What is the Legendary Ranked in Wild Rift?

Test your own personal skill by entering the new Wild Rift Legendary Ranked. Here are the things that you should know about the ranked qualifications and solo-only queue system before jumping into the fray.

Wild Rift Legendary Ranked

League of Legends: Wild Rift continues the pursuit to mimic League of Legends PC’s ranked system. Previously, position preference was implemented, enabling players to assign themselves to roles they are most comfortable at.

Season 6 marked the release of Legendary Queue solely for high-ranked and highly competitive ones seeking further challenges. It is a solo-only ranked mode that favors players who are either searching for stronger foes or solo players that are sick of facing off against a 5-man pre-made team. Similar to victims of the unfair matchmaking system that sometimes pair them up with players at least two ranked tiers away from them.

Wild Rift Legendary Ranked Leaderboards

It is also essential to note that playing in Wild Rift Legendary Ranked mode does not affect your MMR in normal ranked mode and vice versa. Similarly, it has separate leaderboards.

How to qualify for Wild Rift Legendary Queue?

Unlock Legendary Queue by first reaching Diamond rank and having at least 20 champions in your pool. Unfortunately, Wild Rift Legendary Ranked is not for everyone. Unlike the usual Ranked mode, Legendary Ranked only caters to solo players, making it impossible to queue with friends. The draft pick is similar to a regular ranked game, providing each player the permission to ban a champion of their choice. However, players’ names will be temporarily replaced in-game by a codename.

Legendary Queue Loading Screen

On the other hand, there is no need to worry about losing access to LQ after getting demoted to Emerald, as it stays with you throughout the current season. It would be impossible, however to play Legendary Ranked after dropping down below Diamond after a season reset. 

When is Wild Rift Legendary Queue Available?

Unlike the standard PVP or ranked game, Legendary Ranked is only available for a limited time per day. Legendary Queue opens up depending on your region. 

America12:00–23:59 PDT12:00–23:59 PDT
China18:00–23:59 CST12:00–23:59 CST
Asia12:00–23:59 CST12:00–23:59 CST
Europe12:00–23:59 CEST12:00–23:59 CEST

Make sure to take note of these to avoid missing it.

Wild Rift Legendary Queue Ranked and Tier System

Legendary Queue in Wild Rift consists of six exclusive tiers, which are as follows:

Warrior IV-I0-799
Commander IV-I800-1599
Guardian IV-I1600-2399
Vanquisher IV-I2400-3199
Immortal IV-I3200-3999

Each tier comprises four divisions or sub-tier, except for Legend, which only has one tier to itself. Jump from one division to another by obtaining 200 Legendary Points. Legend players, on the other hand, accumulate points with no limit. Legendary Points pretty much worked the same way as the previous Victory Points recently removed in the current patch. Players will be rewarded or knocked off of Legendary Points at the end of each ranked match, depending on their performance. 

Wild Rift Legendary Ranked Icons

Players will commence having 800 points at Commander IV and earn more from it. Maintaining your current rank is crucial at this point to avoid Point Decay. Point Decay occurs for players in Vanquisher IV and above after becoming inactive for seven days. A deduction of 40 LP will be implemented for each week of inactivity. Prior to it, a notification will alert you about the risk of point decay. Similarly, the system will show you how much LP you’ve lost.  

Legendary Ranked Rewards

Climbing and achieving a higher rank on the Legendary Queue does not end there. Your celebration is accompanied by multiple rewards easily obtained by winning matches and promotions. Ranked rewards are exclusive to the current season and will be replaced. 

Legendary Ranked Rewards

These include Rank Icon BorderRank BorderBaubleAbility AugmentRecallIcon Border, and Banner.

Now that you are equipped with knowledge about the new ranked mode, let’s start putting your skills to the ultimate test, shall we? Start your climb towards Legend, or Diamond if you haven’t unlocked it yet with the help of our Wild Rift Tier List, providing an idea on which champion to choose or ban for the current patch.

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