Wild Rift Patch 4.1 Preview – Twitch and Urgot release, New Tank Items and more

Wild Rift is heading to a new upcoming patch this March of 2023 – the Wild Rift Patch 4.1, High Five!

Wild Rift Patch 4.1

In a preview made this March 2nd, a lot of things have been revealed to add more spice to players’ gameplay inside the Summoner’s Rift. Tanks are surely getting some love this patch with the brand new tank items and item reworks giving them more options to dominate the game and become essentially unkillable. Ultimately, two new champions; Urgot and Twitch are also on their way as an addition to the current roster. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the new Wild Rift Patch 4.1, along with new champions, new items, new skins, Wild Pass and more. 

New Champions for Wild Rift Patch 4.1

Urgot, The Dreadnought

“There is only one way to measure a man. Tear him… into… pieces.”

Wild Rift Urgot

Twitch, The Plague Rat

“They threw this away? But it’s so shiny!”

Wild Rift Twitch

New Tank Items and Item Reworks for Wild Rift Patch 4.1

For the new Patch 4.1, three new tank items are set to arrive which may probably cause a great shift to the current meta. 

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 New Items
  • Amaranth Twin Guard: This item provides stacks of endurance when you’re up against enemy champions. Gaining full stack grants size, armor, tenacity and magic resist, which will end after leaving combat.
  • Mantle of the Twelfth Hour: After dropping HP and reaching the threshold, the wielder heals himself based on bonus health. Slow resistance and movement speed are also given during its uptime. 
  • Searing Crown: Attacks or abilities applied inflict burn to the enemies based on max health. To top it off, Searing Crown works well with Sunfire Cape. 

Aside from these three, we’re also getting new Item reworks in hopes of making it more viable this time around. Be sure to try them out as soon as it’s out.

Wild Rift patch 4.1 item reworks
  • Abyssal Mask
  • Force of Nature
  • Thornmail
  • Sunfire Cape
  • Bramble Vest

David Xu, the Associate Game Director also provided hints regarding future changes particularly to marksmen for the next months. 

Wild Rift Account Leveling System

Reaching Level 40 in League of Legends: Wild Rift will bring so much more after the update. Hitting level 40 unlocks a Prestige level system in which players will receive stars after leveling up. As you progress and increase your level, your star will continue to accumulate and you’ll get to show it off with your friends. 

Wild rift account leveling system

Glorious Skin for Season 9

Time to say goodbye to the Glorious Crimson skinline and say hello to Glorious Armada Twisted Fate. Interestingly, this particular skin has gained attention from the community due to this resemblance with Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. Hop into ranked games and obtain victories to get your hands on the new Glorious skin. And with enough points, you can head to the Ranked Store and equip Weapon Augment on him. 

Wild Rift Glorious Armada Twisted Fate

Wild Rift Ranked Changes for Season 9

In the upcoming season, gaining 40 marks becomes the new requirement to be promoted to Grandmaster and will retain throughout the whole season. Reaching the top, Challenger on the other hand will now need at least 60 marks.  

Wild Rift Ranked Changes

Wild Pass for Season 9

Superhero Vi swoops in at the end of the Wild Pass; complete with flaming gauntlets and a cool secret identity. 

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 9

New Events for Wild Rift Patch 4.1

In line with the release of the new champions, three new events are also arriving soon. Get to know these menacing and sneaky champions by partaking in these events.

  • Urgot’s Trivia
  • Card Trick Chaos
  • Twitch’s Ambush

New skins for Wild Rift Patch 4.1

Jump into the rift with style with these brand new in-game cosmetics. This time though, the game will feature the first Wild Rift World Champion skins to celebrate the victory of Nova eSports alongside a wide variety of skins. 

Wild Rift Nova Riven
  • Final Boss Veigar
  •  Mythic Chroma Veigar
  • Battle Boss Brand
  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Cosmic Queen Ashe
  • Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
  • Cosmic Lux
  • Dark Cosmic Lux
  • Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
  • Dawnbringer Yone
  • Nightbringer Lilia
  • Dawnbringer Karma
  • Nova Lee Sin
  • Nova Riven
  • High Noon Urgot
  • Omega Squad Twitch
  • Birdio Galio

When is the release date of Wild Rift Patch 4.1?

According to the preview, Wild Rift Patch 4.1 is set to arrive on March 16th, 2023 at 00:01. 

That’s it for the Wild Rift Patch 4.1 Preview. Wanna take your best shot and try to reach challenger next season? Be sure to check our site, and explore our champion guides along with our updated tier-list to help you get your desired rank. 

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