A Beginner’s Guide To Defense Items

Hello! I am Siege, a Diamond IV tank support main. I am the chief editor of LoLWildRiftBuild.com and to welcome this new big patch, we posted this tank item guide for beginners! If you are a seasoned player, please read as well and feel free to add to things that we were not able to … Read more

Ultimate Guide on Keystone and Minor Runes

Runes are stat-boosting effects that are chosen before the match starts. You can either choose the presets available or customize them based on your playstyle and your matchup. Understanding Runes are an important part of learning Wild Rift. One reason for this is because a certain set of Rune works well with a certain playstyle, … Read more

Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide Part 1 – Vocabulary and Roles

By: u/Tigger3584 of r/WildRift           Edited by: Siege Roberts This is a guide directed to people who have never played League of Legends before. Knowing the vocabulary and roles is an important part of adjusting to the Wild Rift and MOBA community. This guide will help you ease into the learning experience and make it more … Read more

League of Legends Wild Rift – Ranked System

Rank games are the heart of all MOBAs. Most players spend most of their time playing rank queue games. Wild Rift’s rank and matchmaking system is showing to be a promising one. Unlocking Rank Queue After booting up the game for the first time, of course, you won’t be able to play rank queue from … Read more

Lol Wild Rift All Champion List – 2020

We all know Wild rift is reimagination for the world most popular game league of legends. The alpha testing already started from June 2020. In this article, you will see all the list fo champions that will be in-game during the first release and over time more champions will be released. You will see many … Read more

Wild Rift Alpha Test Minimum System Requirements

Here is the League of Legends: Wild Rift Alpha Test (Android Only) minimum system requirements provided by Riot Games. The limited alpha test begins on June 6th 2020 (GMT+8) in brazil and the Philippines. Note: These requirement is for Alpha test only later might be changed. Wild Rift Alpha Test Minimum System Requirements CPU – 8 … Read more