All Wild Rift Exclusive Skins

All Wild Rift exclusive skins

Wild Rift exclusive skins are a great way to show off your love for the game and to stand out from other players. They are also an excellent way to support Riot Games and the continued development of Wild Rift. Moreover, it is also evident that Riot Games does not intend to make Wild Rift a “copy-paste” of League of Legends PC, having skin designers also have freedom in creating and designing new and unique skins.

5 Unique Wild Rift Exclusive Skins

If you are the type of player more inclined to cosmetics, you may wonder what the top and most popular Wild Rift exclusive skins players hope to get. Well, you’re in luck, as we will show you some of the most popular WR-exclusive skins that are unique and not available on PC as of October 2023.

Here are some Wild Rift exclusive skins for your champions, including limited and legendary skins.

5. Mythmaker Camille

Mythmaker Camille Wild Rift exclusive skins

Mythmaker Camille is a Wild Rift exclusive skin released with the Wild Rift 4.0 patch on Jan 12, 2023. The skin features Camille in a futuristic and cybernetic design, with glowing red, orange, and some blue accents, which complement the colors of the Lunar New Year. Moreover, this Epic Skin costs 990 Wild Cores in the limited Lunar New Year event on Wild Rift.

4. Crystal Rose Akali

Crystal Rose Akali WR exclusive skin

Crystal Rose Akali is a Legendary WR exclusive skin released on November 17, 2022, on Wild Rift Patch 3.5. The skin features Akali in an elegant and refined attire with a white, purple, and pink color scheme. Her kunai have been replaced with crystal roses, and her abilities are magical and ethereal, with a theme of a crystal rose wedding. However, this Legendary Akali skin is not obtainable by Wild Cores; players must be lucky to get this skin in the Crystal Rose event. It is also worth noting that this event is only on Wild Rift and not available on PC.

3. Hexplorer Teemo

Hexplorer Teemo Wild Rift exclusive skin

Hexplorer Teemo is a WR-exclusive skin released on July 29, 2021. The skin features Teemo in an explorer outfit with a hat, goggles, and a backpack. His blowgun is replaced with a blunderbuss, and his mushrooms are also replaced with glowing orbs. However, players will not be able to purchase Hexplorer Teemo and must get through Season 2 of Wild Pass at Level 50, and it’s also not available on PC.

2. Supervillain Jhin

Supervillain jhin, wild rift exclusive skins

Supervillain Jhin is a Wild Rift exclusive skin released on November 17, 2022. The skin features Jhin in a menacing and villainous attire, with a black and purple color scheme. In addition, this limited Jhin skin also has an ascended version, having more advanced effects and features. Players can obtain the base version of Supervillain Jhin through Season 11 Wild Pass at Level 50. Moreover, players can also obtain the ascended version through the Wild Pass Emporium Shop, costing 240 Wild Stars.

1. PROJECT: Zeri, Top Wild Rift Exclusive Skin


PROJECT: Zeri is among the best Wild Rift exclusive skins popular with many players. This WR exclusive skin’s release is on Jan 12, 2023, with the Wild Rift patch 4.0. The skin features Zeri in a futuristic and cybernetic design, with glowing orange accents and improved sound design. They changed her gun with a high-tech energy weapon, and her abilities also had a futuristic makeover. Moreover, players can obtain this Epic skin by 990 Wild Cores in the store.

Although these skins are not available on PC yet, Riot Games has planned and already ported some Wild Rift exclusive skins to the League of Legends PC, including Star Guardian Senna, Orianna, and Seraphine. With that said, if you already have some of these skins but don’t know how to build them, you must check our collection of Wild Rift champions guide.

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