LoL Wild Rift Mage Tier List


Become a better midlaner and pick out the best Mage champion for Patch 4.4 using our Wild Rift Mage tier list (2023 updated).

Wild Rift Mage Tier List

Mages, also called Ability Power Carry or APC, deals strong burst AP damage or consistent AP damage per second. They are usually played in the middle lane and sometimes as a support.

Mages have the subclass Artillery Mage which have long range heavy hitting abilities. At the other end of the spectrum are Battle Mages which have short range AP DPS which are played almost like Fighters. And there is the Burst Mage in the middle which have short range burst damage AP abilities which makes them move and play like Assassins.

The best Mages are strong at all stages of the game and are equally effective at 1v1 duels and team fights.

Mages are great against Marksman or ADCs because they cannot survive their combos, in fact, the abilities of mages and their ultimates in particular should be reserved against the enemy’s ADC. They are also excellent against Fighters because they have longer range or better mobility than them.

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Wild Rift Mage Tier List Criteria

This Wild Rift Mage Tier List is categorized based on the current meta and their performance against other champions of the same class.

  • Tier S+: Currently the best champions in this Wild Rift Tier List. Also known as God or OP Tier champions. These are very difficult to counter and with the right strategies, perform very well on any game. These champions are usually banned or picked in higher tiers.
  • Tier S:  Strong Champions. These Champions can be as impactful as the S+ champions but are not as banned or picked as them.
  • Tier A+: Viable Champions. These champions are one buff away from being S or S+ tier champions. They can be used in almost all drafts and can be safely picked in most cases.
  • Tier A: Good Champions. These Champions are powerful with the right strategies, they excel at what they do in their lanes and perform well in most games.
  • Tier B: Average Champions. With the right team composition, they can perform well, but their impact is often lower than tier A.
  • Tier C: For Fun Tier: Champions in this tier are usually subpar in their average performance. Yes, you can win with all champions but you will be fighting an uphill battle when using champions in this tier.