Twisted Fate - Wild Rift Build & Guide

Twisted Fate

S Tier

Class: Mage

Recommended Lane: Mid

Best Twisted Fate build guide for Season 3 Patch 2.5 In Wild Rift. With our Twisted Fate guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, and how to use Twisted Fate abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Amplifying Tome
Boots Ionian Boots of Lucidity Stasis Enchant
Core Items Rod of Ages Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap
Complete Build Rod of Ages Ionian Boots of Lucidity Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap Rapid Firecannon Void Staff
Adaptive Carapace
Sweet Tooth
Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Boots of Swiftness Protobelt Enchant
Core Items Blade of the Ruined King Nashor’s Tooth Rapid Firecannon
Complete Build Blade of the Ruined King Boots of Swiftness Nashor’s Tooth Rapid Firecannon Infinity Edge Hextech Gunblade
Gathering storm
Sweet Tooth

Twisted Fate is an infamous cardsharp who rarely takes things seriously. He gambled and charmed his way across much of the known world, greeting each day with a mocking smile and an insouciant swagger. In every possible way, Twisted Fate always has an ace up his sleeve. Twisted Fate is a Mage/DPS hybrid that can be built to deal burst AP damage or a mix of AD and AP DPS. Twisted Fate can “see” the whole map in demand and teleport instantly to almost anywhere in a massive range.


Infernal Chains

Gain 2 to 12 bonus gold upon killing a unit.

Gold swindled: 0

Infernal Chains

Throws three cards, dealing 60 magic damage (60 + 65% AP).

Infernal Chains

First Cast: Start shuffling Twisted Fate’s deck.

Second Cast: Pick a card to empower his next attack.
Red Cards deal 82 magic damage (30 + 50% AP + 100% AD) in an area and slow by 35% for 3 seconds.
Blue Cards deal 92 magic damage (40 + 50% AP + 100% AD) and restore 60 Mana.
Gold Cards deal 67 magic damage (15 + 50% AP + 100% AD) and stun for 1.25 seconds.

Infernal Chains

Passive: Gain 15% attack speed. Every 4th attack deals 60 bonus magic damage (60 + 45% AP).

Active: Gain 40% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. During this time, attacking enemy champions rolls Loaded Dice.

Gold “earned”: 0

Infernal Chains

First Cast: Reveals all enemy champions for 6 seconds.

Second Cast: Channel for 1.5 seconds to teleport to target location.

Abilities Analysis

Innate: Loaded Dice

Twisted Fate earns extra gold from killing enemy units and by attacking champions while his 3rd, Stacked Deck is active.

Loaded Dice helps Twisted Fate gain a substantial gold lead and it reinforces Twisted Fate’s playstyle of winning his lane through other means instead of the traditional “kill your enemy laner.”

Q | 1st: Wild Cards

Wild Cards is Twisted Fate’s poke and main damaging ability. It is one of the longest range ability which damages in a straight line.

It does not disappear after the first hit unlike Jhin’s Deadly Flourish and the damage does not diminish after hitting multiple enemies, unlike Zed’s Razor Shuriken.

If you want to clear a minion wave fast, walk up to the wave and cast Wild Cards while the minions are walking in a straight line.

Wild Cards can only damage an enemy once.

W | 2nd: Pick a Card

Activating Pick a Card will trigger the animation of three cards shuffling on top of Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate can choose which card he will utilize by recasting the ability. The cards enhance Twisted Fate’s attack and add a special effect depending on the color of the card he chooses.

    • Blue: Deals the most single target damage, also refunds mana. Use to sustain your mana requirements in the laning phase and to deal heavy damage. Combine with the bonus damage from 3rd, Stacked Deck, to deal even more damage.

    • Red: Deals AoE magic damage around the enemy you auto-attack, slowing them briefly. Use the Red Card in combination with your 1st, Wild Cards, to quickly clear your lane. In the late game, this can deal a good amount of AoE damage on grouped-up enemy champions.

    • Yellow: Stuns the target you auto-attack. This is the Card that makes Twisted Fate a fearsome champion on ganks and team fights. Hitting an enemy with the Yellow Card usually means a kill for the team.
      – The stun is a guaranteed hit. (although you can still mess it up by pressing the wrong button) and it is avoidable by certain champions and through the Stasis Enchant.
      – Secure your hits using the champion lock button and outplay your enemy’s defenses by baiting them with your 1st, Wild Cards.
      – This is your only pseudo-defense mechanism and your enemies will respect you less while your W is on cooldown. 

The activation is an auto-attack reset but it is not a reliable one to use since you want to time your recast on the color you want to use.

The first card to appear is randomized but it always shuffles in the same order. Blue, Red, Gold.

E | 3rd: Stacked Deck

Stacked Deck is your DPS steroid. It makes your every fourth attack deal additional magic damage and this ability can be activated to increase your attack speed as well as activate your innate passive, Loaded Dice, for every enemy champion hit while Stacked Deck is activated. Stacked Deck also grants a small passive attack speed bonus.

Optimize your burst damage by stacking your attacks before teleporting and before using 2nd, Pick a Card.

Combine with 2nd, Pick a Card, to deal more damage and land more attacks during the laning phase to maximize the gold that you can roll on your passive. Although, do not overextend just to land more hits because you have no escape mechanism and therefore very vulnerable to ganks.

R | Ultimate: Destiny

Destiny has two parts. The first cast reveals all enemy champions on the map. And the second cast allows Twisted Fate to teleport in the location of his choosing. The teleport has a near global range which occupies 90% of the map when he casts the ability in the mid lane.

Destiny is what separates a good Twisted Fate player from a pro Twisted Fate player because of the importance of map awareness and macro sense that you need in order to utilize this ultimate effectively. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Know where the position of the enemy jungler is at all times. Is he setting up a gank? Is it possible that he is taking the Drake, Rift Herald, or Baron?
  • What are the health levels of the enemy? Are their Flash and/or ultimate in cooldown? Is an enemy low and channeling a recall?
  • Is the enemy team setting up a play?

The best and maybe the easiest way to utilize Destiny is to teleport to the direction where a fleeing champion is heading to. Activate Pick a Card, choose the Gold Card. Appear, stun, attack, Q. Kill. The vision and teleport marker is visible to both allies and enemies so choose a teleport destination that is not too obvious to see to surprise enemies like in bushes. You can also teleport right on top of a recalling enemy and the recall animation will hide your teleport animation.

You can activate Pick a Card and choose your card while channeling Destiny.

Always communicate to your team if you want to set up a fight or a gank using Destiny and support your jungler as much as you can using your ultimate.

Time your first recall with your level 5 so you’ll dive back into action after your first buy and lose no last hits or head straight into a gank.

Combo: [Ult] + 2nd + 3rd + AA + 1st + AA


Twisted Fate Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommedations that works on Twisted Fate

Royal Flush

Rod of Ages Ionian Boots of Lucidity Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap Rapid Firecannon Void Staff

This is the standard build for Twisted Fate which focuses on making him a burst damage dealer.

  •  Rod of Ages – this item provides good stat bonuses which increase over time. It is a good item for beginners playing Twisted Fate because it grants a substantial HP boost to increase your margin of error with playing Twisted Fate.
  •  Ionian Boots of Lucidity – provides cooldown reduction to increase your spam rate. Upgrade with the Stasis Enchant to deal with burst damage combos or upgrade with the Quicksilver Enchant to counter crowd control heavy teams.
  •  Lich Bane – Adds an on-hit effect that grants bonus magic damage after activating a spell. It stacks well with 2nd, Pick a Card, to deal massive burst damage.
  •  Rabadon’s Deathcap – Has the highest possible AP stat boost and getting this item will provide you a huge power spike. Once you have this item you will able to kill off most non-tank champions with one combo.
  •  Rapid Firecannon – Provides bonus damage and bonus range on attacks with max energized stacks. The Firecannon Barrel passive synergizes well with your 2nd, Pick a Card, because it increases the range you can land your stuns with.
  •  Void Staff – Crush tank champions with high magic resist with this item which provides the highest possible magic penetration stat.

Rapid Deal

Blade of the Ruined King Boots of Swiftness Nashor’s Tooth Rapid Firecannon Infinity Edge Hextech Gunblade

This is the DPS build for Twisted Fate and it deals a good amount of hybrid DPS. It is a viable build for the mid lane or the dragon lane and the main advantage of this build is that it deals both physical and magic damage and enemy tanks have to build both type of defense items to deal with you effectively.

  •  Blade of the Ruined King – Deals percentage of HP damage per attack and thanks to the high attack speed bonus from 3rd, Stacked Deck,  Twisted Fate is able to proc multiple instances of this effect in a short amount of time.
  •  Boots of Swiftness – Grants the highest amount of bonus movement speed and as an auto-attack, you’ll be needing more movement speed to kite enemies.
  •  Nashor’s Tooth – Makes your attack deal additional AP damage which is great for building up hybrid DPS.
  •  Infinity Edge – Increases your critical damage output to shred your opponents.
  •  Hextech Gunblade – Increases both AD and AP plus grants hybrid vamp as well which is a great way to survive long fights in the late game.


  •  Runaan’s Hurricane – The Loaded Dice effect spreads to the additional targets as well. If you can consistenly hit three champions during the three second span of E, Stacked Deck, you’ll be able to earn 100 to 200 gold. But that’s an unrealistic scenario and that’s why this item is not in the recommended list.


Royal Flush

  • Electrocute – Adds additional damage on combos to burst down enemies.
  • Brutal – Adds flat bonus damage and penetration.
  • Spirit Walker – Adds additional HP and adaptive resistance.
  • Sweet Tooth – Grants bonus gold and additional HP regeneration when eating honeyfruits.

Rapid Deal

  • Conqueror increases your damage for each attack you land.
  • Gathering Storm provides additional AD or AP as time passes by.
  • Loyalty – Increases the dual resistance of you and your lane partner when playing in the Dragon Lane.


Ensure your kills on ganks with Ignite. Use this if you are confident against your opponent in the mid lane.

Twisted Fate is an immobile champion so reserve your Flash for escaping.

Use Barrier is faced against oppressive laners or burst damage champions like Zed or Fizz.

Skill Progression


2nd, Pick a Card, is leveled up at first to help with last hitting then 3rd, Stacked Deck, is picked up next you’ll be able to roll some gold on short trades early on. But 1st, Wild Cards, is maxed first for the burst damage. You can get Wild Cards at level two if you are being shoved too hard early on. Get a point in your ultimate whenever possible.

Twisted Fate Early Game Guide

Twisted Fate is a gank-oriented hero and as such, he is not a champion who you’d expect to win your lane.

Do not get caught up in trying to win your lane because Twisted Fate is not equipped to do so unless you have a clear skill gap with your opponent.

With the help of your passive, Loaded Dice, you will be able to build your items faster than the enemy without killing them.

Twisted Fate has no defensive ability except for his Yellow Card. So, do not take an offensive position in your lane unless your jungler is helping you kill the enemy mid laner because if you get ganked, you are more than likely dead.

Remember to clear your lane first before ganking, one 1st, Wild Cards and a Red Card is enough to quickly clear your lane.

When looking for a lane to gank, especially when using your ultimate, Destiny, pick a lane which is:

  1. Overextended or at least a little far from their turret.
  2. Your jungler is near that side of the map so they can quickly reach you.

Twisted Fate Late Game Guide

In the late game, Twisted Fate plays a lot like a Marksman. He is a champion who is extremely vulnerable without help so do not stray far away from your team.

Always activate your ultimate, Destiny if the enemy team are missing because they may be taking Dragon or Baron or setting up a gank. A good activation of Destiny will allow your team to react accordingly.

Only use the teleportation part of Destiny to pick of an enemy if they are alone and you are sure that your allies can follow up on you. Because, unless you are extremely fed, if you fail to kill the enemy with a single combo, the enemy has a good chance to retaliate and get you killed instead.

Twisted Fate Video Guide


Lee Sin provides immense map pressure with his ganks and having both him and Twisted Fate on one team will result in a crushing early game pressure for the enemy.

Olaf is one of the most oppressive jungler in the game. He loves to invade and gank and with your fast clear in the middle lane and ultimate, you are able to help him quickly when needed.

Counter Champion

Zed loves preying on squishy, immobile champions and Twisted Fate is exactly that. You cannot pressure the lane enough to punish his weak early game and his level 5 power spike is just too much for you. Rush Stasis Enchant and hope for the best.

Orianna is currently one of the strongest mid lane champions. Forget about beating her in lane and she can clear faster than you which makes it harder for you to leave your lane to gank. If you gank frequently, expect your tower to go down fast. She’s way better than you in team fights. She can reach further than you and shield her teammates from getting bursted by you. Consider buying Rapid Firecannon earlier to stun her from long range.

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Twisted Fate in Wild Rift.


  • Twisted Fate is a global threat and provides pressure to all enemies by simply disappearing from the map.
  • His Ganks are superior thanks to destiny and when paired with a good jungler, his win rate skyrockets.
  • Twisted Fate has good burst potential and it is coupled with good utility from his stun.


  • Twisted Fate doesn’t win his lane. He is not the champion to pick up if you want to kill your lane opponent.
  • Immobile and squishy which makes him vulnerable to ganks in the early game and flanks in the late game so he requires good positioning skills from the player.

FAQ's About Twisted Fate

How good is Twisted Fate in Wild Rift?

Twisted Fate is a (Tier S) champion. He is a safe pick that works well in solo queue against most champions.

What role / lane should I play with Twisted Fate in Wild Rift?

Twisted Fate is usually picked in the middle lane as an AP carry. He can also be played as an off-meta On-Hit Marksman.

What abilities do I level up with Twisted Fate?

2nd, Pick a Card, is leveled up at first to help with last hitting then 3rd, Stacked Deck, is picked up next you you’ll be able to roll some gold on short trades early on. But 1st, Wild Cards, is maxed first for the burst damage.

What items should I build with Twisted Fate?

Luden’s Echo increases 1st, Wild Cards burst damage and Lich Bane increases 2nd, Pick a Card’s damage. They are Twisted Fate’s core items. Afterwards, Rabadon’s Deathcap is built to increase Twisted Fate’s burst damage and Rapid Firecannon is built to increase Twisted Fate’s range for a more reliable way to land his 2nd, Pick a Card. 

What Runes should I use when playing as Twisted Fate?

Electrocute adds additional damage on combos to burst down enemies. His other runes are Brutal, Spirit Walker, and Sweet Tooth.

Any tips for using Twisted Fate's ultimate?

Twisted Fate’s ultimate, Destiny, reveals all enemy champions in the map so its a great way to scout the enemy’s position. After activation, if an enemy is in a vulnerable position, teleport in a brush near team to finish them off.

Patch Details

Patch Notes 1.1 ( 8-12-2020 )

Small Change in TF 2nd Ability, now the card rotation time will be 0.6s instead of 0.7s.

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