LOL Wild Rift Support Champions Tier List







Tier List Criteria

This sub tier list are categorized based on the current meta and their performance against other champions of the same class.

S Tier: Overpowered champions who are difficult to counter and can fit any team composition. They dominate any matchup they face.

A Tier: Strong champions which are safe picks at almost every game.

B Tier: Average champions but can easily be countered and has a tough time facing S Tier champions.

Supports can never win against all the other classes alone but they are equally as necessary as the other roles in any team because they protect their team, enable and buff them on team fights, and debuff or control opponents.  They accompany the Attack Damage Carry (ADC) because of their capability to contribute these factors even without gold and items.

The best supports are capable of receiving damage for their team and creating situations favorable for their team using their crowd control abilities. Due to the nature of the current meta, tank supports have the upper hand for now because of their capacity to force the issue and make plays for their team without dying which is a big advantage over enchanter supports.

Enchanter supports deals more damage, can heal or shield their team, and even buff their teammates or debuff the enemy team but the downside to them is that they are as squishy as the carry they are trying to protect, if not more. They are viable but they require a teammate that will create space for them which will usually be fulfilled by a tank or fighter Baron laner or Jungle.

Supports usually accompany their ADC throughout the game so that the ADC can farm safely in the Dragon lane. They also get as much support items that they can so their gold is efficiently used for strengthening or protecting their teammates.


Peeling – Another term for protecting allies.

Meta – Most Effective Tactic Available – The trend which is the most powerful tactic or strategy available for a certain point in time in the game.

Squishy – A champion with low base HP or defenses. Easily killable.

Crowd Control – Abilities which can impair the enemy’s movements. Stun, slows, knock-up, knock-back, etc.