Nilah Wild Rift Build & Guide

Nilah Wild Rift

A+ Tier

Class: Marksman

Best Nilah Wild Rift build guide for Season 11 Patch 5.0 of WR. With our Nilah guide you will learn which items to build, runes to select, skill order, who counters Nilah, and how to use abilities properly.

Recommended Builds

Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Gluttonous Greaves Quicksilver Enchant
Core Items Immortal Shieldbow Bloodthirster Phantom Dancer
Complete Build Immortal Shieldbow Bloodthirster Quicksilver Enchant Phantom Dancer Infinity Edge Navori Quickblades
Second Wind
Hunter – Genius
Starting Item Long Sword
Boots Gluttonous Greaves Stasis Enchant
Core Items Immortal Shieldbow Bloodthirster The Collector
Complete Build Immortal Shieldbow Bloodthirster Stasis Enchant The Collector Wit’s End Phantom Dancer
Lethal Tempo
Sudden Impact
Ultimate Shield [This rune has been removed from WR]
Sweet Tooth

Nilah Wild Rift Build Recommendation

Here are Item Build Recommendations that works on this champion and which are the best build for Nilah Wild Rift in this patch.

The Titan Hunter

Immortal Shieldbow Bloodthirster Quicksilver Enchant Phantom Dancer Infinity Edge Navori Quickblades

This Nilah Wild Rift build consists of Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal items. Lifesteal items such as Immortal Shieldbow and Bloodthirster synergize well with her passive, increasing her healing and damage when fighting enemies. Navori Quickblades allows Nilah to be more agile and effective as it lowers the cooldown of her abilities as she normal attacks. Quicksilver Boot Enchant enables Nilah to evade or counter-engage enemies when they think they caught Nilah on their Hard Crowd Control. Activate Quicksilver after getting stunned, and follow up with either Jubilant Veil or Slipstream to close the gap for her Ultimate ability, Apotheosis. Infinity Edge further enables Nilah as it adds more firepower to her kit.

The Demon Blade

Immortal Shieldbow Bloodthirster Stasis Enchant The Collector Wit’s End Phantom Dancer

This is the alternative build for Nilah Wild Rift. With the new addition to the Physical items, the Collector provides burst damage to Nilah, leaving enemies surprised that their screen turns gray without realizing how. It executes enemies when their Health Points drop below a certain amount. Stasis Enchant gives more survivability to Nilah by being invulnerable to any attacks. Moreover, Wit’s End adds more firepower by giving Nilah more attack speed, On-hit damage, and healing when damaging enemies when her HP drops below 50%.

Runes for Nilah in Wild Rift

Conqueror or Lethal Tempo is your best Keystones for Nilah. Conqueror benefits champions with longer fights, and as we all know, Nilah isn’t a burst champion. Nilah can proc higher stacks of Conqueror because of her longer and extended fights, thus giving Nilah tons of damage potential. On the other hand, Lethal Tempo gives Nilah a great advantage when engaging or even counter-engaging an enemy because of its additional attack speed.

Triumph enables Nilah to be more aggressive against low-health enemy champions, as it helps Nilah deal more damage while also adding survivability as it gives Nilah a bit of HP on champion takedowns. If you’re looking for more damage, Sudden Impact is your go-to. It gives Nilah a bit of armor and magic penetration after dashing. It is best paired with the Collector to deal significant burst damage.

Second Wind is there to provide more healing after a fight. Giving her more survivability in the lane, thus giving her more time to farm gold and experience. On the other hand, Ultimate Shield gives Nilah more survivability thanks to the shield she receives when casting her Ultimate. This makes Nilah unstoppable when initiating fights.

Ability Hastes also benefit Nilah; Hunter-Genius is one of her runes. Unique Enemy takedowns grant Nilah ability hastes. In contrast, Sweet Tooth offers more survivability in the lane by receiving more healing from the Honeyfruit.


In our Nilah Wild Rift Guide, here are his best champion spells that you can equip on him.

Having Flash is essential for champions, especially Nilah, as it enables her to engage enemies surprisingly well. It also helps her close the gap when her third ability isn’t enough to reach the enemies.

Exhaust is also essential for Nilah. By having enemies slowed on cast, it gives Nilah more time to do significant damage to the enemy. On the other hand, it can also be used to counter-engage the enemy, reducing their damage significantly.

Skill Order


Nilah in Wild Rift has a meager attack range, so you must upgrade her first skill, the Formless Blade, as soon as possible. This Skill helps Nilah deal relevant damage by having that extra range when it hits any enemy unit, including towers. The next skill you want to upgrade is her high mobility skill, the Slipstream. This dash is also beneficial for Nilah, for it helps to close the gap when engaging enemy champions. This Skill can also be used for evading attacks, as you can dash to friendly units. Her W, Jubilant Veil, is the third thing you want to max on her. It adds more mobility and reduces damage from all incoming attacks. It makes her engagements more effective while allowing her to counter-engage if timed correctly. Lastly, max her Ultimate, Apotheosis, if you can level it up. Casting this ability is crucial when engaging in fights, even team fights. This ultimate ability can help finish enemies that are evading.


Infernal Chains

Nilah earns more experience from last-hitting minions and can improve and distribute her teammates’ surrounding healing and shielding.

Infernal Chains

Nilah damages any foes she strikes with a snap of her whip-blade in a direct line in the direction she chooses. This action temporarily increases her attack range.

Infernal Chains

As Nilah surrounds herself in the mist, her movement speed quickens, and she can deflect any incoming attacks gracefully. This effect spreads to any allies she touches while the mist is active.

Infernal Chains

Nilah eagerly sprints in the direction of her target, doing damage to any foes she passes along the way.

Infernal Chains

Twirling her whip-blade in joyful exuberance, Nilah deals damage to enemies around her before pulling them closer with her weapon.

Abilities Analysis

Innate Passive | Joy Unending

Since Nilah is a champion that benefits more from healing, pairing her with a support that can heal together with a build that can synergize with items that have lifesteal, omnivamp, and attack speed items. Also, remember that she earns more when she last hits minions. This Passive Skill can help her finish her builds faster than her ADC match-ups.

Wild Rift Nilah Joy Unending


Nilah suffers when it comes to attack range. This skill helps Nilah deal more damage by giving her an additional attack range when it hits any unit. Enemies or units will also take damage when the skill hits them initially.

Wild Rift Nilah Formless Blade


As a low-ranged attack damage champion, Nilah is vulnerable to poke and ranged attacks. To counter this, Nilah’s second skill reduces damage from incoming attacks. Additionally, Nilah also gains additional movement speed, giving her a chance to counter-engage the enemy. Nilah can also use Jubilant Veil on allied champions that are hit by or close to Nilah.

Wild Rift Nilah Jubilant Veil


High mobility skills, such as dashes, are very beneficial for Nilah. With this in mind, her third skill makes Nilah able to dash through an opponent, closing the gap that Nilah suffers through. Moreover, Nilah can also initiate a fight with this skill and combine it with her Formless Blade, making it even harder for enemies to evade her attack range.

Wild Rift Nilah Slipstream


Nilah can then complete her engage with her Ultimate Ability, Apotheosis. After dashing, cast Apotheosis to pull enemies that are in her ultimate range. Enemies will have a more challenging time evading her since they will be drawn toward Nilah. You can also avoid enemies with her Jubilant Veil if the engage doesn’t go as planned.

Wild Rift Nilah Apotheosis

Nilah Early Game Guide

Nilah’s early game in Wild Rift should focus more on generating gold by properly last-hitting as many minions as possible. Prevent fights as much as possible whenever the opposing champion has a longer range or has poke potential, as it gives her a significant disadvantage and even makes her lose the lane. Nilah can only trade damage with her first ability by poking them. Finish Nilah’s builds first before you can truly engage the enemy. Nilah’s Lifesteal items greatly matter.

Nilah Late Game Guide

This is where Nilah truly shines. When Nilah achieves her finished build, no one can stop Nilah from destroying enemies. Nilah can either rely on her teammates to set up a fight for her or initiate team fights independently. When Nilah isn’t behind in the early game, she can be aggressive and be a nuisance in team fights by using her dash and Ultimate effectively. On the other hand, when Nilah is behind in the early game, she can use the time to farm minions to achieve her finished build. Farming is essential for Nilah, as her Lifesteal items also matter in team fights.


For our Nilah Wild Rift Guide, we highly recommend using him with the following champions as they synergize well with him.

Senna and Nilah are one of the high-damage lane pairs. Senna is perfect to pair with Nilah. Her healing synergizes with Nilah’s passive well, while also doing poke damage whenever an enemy tries to engage, or poke Nilah. Senna’s second skill, Last Embrace, helps Nilah by setting up a long-range snare for Nilah’s engagement with the enemy. Lastly, Senna’s Ultimate, Dawning Shadow, allows Nilah to engage anywhere on the map as it gives a shield to any allies when it hits, while also dealing damage to enemy champions.

An aquatic duo, Nami and Nilah, is also a perfect pair, not only for their thematic pairing but also for their synergy when it comes to the laning phase. Nami’s healing can help mend Nilah after she takes significant damage from the enemy. Nami can also enable Nilah’s normal attacks to deal more damage while slowing the enemy at the same time, thanks to her Tidecaller’s Blessing. Additionally, Nilah receives an additional movement speed when Nami’s skills are cast on her, due to Nami’s Passive skill, making Nilah’s engage more effective. Nami can also either initiate a team fight or counter-engage the enemy with her ultimate ability, Tidal Wave.

All Nilah Wild Rift Counter Champions

In this section, we’ll specifically show champions that can easily counter Nilah in Wild Rift.

Xayah is the worst opponent for Nilah. With her Bladecaller and Featherstorm, Xayah can easily kite Nilah and counter your engage. Nilah can punish her when she uses her second skill, Deadly Plummage, and third skill, Bladecaller on the minion wave, then try to bait her ultimate, before going all-in. Nilah should keep her ultimate unless Xayah uses hers. It is also recommended that you must have either Flash or Exhaust on before attempting to execute a fight with her in the lane.

Caitlyn is also one of the worst opponents for Nilah. Caitlyn’s long-range normal attacks and abilities make it harder for Nilah to farm in the lane. Caitlyn can harass and poke Nilah freely. Almost all of Caitlyn’s abilities are to harass low-range champions like Nilah. Caitlyn’s ultimate, Ace in the Hole, can then be used to finish evading enemies left with a bit of health.

Pros & Cons About Nilah

Here are some pros and cons if you are playing with Nilah in Wild Rift.


  • Great all-in engage
  • Great lane survivability
  • Faster to complete builds when last hitting minions, thanks to her passive
  • Can share heal or shield to the allied support
  • Good in team fights


  • Low-ranged normal attacks and abilities
  • Susceptible to harassing and poking, especially from high-ranged enemy champions
  • Healing can be significantly lower if the enemy builds an item with Grievous Wounds

FAQ's About Nilah in Wild Rift

How good is Nilah in Wild Rift?

Wild Rift’s Nilah is A-tier. Nilah can be great when paired with champions who synergize well with her. Her skills are practical when planning and executing an engage, but her attack range can be a downside when playing her. She is very susceptible to harassment and pokes from enemy champions, making her hard to play in the early game.

What role/lane should I play with Ornn in Wild Rift?

Nilah is most commonly used in Wild Rift as an ADC, or Attack Damage carry, in competitive play. Despite her low-ranged attacks, her survivability and means to get gold make her one of the best ADCs to play in Wild Rift.

What are the best runes for Ornn in Wild Rift?

The best runes for Nilah are Conqueror and Lethal Tempo for their great sustainability and damage potential. Triumph and Second Wind for even more sustainability, and Hunter-Genius for more ability haste.

What is the best build for Nilah in Wild Rift?

According to our Nilah guide, Immortal Shieldbow, Bloodthirster, and Phantom Dancer are some of the best go-to builds for Nilah in Wild Rift. Her low-ranged abilities and normal attacks make her susceptible to harassment and poking; building Lifesteal can help mend the damage taken from the enemy.

When is the release date of Nilah in Wild Rift

Nilah is expected to arrive in Wild Rift on July 20, 2023. Hecarim and Vladimir will not be released together with Nilah.