Exciting New Items Coming to Rift in Patch 2.4

Riot has delivered what it promised back in the last patch, that critical update to itemization is here. Also, sneak peeks at more changes are upcoming in the Summoner’s Rift. Patch 2.4 presents us with an updated itemization to create more diversity in item builds of AD champions.

These changes were eventually made to open up more itemization paths for Marksmen and crit-building champs. These changes might also be to fill the itemization gaps for other roles.

Itemization is critical?

Yes indeed!

List of New Item Coming to Wild Rift

Bloodthirster (Changes)

  • Price: 3400g > 3200g
  • Blueprint: Vampiric Scepter (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 1000g
  • Added 25% Crit Rate (New)
  • Attack Damage: 65AD > 40 AD
  • Passive: Bloody: 15% Physical Vamp
  • Passive: Bloodsworn: Physical Vamp over heals and grants a shield up to 40-320damage for 10 secs

This item had its ups and downs but never found a way either into Adc’s or fighter’s kits, because Adc’s love their crit, and the shield generated by the item wasn’t enough for assassin/fighters to take advantage of. We’ll see if that sweet 25% crit can lure AD champions or not.

Essence Reaver (New)

  • Price: 3100g
  • Blueprint: Cloak of Agility (1000g) + Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + 900g
  • Attack Damage: 40AD
  • Critical Rate: 25%
  • Ability Haste: +25


  • Essence Flare: Active damaging abilities and buffed attacks deal an extra 10 physical damage +70% crit. Each ability can be set off once per specific target per cast.
  • Mana Siphon: Attacks grant 2% lost mana on-hit.

Any spell-focused Ad Champs are gonna benefit from this item for sure. Champs like Ezreal, Lucian, Miss Fortune, etc. gonna gain a lot from this item as it provides crit as well.

Solari Chargeblade (New)

  • Price: 3000g
  • Blueprint: Cloak of Agility (1000g) + Stinger (1200g) + 800g
  • Attack Speed: 30%
  • Critical Rate: 25%
  • Ability Haste: +25


  • Sunburst: Ability use provides a stack of Radiance (max 3) which grants 25% crit for up to 10 secs. Critical strikes use a charge of radiance to deal an extra 26-40 True damage on-hit, escalating up to 150% on lower hp targets. Unique abilities cast one store one charge per 2 secs.
  • Max True Damage is 65 to 100 while the target is less than or equal to 35% Health.

It’s one of the newest additions as well and has everything for an Attack speed-based Ad champ, except for base attack damage. This looks insane on paper, we’ll see how good it is after release.

Stormrazor ( New )

  • Price: 2900g
  • Blueprint: Kircheis Shard (900g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 1000g
  • Attack Damage: +25 AD
  • Attack Speed: 20%
  • Critical Rate: 25%


  • Energized: Attacks while moving grant an energized attack.
  • Paralyze: Energized attacks carry extra 120 magic damage while slowing opponents by 75% for 0.5 secs.

This item looks good enough and can be a good item in a proper itemized kit. Ad champs or assassins/fighters who lack slows and crowd control can make this item value for money.

Navori Quickblades (New )

  • Price: 3100g
  • Blueprint: Cloak of Agility (1000g) + Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + 900g
  • Attack Damage: +45 AD
  • Critical Rate: 25%
  • Ability Haste: +15


Deft Strikes: Critical strikes triggering on normal attacks decrease non-ultimate cooldowns by 15%.

Champs who build critical and rely on spells and ability casts will gain a lot from this item, as any crit on hit triggers will grant them to spam those abilities more frequently. We can see this in kits of champions like Ezreal, Lucian, Master Yi, Yasuo, etc.

What’s there for other Roles?

Crystalline Reflector (New)

  • Price: 2900g
  • Blueprint: Fiendish Codex (1000g) + Seeker’s Armguard (1200g) + 700g
  • Armor: +45
  • Ability Power: +50 AP
  • Ability Haste: +15


Mirrored Force: Casting an ability grants a Mirror Shard (max 3) each of which blocks 10 + 5% AP physical damage from an opponent while dealing 20 + 10% AP magic damage.

This item is going to be great for roaming mages like Orianna, Aurelion Sol, etc. This just provides mages a lot of AD defense, but looking at other items that AD champs are going to get. I believe this was quite necessary as well. Let’s just hope this doesn’t become one of those OP items.

Serylda’s Grudge (New )

  • Price: 3000g
  • Blueprint: Last Whisper (1300g) + Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + 500g
  • Attack Damage: +40 AD
  • Ability Haste: +15
  • Armor Penetration: 30%


Bitter Cold: Ability damage grants 30% slow on affected units for 1 second.

It’s just a better alternative to Mortal Reminder, if healing reduction isn’t needed and suits any AD champ’s kit, Also that 30% slow is surplus.

Staff of Flowing Water ( New )

  • Price: 2500g
  • Blueprint: Lost Chapter (1050g) + Fiendish Codex (1000g) + 450g
  • Ability Power: +65 AP
  • Ability Haste: +20
  • Mana: +350


  • Rapids: Shielding or Healing a teammate provides both of you 20 Ability Haste and 20-40 AP for 4 seconds.

This is specifically for any enchanter support like Sorake, Sona, Lulu, etc. This provides a decent amount of AP and Ability Haste for a few secs and is kind of an alternative to Ardent Censer.

Wit’s End ( NEW)

  • Price: 2700g
  • Blueprint: Negatron Cloak (900g) + Recurve Bow (900g) + 900g
  • Ability Speed: 45%
  • Magic Resist: +50


At Wit’s End: Normal attacks deal an extra 15 to 80 (level-based) magic damage on hit. Dealing damage to an opponent champion heals for the amount of on-hit damage dealt by Wit’s End(Melee: 100% / Ranged: 33%) when the item bearer is below 50% HP.

This item looks like a situational item for AD champions, when the enemy team comprises mostly magic damage dealers.

What’s Next?

Riot will be closely keeping an eye on how these items perform and will be making any required adjustments.

Sneak peek: Devs hinted towards some exciting changes coming to Rift Herald, which will be beyond our expectations. But for that, we have to wait for the next post. 

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