Lol Wild Rift All Champion List – 2020

We all know Wild rift is reimagination for the world most popular game league of legends. The alpha testing already started from June 2020. In this article, you will see all the list fo champions that will be in-game during the first release and over time more champions will be released. You will see many champions from the original League of legends but not all champions are included here. Here is a list of Lol Wild Rift Roster Champions announces so far.

Note – This Post is Outdated Click on Above image to see All Champion List

Lol Wild Rift All Champion Roster List – 2020

  • Ahri
  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Aurelian Sol
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Olaf
  • Camille
  • Ezreal
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Garen
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jax
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Master Yi
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nami
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Orianna
  • Shyvana
  • Soraka
  • Tryndamere
  • Twisted Fate
  • Vayne
  • Vi
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs

These champions are showed in the trailer and other videos by the official wild rift team. so these will be surely included in-game. we will keep updating this sheet as we get more information about new champions.

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