Wild Rift Patch 3.4c Notes – Release of Warwick

Wild Rift Patch 3.4c - Patch Notes

Patch 3.4 is about to come to an end with the Patch 3.4c. However, there is no need to be sad as this shall mark the beginning of the new journey. But before we move on to the Patch 3.5, let us first take a look at the recent and final changes to champions and items. And of course, the upcoming release of the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun, Warwick.

Wild Rift New Champion: Warwick

Warwick is a monster who hunts the gray alleys of Zaun. Transformed by agonizing experiments, his body is fused with an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage. Bursting out of the shadows, he preys upon those criminals who terrorize the city’s depths. Warwick is drawn to blood, and driven mad by its scent. None who spill it can escape him.

LoL Wild Rift Warwick

Prepare to hunt and anticipate for his release on November 4 at 00:01 UTC. Prey on the enemies by using our Wild Rift Warwick Build & Guide. This contains his abilities, builds, pros and cons, counters and more.

Wild Rift Patch 3.4c Champion and Item Changes

For the final part of the Wild Rift Patch 3.4c, no nerfs were made. But ultimately, if you are a Malphite main, it is now the perfect time to rejoice. Finally, the Shard of the Monolith, for the first time since the Alpha test, receives a buff. Aside from it, here’s the summary of changes done for the Wild Rift Patch 3.4c. Know the detailed changes about the following champions and items by visiting the Official League of Legends: Wild Rift site.


  • Akali
  • Ekko
  • Malphite
  • Yuumi
  • Yasuo
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Quicksilver Enchantment

Wild Rift Patch 3.4c System Changes

Turret Continuous Fall Protection

When 2 turrets in the same lane fall within 45 seconds: The next structures gain 30% damage reduction for 30 seconds. (Stacks) → Gains 15% damage reduction for 30 seconds. (Stacks)

New Wild Rift Skin

Aside from Warwick himself, he is accompanied by a new skin which will be available on the same day of his release on November 04, 2022 at 00:01 UTC.

Wild Rift Old God Warwick Skin

That concludes the changes and additions made for the Wild Rift Patch 3.4c. Soon enough, Patch 3.5 will arrive in the Summoner’s Rift along with new things to indulge in especially the introduction of new champions to the current roster. For more news, tips and tricks and builds you can apply in the game, make sure to check our site regularly to remain updated and check our Tier List.

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