5 Tips To Rank Up Easily As A Baron Laner

Yo! Siege here, Master rank support main and Baron Laner secondary. This is the third installment of our 5 tips series! This next guide will be about Baron Laners. The Baron Lane is an isolated Island. This is where the heavyweights head toe-to-toe in a slugfest test of strength. But do not be fooled, this … Read more

Lol Wild Rift Build Coaching

Important Note – Coaching are Closed as of now. We will Notify Once we start Coaching Again! 🙂 WRB Team Hiring a coach is a great way to improve your skills in Wild Rift fast! Having another set of eyes look at how you play can show you a whole different perspective in Wild Rift. … Read more

5 Easy Tips to Rank Up as a Support

Good day to ya! This is Siege, Master rank player and Editor-In-Chief of LoL Wild Rift Build! As promised, we are going to do 5 tips for each role and we are going to start with the Support role! The Support role might be the hardest role to rank up with in solo queue especially … Read more

5 Easy Tips To Rank Up In Wild Rift

Hello there! Siege here! SEA Master Support main and Editor-in-Chief of LoLWildRiftBuild! Season 3 is almost upon us! While Season 2 has definitely been a ride, it was a tough one. Complete with lessons, frustrations, and of course, fun! This Season 3, Promotional Series has been removed so it will definitely be a smoother climb. … Read more

Exciting New Items Coming to Rift in Patch 2.4

Riot has delivered what it promised back in the last patch, that critical update to itemization is here. Also, sneak peeks at more changes are upcoming in the Summoner’s Rift. Patch 2.4 presents us with an updated itemization to create more diversity in item builds of AD champions. These changes were eventually made to open … Read more

Riot Wild Rift’s Esports Vision and Origin Series

Riot Games, The publisher of League of Legends: Wild Rift have finally conveyed what’s in their pipeline for esports. Leo Faria, the Head of Wild Rift esports shared his vision and plans for the future of the game’s competitive ecosystem. His major statements being “We’re building a new esports ecosystem that is self-sustaining and independent … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Defense Items

Hello! I am Siege, a Diamond IV tank support main. I am the chief editor of LoLWildRiftBuild.com and to welcome this new big patch, we posted this tank item guide for beginners! If you are a seasoned player, please read as well and feel free to add to things that we were not able to … Read more

Ultimate Guide on Keystone and Minor Runes

Runes are stat-boosting effects that are chosen before the match starts. You can either choose the presets available or customize them based on your playstyle and your matchup. Understanding Runes are an important part of learning Wild Rift. One reason for this is because a certain set of Rune works well with a certain playstyle, … Read more