What is the Current Meta on Wild Rift?

Welcome to the Wild Rift Patch 3.3Season 6. Stay updated on the current Wild Rift Meta and Patch 3.3, and get ready to use this information to win more games. To complete this article, do not hesitate to go to our Wild Rift Tier List!

Current Wild Rift Meta

What is Wild Rift Meta?

If you are playing MOBA games, this isn’t most likely the first time you’ve heard of the word “Meta.” Meta is the bread and butter of most games. It is short for “most effective tactic available” and speaks of the optimal way of playing that goes beyond the rules set by the game. The meta is often dictated by the champions’ popularity, current strength, viability, and tournaments. This influences in-game decision-making, build, draft pick, and strategies. Well, it may be right or, rather, weird. 

It is recommended to be acquainted with the current Wild Rift meta as the game would most likely revolve around it, especially in high elo. One may exploit the meta by picking out stronger champions and abusing them to win their games. With this information in your deck, you’ll know which champions you should pick and ban and even devise ways to counter them.

What are the significant changes on the Wild Rift Patch 3.3?

Patch 3.3 presented massive changes to the Wild Rift Meta, starting with the Elemental Rift. Map changes are implemented after taking the first dragon. These effects may favor some champions like Rengar on Ocean dragon from the additional bush. Effects differ depending on the dragon slayed and it now stacks! The first dragon taken might be weak initially, but subsequent ones increase its potency.

Most importantly, Elder Dragon now spawns at 20 minutes. Elder Dragon may not be a permanent buff, but it brings an extreme impact on team fights due to the execute effect against low-health opponents. Does that mean Dragons are far more superior than Rift Herald? Think again. 

Wild Rift Dragon

Turret plating has also been adjusted to prolong the laning phase. Most games, especially in high elo, previously revolved around objectives. Similarly, due to the dragon buff, it is more likely that players will prioritize dragon over rift herald. So to balance things out, additional platings were added for it to become rewarding for laners to push and try to seize turrets with the help of HullBreaker or Demolish. These platings, however only last for 7 minutes. Thus players should be quick. This change encourages players to stay a bit longer in their respective lane and obtain individual leads.

Riot games also reckon that it’s best to adjust ultimate cooldown and spare players from long waiting for their ultimate to go online. This allows them to blend well with the game’s fast pace.

Lastly, rune changes have been applied. Conqueror was toned down to give way for other keystone. Bruisers and tanks on the other hand, are currently celebrating the Grasp of the Undying buff, allowing them to deal additional damage from a percentage of their health and ad/ap.

Which champions are the best in the current meta?

Aside from game and system changes, champions need modifications to ensure fairness. This is imperative to ensure that players compete with their own strategies and skill only. These balance changes either put them in a decent spot, overthrow them or accidentally make them broken. Well, some are just broken on their own, that the balance team may have faced some difficulties trying to balance them.

Concerning this, we have created a Wild Rift Tier List sorting out champions from S+ to C, with S+ being the strongest and the latter being the weakest. This provides players a glimpse of champions who are currently dominating the game and those who are falling off. Meanwhile, if you are only interested in a particular lane, we also have prepared individual tier lists for each one.

In the current Wild Rift Meta, these champions top our list:

Top Wild Rift Meta

Jax recently received a nerf in the jungle, but he, in turn, received a boost in his damage.

Wild Rift Jax

He remains to be one of the best hard-scaling champions in the game, with good splitpushing skill allowing him to take down turrets with few hits and can even 1v9 if left unattended. 

Jungle Wild Rift Meta

Due to her recent buff, Shyvana needs no dragon to empower her abilities from evolves obtained from farming and takedowns.

Wild Rift Shyvana

Shyvana may be relatively weaker than other champions in the earlier phase, but she can eventually run them down later on with her insane damage output while becoming tanky enough.

Mid Wild Rift Meta

Kassadin is a late-game menace known for his high mobility allowing him to splitpush and flank on enemies.

Wild Rift Kassadin

Bursting down opponents with a quick combo also seems to be a piece of cake to him. Hence he needs to be feared. 

ADC Wild Rift Meta

Vayne always remains on one’s ban list and no one can ever blame them. A fed Vayne in the late game becomes unstoppable, that she can shred tanks with no sweat with Silver Bolts.

Wild Rift Vayne

All she needs is an excellent positioning made easier with her high mobility and reliable support especially Yuumi and Lulu. 

Support Wild Rift Meta

Yuumi has been a broken support champion for several patches due to her utility.

Wild Rift Yuumi

Your opponents will have to take extra steps and Grievous Wounds, hopefully in taking down your carry with her massive heal, shield, movement speed boost, and AOE root from her ult

Following the Wild Rift Meta is a great idea if you’re climbing to the top as you get to take advantage of the strongest champions, build, runes and strategies in the current patch. But, it is not advisable as your champion picks should depend on the needs of your team. Similarly, using meta champions does not always guarantee victories, especially for champions with high difficulty and may require higher mechanical skills like Yasuo and Lee Sin. 

Now, head to the Summoner’s Rift and test the meta for yourself. Are you going to use these champions or ban them? It’s all up to you! Let us know how your games turned out in the comments!

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