LoL Wild Rift Jax Build - Items, Runes , Counter Guide



A Tier

Class: Fighter

Recommended Lane: Baron Lane


DAMAGE (100%)




Recommended Builds

Trinity Force
Blade of the Ruined King
Mercury’s Treads
Sterak’s Gage
Guardian Angel
Randuin’s Omen


Trinity Force
Blade of the Ruined King
Mercury’s Treads
Nashor’s Tooth
Hextech Gunblade
Guardian Angel

Recommended Runes

Gathering storm
Spirit Walker
Sweet Tooth


Gathering storm
Spirit Walker
Sweet Tooth

Jax is the last known weapons master of Icathia who is unmatched in both his skill with unique armaments and his biting sarcasm. Jax is a scaling bruiser and duelist who excels in split pushing, winning late game 1v1s and peeling for his team.


Infernal Chains

Attacks grant 3.6% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. (Stacks up to 8 times.)

Infernal Chains

Leaps to target unit, dealing 55 physical damage (55 + 100% bonus AD + 60% AP) if it is an enemy.

Infernal Chains

Empowers the next attack or Leap Strike to deal an additional 45 magic damage (45 + 60% AP).

Infernal Chains

Enters a defensive stance, dodging all incoming attacks for 2 seconds. After this duration, nearby enemies are stunned for 1 second and take 55 physical damage (55 + 50% bonus AD). Each attack dodged increases this damage by 20% (up to 100%).

Re-cast: Ends the defensive stance early to damage and stun nearby enemies immediately.

Infernal Chains

Passive: Every third consecutive attack deals an additional 100 magic damage (100 + 70% AP).

Active: Jax stops holding back, gaining 30 Armor (30 + 50% bonus AD) and 30 Magic Resist (30 + 20% AP) for 8 seconds.

Abilities Analysis

Innate: Relentless Assault

Jax passive grants him a stacking attack speed bonus which means his damage per second increases the longer he is in a fight.

In the early game, shoving the lane is not really recommended because you will be vulnerable to ganks so it is not recommended utilizing his passive yet.

But as the game goes on, especially if you win your lane, Jax is a scary monster especially when he has stacked up his passive. So, if you are shoving the lane to split push and somebody comes and you know you have a good stack going, you can jump to the defending opponent. But, be mindful of the minimap before doing so because you might not win if you are against 2 or 3 champions unless you are fed.

Jax can reach the maximum attack speed when he manage to get the maximum stack of Relentless Assault in the late game.

Q / Ability 1: Leap Strike

Leap Strike makes Jax jumps to his target and damage the target if it is an enemy. This is Jax’s main mobility and engage tool. He can only use this as a disengage and escape tool by targeting allies or jungle monsters. Jax immediately attacks after leaping unless you are in the middle of Counter Strike but you can still auto attack by manually pressing the attack button.

Unfortunately, unlike in his PC counterpart, Jax cannot jump to a ward.

If your target has a mobility ability like Ezreal, walk towards the enemy first then use Leap Strike after your target has used their mobility abiliy.

Leap Strike can be used in combination with Jax’s other abilities.

Use Leap Strike with W, Empower, to deal burst damage. Time with your third strike to easily activate your ultimate’s passive as well.

Although in most cases, doing the combo Q + AA + W + AA is a better option as it deals more damage.

Use Leap Strike in combination with your E, Counter Strike, to stun a target you think you won’t be able to reach on time. Alternatively, you can also jump unto multiple enemies to stun all of them at the same time.

You can jump to jungle monsters over walls by placing a ward where you want to go and casting your Leap Strike on the monster, kind of like a pseudo ward hop.

W / Ability 2: Empower 


Empower is an auto attack reset which grants bonus magic damage to your next attack. It can also be used to increase the damage of your Q, Leap Strike, but without the benefits of the auto attack reset.

Use Empower to secure last hits in the early game.

The auto attack reset should always be used to optimize and maximize your damage output. “Auto attack reset” means that the next attack is immediately available after casting the ability which means you can do two attacks in quick succession.

Empower works on towers.

E / Ability 3: Counter Strike

Jax assumes a defensive stance upon activating this ability which allows him to dodge all auto attacks coming from champions, minions, and monsters. However, Jax cannot evade the attacks of Drakes, Baron Nashor, and turrets.

The effect of Counter Strike in PC LoL that reduces AoE damage are omitted in Wild Rift as well.

After the defensive stance ends, Jax damages everyone around him and stuns them at the same time. The damage he deals from this ability increases based on the number of attacks he dodged which caps after 5 attacks dodged.

You can still attack while Counter Strike is in effect and you can use your Q, Leap Strike, to reposition yourself before Counter Strike ends or before you re-cast it.

R / Ultimate: Grandmaster’s Might

Grandmaster’s Might has two parts. The first part is a passive which adds bonus magic damage to your third consecutive attack. The bonus damage affects all types of enemies you can hit.

Unfortunately, other than counting your attacks, there are no other way to know when the bonus damage will proc. It also has a relatively short timer which resets the attack counter if you are not attacking.

You can burst down an opponent by doing your combo when you have two stacks on hand by attacking minions or nearby monsters.

The second part of his ultimate is the active which grants him bonus armor which scales based on his bonus AD and magic resistance which scales on his AP.

Jax becomes extremely tanky when he activates his ultimate. It last only for eight seconds but that is usually enough to kill off an enemy or two or even three.


Full combo: R + Q + AA + W + AA + E + AA + AA + AA

Stun initiation: E + Q + AA + W + AA + R + AA +AA +AA

Jax Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommedation that works on Jax

The Grandmaster

Trinity Force
Blade of the Ruined King
Mercury’s Treads
Sterak’s Gage
Guardian Angel
Randuin’s Omen

This is the standard build for Jax which grants him carry potential and at the same time provide enough survivability to peel and create space for his team.

  •  Trinity Force – An all around item which grants HP, damage, attack speed, mana, movement speed, and ability haste. The Spellblade passive works well with Empower with its bonus damage after casting an ability.
  •  Blade of the Ruined King – Grants damage, attack speed, and physical vamp. It also has Ruined Strikes passive which deals a percentage of  the enemy’s current HP as physical damage which makes it great against tanks. Plus, after striking an enemy champion three times, the Drain passive activates and steals the movement speed of the target enemy.
  •  Mercury’s Treads – Grants magic resist and tenacity which is a great counter against AP and crowd control team compositions. Buy Ninja Tabis instead when facing AD heavy team compositions. Upgrade with the  Teleport Enchant to increase your split pushing potential. Otherwise,  Glorious Enchant grants a movement speed which is great for running down opponents or  Gargoyle Enchant which grants an HP bonus is great if you are often find yourself initiating fights.
  •  Sterak’s Gage – Provides a good amount of HP and damage. The lifeline passive works amazing on drawn out fights because it grants you a shield when your HP drops below a certain percentage.
  •  Guardian Angel – Allows you to fearlessly dive the enemy team because the Resurrect passive will give you enough time to escape or for your team to follow up on your initiation. Do not 1v5 the enemy team if your teammates aren’t near you, though.
  •  Randuin’s Omen – Grants excellent protection against hypercarries because it reduces attack speed and critical damage output. If you are facing fed AP champions,  Spirit Visage or  Abyssal Mask are viable alternatives.

The Grand Pusher

Trinity Force
Blade of the Ruined King
Mercury’s Treads
Nashor’s Tooth
Hextech Gunblade
Guardian Angel

This build is better for pushing and duels but it is less effective on team fights because of the lack of defensive items. This build is viable when you are fed in the early game or if you have a good team fight composition with a tank jungler or support.

  •  Nashor’s Tooth – Increases your attack speed and magic damage output. Absolutely shreds opponents because of the hybrid DPS.
  •  Hextech Gunblade – Grants hybrid damage and vamp which makes you an absolute monster of duels. It also has a passive which deals bonus magic damage and slows the enemy to boot.


  • Conqueror – Jax’s passive encourages drawn out fights and this Keystone Rune shines on exactly the same thing because it grants increasing damage bonus as the more instances of damage you can inflict which comes quickly because of Jax’s fast attack speed.
  • Gathering Storm – Jax is intended as a strong mid game to late game champion and this rune works exactly for that purpose, to aid the scaling of late game champions with its bonus damage over time.
  • Spirit Walker – Grants bonus HP and slow resistance to aid you in the early game. Jax has good armor and magic resistance scaling so the bonus HP is a welcome stat.
  • Sweet Tooth – The bonus regen on eating Honeyfruits helps Jax’s laning phase which is his weakest phase and it also makes the fruits grant bonus gold which will help him reach his powerspike earlier.


Ghost helps Jax weave in and out the battle and avoid being kited. It also increases his kill pressure later in the game.

Flash is just common sense for almost all champions. It has too many offensive and defensive utility and outplay potential to pass up.

Skill Progression

E, Counter Strike, gets the first point at level one because it can be used for a cheese play by hiding in a bush and surprising the enemy for an early advantage but it is maxed last because it provides enough utility at level 1. W, Empower, is maxed first because it is your main source of damage then Q, Leap Strike, is maxed second because it adds damage and mobility to your kit. As per usual, get a point in your ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might, whenever possible.

Jax Early Game Guide

Jax Late Game Guide


Jarvan IV has good early game presence and team fight presence which gives enough room for Jax to release his full potential. His flag, Demacian Standard is also a great buff for Jax’s attack speed.

Counter Champion

Malphite is a natural counter for Jax because of his innate defenses against physical damage as well as ability to slow down the attack speed of his enemy champions. Because of this, laning against him is an impossible task. Just keep your head low and farm and be careful when he gets his ultimate first because he will try to kill you. In the late game, he becomes less of a problem but try to split push to draw him out because he is strong on 5v5 fights.

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Jax in Wild Rift.


  • Jax is a fighter who has hypercarry potential in the late game when played right.
  • He can 1v1 almost anyone in the late game which makes him a great split pusher because he can eat towers fast and can handle almost anyone thrown at him. If the enemy team send 2 champions to defend against you, your team can simply force a 4v3 fight or take other objectives.
  • Jax is tanky enough to peel or initiate when he has his ultimate up and be able to deal damage at the same time.


  • Jax is a high risk high reward champion because if he loses his lane hard, he will have a hard time being relevant because he is item dependent.
  • He will lose his lane a lot of times because he has a weak early game stage and he is item dependent.
  • Jax can also be easily shut down by using attack speed debuffs such as Malphite’s E, Ground Slam, or Nasus’s W, Wither.

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