5 Easy Tips To Rank Up In Wild Rift

Hello there! Siege here! SEA Master Support main and Editor-in-Chief of LoLWildRiftBuild! Season 3 is almost upon us! While Season 2 has definitely been a ride, it was a tough one. Complete with lessons, frustrations, and of course, fun!

This Season 3, Promotional Series has been removed so it will definitely be a smoother climb. No more 2-2 rank jitters and those devastatingly tilting failed promotions brought upon by Yasuo supports. But would it be an easier climb? Well, it depends. And it will mostly depend on you!

No matter what anyone says, no one affects your rank more than you! And the only surefire way to help you climb is to focus on yourself. So with that in mind, here are LoLWildRiftBuild’s 5 tips to help you rank up this upcoming season!

1. Focus on Only Two Roles: Your Main Role and Your Secondary Role.

Focusing on only two roles will help you master the roles quickly. Heck, if it’s possible to play only one role, that is what I recommend but we don’t have that in Wild Rift so you have to have at least a secondary role where you will also spend a little time on.

After choosing your main and secondary role, practice only 3-4 champions over and over again. The reason why One-tricks climb fast is that they quickly learn the ins and outs of their champion and they know what to do against almost all matchups, including when they are countered. If you keep on using different champions, your growth as a Wild Rift player will be slower and as a result, you will rank up slower.

“Why don’t you recommend that I become a one-trick then?”

It’s because bans are coming. Your champion might be banned or the enemy team might pick it first. If that happens, you will easily become a liability to your team. If you are a Diamond 1-trick Garen and he gets banned, you won’t be able to perform at the same level as other champions if you don’t at least practice them for some games.

“But I have used this champion once and I was crushing it already, I don’t need practice!”

A singular experience does not represent your future. Do not let your biases fool you. A consistent climb requires consistent performance from you.

I will not recommend any champions or any roles. I am a firm believer that Wild Rift is heading in the right direction in terms of balancing and so, it doesn’t matter if your champion is not meta. It does not matter if your champion is trash tier. If you know the ins and outs of your champion, you can use it to carry. I encountered M6/M7 Master Yis and Sorakas who are crushing it in high diamond.

Focusing on your roles and few champions will also help you understand what you need to do in the game to carry.

A support does not carry the same way the jungler does. The same goes for any role. But if you are curious about what are the common responsibilities of each role. Read our role and class guide here.

2. Learn to Itemize Based on Current Game State.

I know, Itemizing can be a bit tough if you are new to the game. There are tons of items to choose from and it can consume a lot of precious time looking for the right item to buy while in-game. But sometimes, choosing the right items can mean the difference between your win or loss.

A classic example is buying Grievous Wounds items against champions with extreme healing like Dr. Mundo and Soraka. If you don’t know to buy Executioner’s Calling or Bramble Vest against these two, the game might be over before you know it.

Relying on preset item builds is waaaay inefficient. If you are a tank, your preset build must be spread between HP, Armor, and Magic resist. And so, what if the enemy team is all AD? You’ll be wasting precious gold buying that Force of Nature. What if the enemy Katarina is popping off hard in the early game and your first defense item is Dead Man’s Plate or worse, Randuin’s Omen.

Plus, Mid-tier items are underrated. Executioner’s Calling and Bramble Vest and Oblivion Orb like mentioned brings a lot to the table for its cheap cost of 1,000 gold. Other items like Haunting Guise which grants 2%-10% bonus damage, Spectre’s Cowl that increases health regen by 150% after taking damage, Hexdrinker which grants a mini Lifeline shield against magic damage, and Sheen that grants the basic Spellblade empowered attack passive are all efficient more-bang-for-your-buck items.

How do you get better at itemization? Simple. Read and watch. Read the item roster in-game. Watch how streamers itemize their builds. Watch how the pros build their champions. And read our item guide. Right now, we have our Defense item guide that you can read here. The Physical and Magic item guides will come later next week after our team has researched the new item’s effects.

This goes for champion abilities too. Read about them when you have free time. Yes, you’ll get familiar with them as you play but knowledge is power. Sometimes, I get surprised that even some Diamond players do not know how exactly certain champions function, especially the unpopular ones.

3. Have a Routine.

Most athletes have a routine. Some do a specific set of stretches while listening to their favorite music. Some likes to have time to themselves in quiet isolation as they condition their mind. Some imagine destroying their opponents in visualization practices. This extends to esports pro-players.

The problem with simply going in straight to rank is that it makes your chances exactly 50/50 for the day. Starting your gaming session with a loss is always a shaky start and you risk tilting yourself easily for the rest of your session. This happens to the best of us, this happens to me.

What I do is to eat a meal first when it’s near mealtime or treat myself to a small snack first. Afterward, I play ARAM first (RIP I know). Now I play PVP first and troll with Singed or some other champion I like to use for fun. Even if I lose, I get to have fun and I’d have a sharper mental state for some rank games.

Find your own routine. It may be as simple as some stretching or by watching some stream first to hype yourself up.

4. Have Conscious Intent & Practice Execution.

Most of us are guilty of this: Playing on auto-pilot. It’s understandable, we play to have fun and relax. But this is one of the reasons why you don’t rank up. When playing on auto-pilot. You are playing without intent. You are simply reacting to what’s happening and doing what your muscle memory tells you to do.

Having a clear intent is having a game plan.

The game plan is knowing how to out micro your opponent in the lane and out macro the enemy team in the long run.

How do you know how to out micro or outplay your opponent? Do you even need to out micro your lane opponent? How do you know what macro decisions you are going to do throughout the game? Simple: Go back to the #1 point: Mastering one role and a few champions in that role.

It is one thing to have a game plan. Next, you have to execute it properly. Grand plans are nothing if you cannot bring them to reality.

When trying to learn how to do this. It is important that you do it one step at a time. Look to improve on one aspect of your micro at a time. Once you are comfortable with your champion, look to improve your macro. This, in general, is one of the major reasons why it is easier to climb up with less mechanically intensive champions like Garen and Jinx.

I have learned this from Phroxzon of league fundamentals. It is a League PC guide but it is mostly theoretical so it can directly translate into your Wild Rift game. I highly recommend you check it out.

5. All Your Deaths Are Your Fault.

Yes, there is always going to be that game where one of your teammates feeds. They could be running it down in the middle lane while they are all already 2k gold behind. Some of them will flash into the enemy’s turret greeding for a kill, only to die themselves.

The thing is that, even if they die, doesn’t mean that you should too. If your support keeps on engaging when you are a late game ADC like Vayne or Ashe and you don’t have your items yet, it does not mean that you should throw yourself at the enemy as well.

You cannot control what your allies do but you can control yourself.

The great thing about being an ADC, especially in the lower elos, is that you can farm and avoid fights in the mid game if you got a bad early game due to your bad support.

The opposite also applies. If you are a support and your ADC keeps on ignoring your engages or if they are the one who keeps on diving even if you are a late game enchanter like Sona. You have the option to leave them alone the rest of the game and support your other teammates that you feel can carry the game instead.

Jungle diff. jungle diff. jungle diff.

This phrase is echoed throughout the history of League. But what it really is, is an excuse so that the player who says it removes the blame from themselves and place it into the jungle.

“But I was ganked 3 times in the past 2 minutes!!! Where is the help from my jungle!!?”

Ask yourself, how are you so easily gankable? Are you overextended? Do you keep on skirmishing even if you have no idea where the enemy jungle is? Have you burned your summoner spells unnecessarily?

Most of the time, especially in the top lane, you won’t get ganked by your jungler if you don’t manage your wave. And do not expect help if you die in 1v1s in the early game. Good junglers do not gank losing lanes.

Finally, do not expect your Amumu jungle to gank at the same pace as the enemy’s Lee Sin.


These 5 tips will only help you if you make practice them consciously and consistently. For the next following days, we are going to give 5 tips for each role, so stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter for your chance to win a free coaching session. LoLWildRiftBuild is now going to offer coaching sessions for those who want to quickly improve their game!

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