take the first turret, you will become the highest net worth champion on the map at that moment, making you an immense threat via split-pushing, 1v1s, or even at team fights.

Renekton Late Game Guide

Continue to extend your team’s lead by giving them space through split-pushing. If you see an all-in fight, commit to a teleport if the fight is just beginning. Your presence will surely tilt the fight in your favor.

Activate your ultimate, Dominus early into the fight so you can make full use of your Fury and the damage over time. If you found yourself right in the middle of the enemy team, your empowered 1, Cull the Meek will deal serious damage.

And afterwards, you will easily clean up remaining enemy champions using 3, Slice and Dice and 2, Ruthless Predator. 


For our Renekton Wild Rift Guide, we highly recommend using him with the following champions as they synergize well with him.

Galio is a mid-laner with enough team fight presence for two. Since he can act as a front liner and still deal so much damage, Renekton can spend more time split-pushing. If Renekton is ganked by two or more champions, Galio can easily respond using his ultimate, Hero’s Entrance and they can do a massive combo with it as well in combination with Renekton’s 3, Slice and Dice. 

Orianna can easily hit multiple enemies with her ultimate, Command: Shockwave if the ball is placed to Renekton and he used his 3, Slice and Dice to dive deep into enemy lines.


All Renekton Wild Rift Counter Champions

In this section, we’ll specifically show champions that can easily counter Renekton in Wild Rift.

Nasus is Renekton’s brother and Nemesis. Renekton has the upper hand in the early game but Nasus is a ticking time bomb. All he has to do is wait for the wave to come to his turret and build up stacks there, safely. If he’s good, he’ll never fight you pre-level 5. What you have to do is to manage the wave. Let him get a minion or two in the first wave so the momentum will be in your favor, towards your turret. Never shove the wave or you’ll be susceptible to ganks. then as you reach level 2, freeze the lane near your turret, and if he reaches out to try to last hit or even leech experience, punish him.

This nemesis duel is a patient man’s game. The Nemesis duel is triggered at levels 13 and above and Nasus definitely has the advantage in the late game so avoid fighting him without your team to back you up.

Garen negates what you do best, deal damage through his 2, Courage which grants increased damage reduction and tenacity. You’ll never win a trade on a good Garen player who can time his 2, Courage well. If you go in to damage him, he’ll most likely fight you and break your combo with his 1, Decisive Strike and silence you. He’ll regenerate his lost health faster than you as well. The great thing is that you deal more damage aside from his ultimate and you can push faster than him so unless you are confident in outplaying him, focus on scaling and split-pushing later.

Pros & Cons About Renekton

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Renekton in Wild Rift.


  • Renekton is an early game bully. He excels in winning trades in the early game and translating it into an even bigger lead in the mid-game.
  • Renekton is a great split-pusher. When he is ahead in the mid-game, there are few champions who can fight 1v1 against him and when left alone, he can easily take down turrets with the help of his 2, Ruthless Predator. 
  • Fury grants him access to high burst damage in team fights thanks to his 1, Cull the Meek, and on 1v1s thanks to 2, Ruthless Predator. He also has high mobility for a tanky champions thanks to his 3, Slice and Dice. 


  • Renekton is highly dependent on snowball. If he loses his lane, it will be pretty hard to make a comeback.
  • Renekton is also dependent on his abilities. Once all his basic abilities are on cooldown, he becomes useless because he has weak auto-attacks.
  • Weak against tanks and ranged laners who can harass him or deny his snowball in the laning phase.

FAQ's About Renekton in Wild Rift

How good is Renekton in Wild Rift?

Renekton is a (Tier S+) champion. He is a lane bully capable of shutting down other strong laners like Akali and Darius. He is a great split-pusher and has an adequate team fight presence, enough to be a safe pick.

What role / lane should I play with Renekton in Wild Rift?

Renekton is primarily played as an early game bruiser in the Baron lane where he translates his early game lead into split-push and teleporting into team fights. He can also be played in the middle lane as a counter to melee assassins.

What abilities do I level up with Renekton?

1, Cull the Meek is maxed first because it is Renekton’s main source of burst damage and sustain. 3, Slice and Dice is maxed next to lower its cooldown so you can make use of your mobility tool more often then, 2, Ruthless Predator is maxed last because it provides enough utility at its first level, the stun duration does not scale, and its damage scales with AD more than with its levels.

What items should I build with Renekton?

Renekton’s core items are Black Cleaver which grants him armor shred for every physical damage he deals and Death’s Dance that makes him fairly resistant to burst damage. If he has stomped his lane, he can build Blade of the Ruined King for absurd amounts of damage through his 2, Ruthless Predator. 

What Runes should I use when playing as Renekton?

Conqueror grants a stacking AD bonus for each unique instance of attack landed and 2, Ruthless Predator’s attacks count for two unique attacks, three if empowered. This makes stacking Conqueror so easy for Renekton, and once maxed, Renekton enjoys the bonus 10% adaptive damage, making him stronger than ever. His other runes are Brutal, Hunter – Titan, and Sweet Tooth. 

How do I know what ability to use when I have more than 50 Fury?

As a general rule, empowered 1, Cull the Meek is used for AoE damage on team fights and for burst healing. Empowered 2, Ruthless Predator is great for 1v1s and for locking down fleeing opponents and finally, empowered 3, Slice and Dice is great for ganging up on high armored tanks.